Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Tuesday, June 30 the 3rd, 2002

Warning: You have now entered the accounting time warp. There is no going back. Don't try to fight it. You will live June 30th over and over again until we decide to move on to the new fiscal year, when you will wake up on July 6th (my best guess.)

Just a little wake up call to start off with today. And in all reality, happy new (fiscal) year.

I'm getting things done slowly. Linda's replacement started yesterday, so I've been spending time helping to train her. Next week, it'll be nice, but this week it's not really saving me any time.

I'm bald again! Sunday night, Jeff and I were sitting around discussing what we were going to do. I mentioned wanting to get a hair cut, he agreed he needed one. So I buzzed him with my half inch guard. I gave him a choice when it came to my hair, and he decided to shave it. Loving it, as always.

Left the house early today so I could stop by Family Christian Stores and pick up the new Left Behind book. Also got the Accidental Detective books that came out this month. I'm thrilled. While one is a reprint, the other is a brand new story. First new book since 1996! That will be my first read. Beside, it'll go quickly.

Speaking of which, I finished Dim Sum Dead last night. Powerful ending. One thing I love about that series is the fact that the author tries to do a little more about the meaning of life then your typical series. Never says anything profound, but the fact that it's sturggled with is a breath of fresh air.

Left work early yesterday. I called to make an appointment about the rash on my hand. I was told they had an opening at 4:15. Shocked, I took it. I've got a new, stronger cream that should take care of it. Seems to be making a bit of a difference already.

Guess that's about it. As soon as Pete gets here, we're hitting the pool for lunch. Have a great afternoon.

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled day.)

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