Monday, May 31, 2004

Glad I Don't Have to Work Today

Am I ever glad it's a three day weekend. Cause I'm finding there weren't enough hours in my weekend to do everything I needed to do. Not that I'm being productive today, either.

Translation: I still haven't touched the new song books.

Saturday was the wedding. It dawned on me that this is my first wedding in Santa Clarita. Maybe after 9 years I've lived here long enough to start attending weddings here in town. Anyway, it was a nice cerimony. The funniest part was the recessional. The bride's new name is Carol Bell, and they walked out of the church to "Carol of the Bells." A pun I certainly appreciated.

The reception was fun mainly because I was able to hang out with some friends. In fact, we were having such fun that we moved around and I finally got home about 11.

Yesterday was church in the morning and then I went down to play ultimate in Santa Monica. Low turn out, I'm guessing because of the three day weekend. And they started late. I thought I'd driven down there for nothing. I decided to stick around. I was reading on the beach when I looked up and spotted them playing. So I'm certainly glad I stuck around.

And then Tom moved in last night. So far he seems like a nice guy. His haircut is driving me crazy, however. Buzzed down to nothing. I so want to buzz my head as well. I was thinking I wouldn't even after Mike's wedding, but if I were a betting man, I'd bet the clippers come out as soon as I get back into town.

So today I've done little productive as well. Was the first one up, so I started by watching "Victory Through Air Power," part of the new Disney on the Front Lines. Ok, so I won't be rushing out to rewatch it. But it was nice to see it after hearing about it all these years. For those unfamiliar with it, it is an animated movie based on the thesis in a book from the WWII era of the same name that said we need to increase our air force to properly defeat Germany and Japan. Pretty perswasive if you ask me.

I've also finished my book. It's rather embarsassing to admit to took three and a half days to get through Race for the Park Street Treasure. But as you can see, I just haven't had time to read.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Memorial Weekend Edition of the Word Association

And with three hours to spare, I come through with the word association.

  1. Lover:: Spouse
  2. Ridiculous:: far fetched
  3. Oscar:: Meyer
  4. Tennis:: ball
  5. Account Balance:: my job! :)
  6. Hickey:: red
  7. License:: to kill
  8. Breathmints:: fresh breath
  9. TexMex:: Mix
  10. Stepmother:: evil in fairy tales

Friday, May 28, 2004

33 Minutes, But Who's Counting?

Gee, you think I'm ready for a three day weekend?

My mind has not been on work for the last few days. It's been on trying to make this weekend work.

Let's see, I've got a wedding tomorrow. I want to play ultimate down in Santa Monica on Sunday. Monday is being left open for now to being lazy.

Meanwhile, Sunday night roommate #1 moves in. Benjamin's gone bascially for the next three weeks house sitting.

And I absolutely have to get cracking on the songbooks if I'm seriously going to get them finished. And since I told people about it, I need to get that done, otherwise I'll look like the lazy bum I really am. But all I want to do this weekend is watch DVD's and read.

Let's see, since I posted last, I've watched season finales of 24 and Enterprise. I'm officially finished with regular TV for the season. Need to wait for some summer stuff to start now, like Monk! I dusted and vacumed Wednesday night and cleaned my bathroom last night. Did laundry Tuesday. Finally finished Spring Rain last night. As you can see, it's been a wild and crazy few days. :)

Let's see. I think a couple quizes are in order to finish the week.

What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla

Obviously I did something wrong. This is about the opposite of me. :)

And, a couple name games from El:


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Is it Thursday Already?

Wow, the week flies when you take Monday off. Not that that's a bad thing. Anyway, time for this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us by kids with bikes and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Learning-- Hey, what would you like to learn how to do this Summer? Learn to ride a motorcycle (like Sarah)? Learn PHP? Learn how to chill out and vegetate properly (lessons available )?
Actually, I could use a lesson or two on vegging properly. It seems so much of what I do during my relaxing time is to review something. Maybe I need to take a break from that. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind learning how to throw a hammer throw in ultimate Frisbee. But I should probably perfect my forehand throw first.

Twosome: to-- Too? Two? Okay, two things you are positively not going to learn how to do! Ever!
Skydive and belly dance.

Threesome: Ride-- Speaking of motorcycles: Do you ride? Did you ever ride? ...or do you just enjoy them? ...or maybe, "No way!"?
I’ve never been on a motorcycle and really have no desire to learn to ride one. I could see myself being a passenger on one in a parking lot, but that’s about it. Something about riding with all those cars if you should happen to fall with no protection to keep them from running over you just really scares me.

And an update on last week’s TT. Monday morning, I cheated and read the epilog of the book I’m currently reading. I don’t think I could have kept going without knowing how things turned out. Too much emotional pain. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

And We're Back

I made it back to Santa Clarita yesterday all in one piece. Ok, so maybe a little worse for wear. I got sunburned like you wouldn't believe at graduation Saturday. It was outside and I didn't wear sunscreen. Fortunately, that wasn't the subject of the commencement address. Anyway, my arms and face and neck were pretty sore. Today, my nose started to peel. Hopefully the rest follows soon. At least it doesn't hurt any more.

Graduation was ok. Three and a half hours on matal folding chairs. You do the math. Certainly had bottomics by the time it was over.

But got to spend lots of time with my family, which was nice. I'm actually beginning to feel upset about Mike and Zoe moving to Dallas, and I don't see Mike more then six or seven times a year as it is. What's up with that?

Met up with Donald for lunch yesterday. Got to look at the professional pictures from the wedding. Most of them look very nice, even the ones I'm in. :) I had him order some for me, even though they are extrememly expensive. Not sure I can afford it, but since I forgot my camera, I needed something.

And, Donald was once again telling me about options for working for his bank. I really need to do something to get my career going again. I'm making significantly less then I would be making out in the real world. Enough difference that I could have no roommates in my condo and not even have to worry about it. Which would be so wonderful. Yes, I'd probably want one so I didn't get bored out of my mind, but that would be all.

Meanwhile, I think I'm full again. Got a guy who's supposed to be moving out here from Kansas this weekend and one of Benjamin's friends is most likely going to move in. Seemless rent income! I love it.

In other news, found out last night that the Durons just accepted a job offer to be Associate Pastor in a church in Idaho. They're going to move by the end of the summer. I'm still slightly in a state of shock and can't quite believe they're going. I'm really going to miss them. They're some of the first people I turn to for help in town.

Let's see, what else is going on. I'm in the middle of two books right now. I was listening to Faded Coat of Blue while driving over the weekend. After 9 hours, the last tape wouldn't work! Fortunately, I own the book, so I need to pull it out and see how it ends. Meanwhile, I've finally hit the half way point of Spring Rain. I like Gayle Roper's stuff, but this book is so emotionally charged it's hard to read.

And this week's word association:

  1. Finale:: End
  2. Martial arts:: Breaking boards
  3. Flirt:: Dot
  4. Energy:: Level
  5. Flavor:: Ice cream!!!!
  6. Guess?:: What!
  7. Accomplishment:: Me today. (I really did get alot done)
  8. Prom:: Dance
  9. Diploma:: Graduate
  10. Bloody:: Disgusting

And a new one I've found. For some reason, I think I will have fun answering the TV Tuesday.

1. What's your favorite sitcom?
Well, I'd have to say one of three. I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, or Newhart.

2. Is there a sitcom you really don't like?
Just Shoot Me. I have never found it that funny. I'm not a big fan of Will and Grace or Seinfeld, either. Of course, with Seinfeld, I sometimes think it's because I'm just showing my independence, but I've never seen that many episodes to tell for sure. The one's I've watched just haven't grabbed me.

3. Which sitcom did you used to like, but now it just seems too hokey?
I really can't think of any, although I've always thought Beverly Hillbillys and Gilligan's Island were hokey.

~Bonus~ If your life was a sitcom, what would the title be?

Stop My Life, I'd Like to Catch Up!

Friday, May 21, 2004

As So Ends Another Week

I'm off work in 20 minutes to leave for my parents' and Mike's college graduation. Can't wait to start the books on tape.

Of course, I realized that my mind was working when I picked up one of the titles. For some reason I was thinking it read 7.5 hours. Instead, it read 7 1.5 hour tapes. I know that's what it said, but my brain processed it wrong. So odds are that's all I'll get listened to this weekend. Which is a shame, because I've really wanted to listen to the Cat Who title I picked up for quite some time. Still, I really don't want to be on the road 16 hours, which is what it would take to hear both of them. Drive time should be 12 hours both ways.

We had a high jr. high turn out last night, but it was just jr. high because of sports awards. We're off the next two weeks on Thursdays. But next Friday we have a movie night and week after that is jr. high graduation, which I'll definitely be attending. Man, can't believe the year is over already.

Speaking of which, guess how much additional work I've gotten done on redoing the song books for the youth. That's right. Nothing! Once I get back into town, I'm going to have to seriously work on that. Will be easier with only one hour of TV a night for the first three nights next week and then nothing after that. I must say, I'm really looking forward to summer reruns.

Speaking of TV, I must say I'm furious with Jack's wife on Without a Trace. To do what she did last night after all he'd done for their marriage the last three weeks.... I knew they've have some reason for him to stay in New York, but that was just horrid.

In other news, got an e-mail from a former roommate and friend that he and his wife are expecting their first kid by the end of the year. That's wonderful news. (And no, this isn't Donald. This was Josh, my roommate before Donald.)

Have a good weekend all. See you when I get back.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Thursday Threesome for May 20th

And it's a long one, too. Brought to us this week by all stories and The Back Porch.

Onesome- Beginnings: Are there any television shows out there that you've watched regularly from the very beginning? Or for those of you not into TV, any book authors that you've read from the very beginning?

TV – Alias, 24, CSI: Miami, Without a Trace, and Survivor. Most other shows I chose to start from the beginning I loose interest in and quit or get low ratings and so no one has even heard of them.

Books – Read Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joann Fluke not too long before the second came out, so I’m counting that. There’s also Dive Deep and Deadly by Glynn Marsh Alam, Revenge of the Gypsy Queen by Kris Neri, This Pen for Hire by Laura Levin, and I guess you can count Murder off Mike by Joyce Krieg and O’ Artful Death by Sarah Stewart Taylor even though their second books aren’t out yet.

Twosome- Middles: What about shows that you came into in the middle of the season but immediately grabbed your attention and turned you into a die-hard fan? Again, for non-TV fans, have you ever begun reading a series of books in the middle and then just had to read everything else in the series?

TV – Middle of season or series is usually when I find a show. For example, CSI and Reba are both mid-season finds. Mid series would include Babylon 5 and Friends.

Books – Most of the time, I’ll go back to the beginning of a series and won’t start in the middle. But, if I’m counting authors with multiple books already out when I started reading them, we’ve got Evans Above by Rhys Bowen (but I’ve been there for her other series since book one, Murphy’s Law), Sympathy for the Devil by Jerrilyn Farmer, Murder with Peacocks by Donna Andrews (again, started You’ve Got Murder when that series was new) and of course Sandy Dengler since I started with Chain Five Mystery when that was the last book of 8 she wrote about those characters.

Threesome- And Ends: Recently, a number of big name shows have ended, Friends, Fraiser, The Drew Carey Show, and the cult hit, Angel. Did you watch any of the big finales? Have you ever been really sad to see a show go? Ok, readers, here's one for you. Have you ever read the end of a book first? Why? ;)

TV – I’ve been watching Friends for the last four years I guess. Loved that finale. I’ve hardly ever watched Fraiser, but I did watch and enjoy that finale. And, since I’ve been watching Angel for the last couple of years, of course I had to see how it ended. I hated it because I had cheesy cop-out endings like that one. And, in the shows all I know department, I thought Drew Carey was off the year over a year ago.

Books – I usually flip to the back and see how many pages and chapters there are, but I never read the ending. I like being surprised along the way.

All Consuming is going to love me today. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Maybe it's only my weekends that are exciting

So Monday's post was filled with all kinds of exciting news. It's been two days now, and today's post will be filled with....

Frankly, not a whole heck of a lot.

Maybe that's because weekends are when I do stuff and most of my weekdays are spent in this office working.

Speaking of which, my in box had begun to pile up with stuff for me to file again. Got that done this afternoon. I feel so much better.

And I found the $30 I was off in the bank reconciliations for last week. Thrilled about that! Tomorrow I get to start account reconciliations, which I need to do since I'm behind a couple months again already and it's the 19th of the month already.

Where is 2004 going? Before you know it, we'll turn around and find that it's the 20th of May 2004. Wait, that's tomorrow already?

Monday, I did go out at lunch time and get some books on tape for my trip to my parents' this weekend. I got five books I can't wait to listen to, and will only have time for two of them. I think I'll have to drive up Friday, drive back Saturday, drive up again Sunday, and back again Monday just to get them all listened to. This mean's skipping Mike's graduation on Saturday, but I'm sure he'll understand.

Of course, this actually makes me excited to face the long drive home.

Last night, I finished that Alias prequel while waiting for 24 to come on. Quite good. Need to write two reviews tonight and wrap Mike's graduation present, and start packing since I need to be all packed when I leave for work Friday.

See, nothing to exciting, but I sure can ramble on about it like it were.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Wow, it's been a while

It's been 5 days since I gave any kind of update on my life. Maybe I should fix that.

Thursday night was different at youth group. It was the junior senior banquet for the Christian school. (Christian school version of the prom.) Several of the youth staff, including both youth pastors, were at that since they work at the school, too, and all staff is invited.

Meanwhile, the rest of the high school staff had an open house at the school they teach at. And Kurt, from jr. high staff, is in Israel for post session. So that meant that OtherSeth (can I just call him Seth yet?) and I were available. Unless Seth had been called to work, since he was on call that night.

Fortunately, they called in a Deacon who used to work with jr. high to help. Naturally, it was a different night, but things went very well.

I wasn't feeling well that night, however, and took Friday off as a sick day. First time in a year and a half, so I figure there was no reason to feel guilty over it. My temperature fluctuated from 99.5 to 86.2 back to 99.3. Either way, I felt awful, too. So I lay around and watched TV most of the day. Felt nice to just take the extra time off.

Saturday, I was feeling better. And that's the day Jeff mostly moved out. There wasn't quite room for all of his and Jen's stuff (I could have told them that), so I have temporary custody of a few of his things, like a the aquariums and the wicker chair on the patio.

Speaking of which, it doesn't seem like they're easy to track down. But I really would like to have one to put out there when Jeff does take his. So if anyone has any ideas on where I might look, I'd appreciate a head's up. I've already tried Pier 1, but they only have a bigger size and don't carry the smaller size any more.

Sunday, after church, was just another relax around the condo day. Benjamin spent the weekend at a conference and Erik was out somewhere, so I had the place to myself all day. Nice, actually. Caught up around the internet, finished The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Not a bad book, although not the best in the series. And certainly good for not offending this conservative Christian, which I worried it might considering the subject (witchcraft) and the setting (a very piously Christian town). Fortunately, I got the newest Alias prequel while I was out and about on Saturday so I could start it. Now, I just need to find a book block to time to read it.

And, I think that pretty much brings you up to date on the life of Mark. Considering I didn't think much had happened, a lot seems to have happened.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Word Association for May 16th

No, I haven't quite forgotten this place. :) Let's see if this week's word association also picks up a reply from a libreral friend like last week's did. (Still trying to understand that one.)

  1. Playoffs:: Sports
  2. Morris:: Gilbert
  3. Break up:: no longer dating
  4. Eggs:: over easy
  5. Parker:: Harris (and I'm not even sure why I'm making that connection)
  6. Hardy Boys:: Nancy Drew
  7. Deluxe:: the newest rapper
  8. Protection:: safety measures
  9. Girl Scout:: cookies
  10. Salsa:: hot!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Thursday Means Memes

First up today, on the correct day, the Thursday Threesome, brought to us by office forms and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Fax-- Do you have access to or use a fax machine at home? Just curious...
Well, I guess technically I do for another couple days. Jeff has one, but I’ve never used it, and it moves back to Idaho with him this weekend.

Twosome: Cover-- Hey, summer's coming! What type of cover up do you use when you're out in the sun? SPF4000? Sun clothes? A hat? "What sun; I live in a cave?"
They make SPF4000? I usually use sunscreen and apply multiple layers. But if I miss a spot, you can tell from several blocks away.

Threesome: Sheets-- 120 count or 180? (Okay guys, you're exempt , but you could ask someone who knows!)
Whatever is on sale? Actually, I have some old sheet I use, and I have no clue what the count is, or why it might matter.

And, now, two days late, Mary's Tuesday Two.

1. Do you speak more than one language? If not, is there one you’d like to learn?
There are days I'm not completely sure I speak English. :) I took Spanish in high school, but don't really remember that much of it. And, frankly, I'm not that sure I want to learn a foreign language right now. That sounds an awful lot like work, which I try to keep to a minimum.

2. What is your favorite ethnic food?
By far Mexican and Italian. Just love 'em.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

If I think of a great title, I'll put it here.

Already, I'm having trouble coming up with titles. Maybe I'm not so happy with bloggers changes after all. :)

Really, I don't have much to report. Work has been slow and uneventful, although the bank rec for the week has been giving me problems. Maybe if I spent more time on it, I'd get it sorted out.

Monday night, Jeff and I played one more game of the Stock Market Game for old time's sake. Complete with Disney CD soundtrack and a jump in the pool for the winner. Fortunately, I didn't find that pool that cold. And this came inspite of the fact that Jeff tried to take my lucky green token! :)

I'm over half way through The Bad Beginning. It's not that bad. :) Actually, if the narrator wasn't quite so condescending, I'd probably be loving it.

But, since I'm so far along, I guess that means I need to get some more reviews written. Like the one for Second Touch, which I finished over the weekend.

But before I do that, I'm not quite up to date on quizes at Aleta's.

You are a Dolphin! You're smart and possibly even
psychic! Lotsa people love you and you know it,
you just wish there love would stop caging you
up in... wherever they have you now...

What Random Animal are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Considering I love dolphines and you could totally rig the results, I'm not at all surprised. :)

you're in between. Sometimes you laugh sometimes
you scowl but you're not oblivious to the
truth. Good job.

Do you live in the sunshine or in the darkness?
brought to you by Quizilla

So does this mean I'm related to Two Face?

Your okay, i suppose. Though your blood sugar may
be a little low. You may want some ice cream...
or a cookie.

Do you like Ice Cream?
brought to you by Quizilla

And, since the caf is closed, I am going through ice cream withdrawls....

You're not evil at all!
Go away, you bore me.

Just how evil are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

And I'm sure that's a relief to all of you.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We Are Living in Fictious Times

So, last week, Michael Moore blasts Disney for not releasing his new "documentary" Fahrenheit 911. Well, guess what I learned today. He's known about this for over a year and only now said something to increase the publicity! Gee, ya think this was designed to gain more publicity for his movie? You betcha!

Last week, he was claiming that he just learned about this last week. But, according to that article, he's known for over a year.

Kinda makes me wonder how much we can trust his other "research" in this and other films.

Meanwhile, everyone and their brother has been accusing Disney of censorship. Guess what, folks - Disney was not required to distribute that film. They are a business, they can make whatever choices they deam fiscally sound. Sometimes, that might mean not releasing something controversial because of reprocutions from people who disagree with the release. That's part of living in a free society.

No one doubts that Michael Moore will get this film released (which is a pity.) But what about me? What if I wanted to make a documentary? Who would distribute it for me? More then likely, no one, since I'm just a little no name accountant. So, does that mean my freedom of expression is being violated? If I were big named, yes, but since I'm a no-name no. Does that seem like a double standard to anyone else? Not to mention, any time a liberal faces the consequence of speaking their mind in a free society, they claim censorship (Susan Surandan and Tim Robbins come to mind), yet conservatives are blacklisted in Hollywood. What about that sounds fair?

When the government says anyone can't say what they want to say, then we'll talk censorship and I'll lead the pack. But when a free market and a private company are choosing what they see/hear/distribute/endorse, that's not censorship, that's freedom of choice. Accept it as part of living in this country. It's a wonderful freedom.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Well, I'm Excited!

Blogger has completely updated their system and site. Which inspired me to finally update my blog. Now titles are actually working for my blog. And, my archieves are finally set to monthly. Retroactively! Plus each post can be it's own archieve if I want!

The down side is, you'll see how uncreative I can become when it comes to titling things. Especially when I'm basically rambling for post after post.

The one feature I'm not too happy about is their new comments. You have to have a blogger account to actually leave your name. Since very few of you have blogger accounts, I'm sticking with my old comment service. And, since it's free, there's really no reason to complain. :)

Also working on joining some new blog rings. You can see how productive my work day really was.

So, I survived the weekend. Saturday morning, I didn't get up until after nine. So, naturally, I didn't make it to graduation. My alarm went off and I was wide awake, but I just didn't feel like getting up. Doesn't make me a very good friend, but it makes me feel so much better.

Other then that, I whatever I felt like doing. Finally saw 13 Going on 30 Saturday afternoon. Cute movie, and Jennifer Garner was fantastic. As if you didn't know I think that. Also watched Herbie Rides Again, recently released on DVD you know.

I did get some work done on my self-imposed project of getting new songbooks for together for the youth group kids. I have a month until my self-imposed deadline. I'd like them to be ready for the rafting trip in June. We'll see if I make it. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

Sunday, after church, I spent time reading. Finished Second Touch. Not my favorite Thoene book by far since so much of the tension seems to be gone. Miss their more political historical stuff.

Naturally, I did talk to Mom. That wasn't much different from a normal Sunday afternoon, but I thought I'd better mention it before I got attacked for not calling Mom on Mother's Day. :)

And, of course, I watched Survivor. I had everything pegged the entire way through, including the order they'd leave, who would win, and that Rob would propose to Amber on live TV. The only thing that surprised me was that Rob was so close to winning. Not that it really matters since they're getting married now.

I think I'm behind in stealing quizzes from Aleta. (Who is wonderful since she sent me state quarters I needed!)

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Loyalty
In a survival situation, you:Scream for help
Your hidden talent is:Spiritual wisdom
Your gift is:A loving heart
In groups, you:Are the center of attention
Your best quality is:Your sensuality
Your weakness is:Being predictable
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Normally, I put in various combinations of my name of screen name to get the answer I like best. But this is just too funny not to post. Anyone think this is me?

Get to know the REAL you by crash_and_burn
Your Name
You Are A:Thug
Your Favorite Band/SongThe Strokes - Last Nite
You Like To Read:Anything political
You Firmly Believe In:Nose-picking
Everyone Thinks You Are:A sleazy prostitute
You Were Conceived:On the 30-yard line
You Will Marry:The Antichrist
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

At least I'm a 10.

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates aten!
your best quality isyoure talented
your worst quality isyou think people judge you
this is becauseyou were always this way
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I see Aleta and I are both fools. But at least I live to laugh another day.

If Shakespeare had written you... by Velfire
GenderMale (but playing a Female)
Character typeFool
Favorite wordplayRing (vulva)
Where you end upMarried
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

It's those little things that get you everytime.

What are you wanted for?
by meteoric
CrimeYou pulled a fire alarm
Reward for capture$72,356
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

And on that, I'll bid you all a good night.

This is a test

Yeah all. I'm just testing out my new blog features and look.

Cool, isn't it?

If this works the way I think it will, I think it's cool.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Word Association for May 9th

Welcome and happy Mother's Day. Time for this week's word association.

  1. Vagina:: Monologue
  2. Racism:: horrid mistreatment of others
  3. Mother's Day:: today!
  4. Fire alarm:: get out!
  5. Elvis:: Lilo and Stitch
  6. Pregnant:: baby
  7. Vacation:: camping
  8. Waffles:: Maple syrup holder
  9. Perpendicular:: right angle
  10. Hospital:: sick

Friday, May 07, 2004

The Friday Night Blahs

Why has my body decided I don't need sleep?

I was awake until after 2 this morning. Haven't gotten to sleep before 1 all week, even though I'm in bed lights out by 11:30. It's really frustrating. And, frankly, I'm dragging. I don't know how I made it through this afternoon. Hopefully, I can just hang out at the just for fun tonight. I'm not completely sure I can face a bunch of jr. highers.

I'm going to be down two roommates by the time the month is over. Jeff told me last night that he's moving back to Idaho next weekend. So if anyone knows someone looking for a place to live.... :)

Fortunately, I still have Benjamin. And he's the neat one, so that will be very nice for a change.

Loved the Friends finale last night. Bittersweet ending, but most final episodes are. Just some nice resolution and very funny scenes. It was a good 10 year run. There were some nice tributes to long running jokes and they even mentioned the chick and duck. Not to mention that Gunther got a great scene and Mike was in it.

This weekend is graduation for the college. I should try to go, but if I'm asleep tomorrow, I'm not getting up to go reguardless of how many people I know who are graduation.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

A Late Thursday Threesome for May 6th

Better late then never, right? Here's today Thursday Threesome, brought to us by brides and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Something old- Do you have anything that you've owned simply forever? A cherished childhood toy, an antique handed down through the family...
My Trixie books? I've had them for over half my life. :) I'm sure if I went through my boxes in the garage I'd come up with quite a few things I can't quite bring myself to get rid of from my childhood. But I can't think of any off hand.

Twosome: Something new- Buy anything new lately?
Nothing major, but I did get the three Herbie the Love Bug sequels on DVD yesterday as well as Mercy Me's just released CD.

Threesome: Something borrowed- Ever borrowed anything and never returned it?
I once borrowed some books for six months before returning them. But since I hate tracking down people who haven't returned my stuff, I make sure I return anything I've borrowed in a timely maner.

Bonus: Something blue- See anything blue from where you are? What is it?
The blue borders on the blogger edit page. :) A few book covers on my bookcase. A row of blue binders on a different bookcase. That's about it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Random Stuff of Life

Monday night, we played night ultimate Frisbee. Now you may thing that's no big deal. Summer league is mostly played at night. (Speaking of which, I need to sign up again, don't I?) But when we play here at Master's, we don't play on a well lit field. Nope, we play on a field with light around the edges and a lit disc. Makes things very interesting, especially if you can't tell who is and who isn't on your team. Lots of fun, however.

Fortunately, I'd turned on the AC before I left. It was still 77 out when I came home at 10:30. But it was cooler then that inside. After hardly sleeping the night before and all the excersize, I slept like a baby.

In fact, I slept like a baby last nigh too. I've had a very hard time getting out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning the last two days.

Am I really being that unreasonable when I expect my roommates to not leave dirty dishes in the living room for two or more days, clean up their dishes in the kitchen by the next day, and not leave laundry in the machines for days on end? There's one roommate who can't seem to do any of those things and it is driving me up a wall, still. And I really don't know what to do about it.

I've finally gotten to Second Touch, the Thoene's new book. About 100 pages in, and good. Not quite as good as their stuff used to be, but I still love their books.

Tonight's the last sci-fi night for the school year. Can't believe Saturday is graduation already. Fortunately Matt will be back next year since we're only about half way through season 4 of Babylon 5.

Something We Can Still Learn from Vietnam

Ok, time to deal with some political current events again. This time, we're talking about Kerry and Vietnam.

John Kerry seems to be upset that his past is getting so much scrutiny right now. The attitude seems to be "What I did after Vietnam happened over 30 years ago. Let's talk about what is going on today." I agree actually. (One of the few things that I agree with the Senator on.) But, let's get one thing straight. He's the one who brought up and continues to bring up his service in Vietnam. Therefore, when the press and the people actually decide to follow his lead and talk about it, he really shouldn't be that surprised.

Now there's the issue of his medals. Or ribbons. Again, this happened over 30 years ago, and I really don't care about whether he threw his own medals away, or whether they were his medals or ribbons. Here's the part that concerns me.

At the time, he wanted everyone to believe that he threw his own medals away. Why? Because, that was the acceptable thing to do and would make him look good in front of his peers and the press. Then, once he started to get into politics, he recanted and said he only threw his ribbons away. Why? Because that would be less offensive to the voters and get him in less trouble. When the proof was found that he had thrown medals away, he then started saying they weren't his.

Lately, he's even begun to bring up the long debunked Bush was AWOL from the National Guard story. This is after he said he didn't want that to be an issue in the campaign.

Of course, this is the same man and same party who defended Clinton for not having served at all during Vietnam but running away to a different country. Now, they not only want Kerry to get extra credit for having served, but to ding Bush for having "only" served in the National Guard. Either service to the country should be an issue or it shouldn't be. You can't have it one way in 1992 and a different way now.

Why does this concern me? Because it shows that Kerry will say anything as long as it will get him elected. His position today is whatever that group wants to here.

Heck, he told a Detroit paper about the SUV's he has, yet on Earth day claimed he didn't drive any. (Only his family drives them.)

Do we really want to elect someone to office who tries to change the facts to make him look good as often as some of us change clothes? I certainly don't.

Monday, May 03, 2004

On Not Sleeping, Heat, and Books

Last night, I got another round of insomnia.

I shut off the light at midnight. Managed to sleep from 2 to 3. Finally went back to sleep sometime after 4:30. By that time, I was reading in the living room, so I crawled back into be at 5. Worst part? I was so tired that I felt like sleeping even if I couldn't fall asleep.

One reason would be the heat. It's been in the 100's around here, so that makes it hot in the condo. And, one of my roommates is still convinced we don't need the AC. I think I'll have to let him know otherwise tonight. I need my sleep!

So, as for the rest of my weekend....

Saturday, I headed over to South Pasadena and spent the afternoon with my friend Debbie. It was absolutely wonderful and the refreshment I needed to refill my soul after last week. Especially after last Friday.

Sunday was a lazy day around the condo. Got caught up on TV. And I started working on completely redoing my songbooks for the youth at church. I think after 10 years I can go through, weed out some songs, and put others in in alpha order, don't you? At least I didn't rush into it or anything. My goal is to make it by the river rafting trip. We'll see if I make it or not.

Meanwhile, I finally finished Dealing in Murder. The ending dragged on too long. The characters took some time to warm up to. Part of that was because most of them smoked like a chimney. And they all swore all over the place. Other then that, I liked it. :) Seriously, it had a good germ of an idea in it, but it wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped for. What's worse, she's on a list I'm part of, so now I'm going to have to find a tactful way to to say I didn't like her book and don't plan to read any more.

But, since I couldn't sleep last night, I got all the way through the latest Baby Blues collection. Fun as always.

So, when I left this morning, it was already at least 80 out and my roommate who thinks we can cool the place off with fans had his bedroom window wide open. Hopefully he's learn his leason by tonight and we can still get the place cooled off enough that I can get some sleep. It gets downright hot down here! :)

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Word Association for May 2nd

Why look what I almost forgot to do. This week's word association.

  1. Sexy:: My looks. :)
  2. Clique:: Something I've never knowingly been a part of
  3. Pledge:: dust cleaner
  4. Carbs:: latest craze
  5. Dream Job:: reading what I want all day
  6. Sweeps:: Months I run crazy from all new episodes
  7. Soundtrack:: Beauty and the Beast
  8. Hero:: Superman
  9. Shave:: My head (wish I could right now)
  10. Christina:: Agulara