Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Week at Least. Maybe Seven Days

Wow, it's been a while since I've talked about my life. Maybe I should fix that.

Of course, most of the time there hasn't been anything major going on. Classes have started at the college, which means Casey is now consumed with homework at night.

I wasn't feeling well at all Thursday, so I skipped youth group. Did nothing yet again.

Saturday game night was game afternoon. We headed down to a beach. Turned out we spent lots of time moving stuff around since after we set up the first time, we found the fire pits. Then the fire pits were already full, so we couldn't use them. The final straw was when we realized no one had brought matches, so we couldn't start a fire. So we went to a restaurant for dinner. Even with all the set backs, a good time was had by all. Or at least me.

Sunday night we didn't have worship team practice because they were starting up a discipleship meeting at the same time. Certainly didn't want to interrupt that. We'll have to see how things go Thursday night. Don't think I've touched my guitar for several weeks. But I've had songs picked out for several weeks, so we'll go with those.

Among the students who are back is Matt S. aka the other Matt. Great to see him again.

Last night, I forgot to get gas on the way home from work. Today rumors are flying that gas prices were going to skyrocket today, and I was upset that I might have cost myself quite a bit of money. Turns out I worried for nothing. Gas was exactly the same price as it was last night when I drove by.

So maybe the reason I haven't updated is there really wasn't much to say.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Word Association for August 28th

Link here.

  1. Girlfriends:: Female friends (ok, anyone beside me find it odd that women refer to friends as girlfriends? Why not just friends? I don't go around talking about my boyfriends, do I?)
  2. Here to stay:: Clothes (Really, I don't seem them going away any time soon.)
  3. Call me:: Al Denson (love that song)
  4. Frustrated:: Person
  5. Public school:: Government run
  6. Glitch:: System
  7. Cheese:: Crackers
  8. Director:: Play
  9. Pivotal:: Episode
  10. Exclusive:: Agreement

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday Threesome for August 25th

Brought to us by your average driver (and an e-mail header) and The Back Porch.

Onesome - Drop - Have you ever dropped something that you can't believe you did? Was it a priceless item or that big secret?
Heck, there were some Frisbee I sure thought I had that I dropped. I've dropped milk cartons I thought I had, too.

Twosome - Gas Prices - How much is a gallon of gas going for where you are?
The cheapest I've seen is $2.729. It can go as high as $2.899 for regular unleaded.

Threesome - Please Read - What's that latest item you're reading? Is it for pleasure or are you required to read it?
As you can see over on the right, I am currently reading an Alias novel entitled Replaced. Really enjoying it. And I just finished a Diagnosis: Murder novel called The Past Tense. Man, I'm such a TV addict that if I can't watch TV I read it, I guess (no comment, Matt.) Up next is Candy Apple Dead, which has nothing to do with TV at all.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Word Association on a Wednesday

A little late, but better late then never, right?

But first, I must wish a happy birthday to both my dad and my wife!

  1. Fan:: Sports
  2. Scum:: of the Earth
  3. Lily:: of the Valley
  4. Humid:: Weather
  5. Ghetto:: Poor
  6. Remember me?:: Comments
  7. Polished:: Off
  8. Compose:: Music
  9. Squish:: Squash
  10. Future:: Bright

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back At It

Got back into town last night. Here's the exciting weekend.

Thursday, got to Donald and Heather's a little later then I had intended. But I still have a good visit with them.

Friday, Donald went into work late, so I didn't have to rush quite as much as I would have. Have I mentioned he's a good friend? Went to Half Price Books. Sold back a duplicated I'd bought in Dallas, but they refused to give me anything for the other, so I kept it. Now I need to figure out what to do with it. Anyway, I turned around and bought $27 worth of books, including three in an out of print series I am quite anxious to get to.

Got to the airport a little later then I had intended, but just as my bro and sil were getting off the plane. We headed to our parents. Ate lunch then went to play miniture golf at a nearby course we enjoy. Mom tried to disown me (accidentally while trying to give sil a hard time). Came home and looked at some of Mom and Dad's pictures from their trip to Botswana.

Saturday was the hard day. My aunt and cousin were really glad to see us, especially bro and sil since they came from so far away. Still, I felt like we should have been doing a little more to comfort, yet it's hard when you hardly know someone. Did see a friend who has recently started working at the church where the service was. The service itself was nice. Afterwards, a group of us hung out at my parents for a while. Saw the rest of their pictures.

Sunday I slept in late. Everyone else was up in time for church, but I wasn't. Felt great. Hung out with sil's family a little then drove to the beach and ate dinner out there before coming back.

Monday I was the first to leave to come home. Ate lunch with Donald on my way by. Didn't get to the final book in the audio dramas of the Chronicles of Narnia. And that's about it.

It really was a good trip. I'm very sorry for the reason I had to go, but really had a good time with family.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quick Update

I'm trying to finish up a few things before I leave, so this will be quick.

I'm on my way to my parents' for the memorial service this weekend. I'll be spending tonight with Donald and Heather and picking up my brother and sister-in-law at the airport before I arrive. services are Saturday.

Considering all the things we're trying to arrange, this has gone rather smoothly on my end. I'm sure things will be crazy in Santa Rosa, although it sounds like things are under control.

Got a call Monday from a guy looking for a place to live. He was going to come by that night, but he called an hour later to say he couldn't make it after all. Never heard any more from him.

I started listening to a little talk radio on my drives to and from work. Just wasn't in the mood for music. Most of the hosts and callers I agreed with 100%, so I really wasn't learning much. But a few of the liberal callers were jaw droppingly stupid. They must screen for the worst offenders because I know there are better arguements out there then what I was hearing. For example, did you know that it's the GOP's fault that Democrat strongholds like Detroit are in such poor repair? Seriously. It's because the GOP is a bunch or racists that no one can vote for them and therefore their only choice is the Democrats. Never mind that the Democrats are the ones who are in control there election after election.

Well, I have some stuff I need to finish up and I wanted to be walking out the door right now. Be back next week. Behave while I'm gone.

Thursday Threesome for August 18th

Brought to us this week by Del Taco and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Chili-- Okay, chili with beans or chili without beans? ...and how hot? ...and do you make your own? (recipes are accepted )
With beans, very mild, and I don't make my own. I haven't branched out from desserts yet. :)

Twosome: Cheese-- ...and with cheese on top? ..or is that an abomination? ...and while we're at it: hamburgers or cheese burgers? Oh, I could go on and on and on...
Cheese on top of everything, including chili, hamburgers, salad, pizza, cheese....

Threesome: Nachos-- Now the serious one for the southwesterners (and others of distinction ): What's on your nachos? Cheese? Seven layers of fun stuff? What's a nacho? Hmmm... We're going to have to do recipes for sure this Winter!
My nachos are pretty simple. Chips, cheese, beans, salsa, and sour cream. Occasionally meat, but I usually don't feel like paying extra for it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Uncle

Mom and Dad called me last night to tell me my uncle didn't make it. This is the second death in the family in two months. My list of relatives is once again getting smaller.

As I said the other day, I have never been close to this uncle. I haven't seen him since my brother's wedding. Yet this death has hit me hardest of the deaths in my family in the last few years.

I think it's because it's part of my parent's generation. Other deaths in the family were people in their 80's. As I said to someone last night, if you aren't semi-expecting it, you haven't been paying attention to the world around you. But my uncle was only 62. That's not old enough. His dad died at some point in his 60's, and Dad will be 60 next year. Frankly, this scares me. I can't image life without Dad, and I don't want to even think that he might not be around for another 20 years.

And it's hit me hard. Heck, I'm half way to 60 myself. Single. Letting life pass me by. I want more out of life then this, but I sure don't know what. Yes, I know I have Heaven to look forward to, but I don't want to feel like I've wasted the time God gave me on Earth first.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Booms Continue

My weekends just aren't long enough. I'm always really beginning to relax when Monday morning hits. :)

Friday night was the first career Bible study I'd been to in a long time. Like months and months. It was a time of extended prayer and worship with an emphasis on praise and thanksgiving. And it was wonderful. What I really needed.

Saturday afternoon found me down at Barnes and Noble because Joanne Fluke was there. And she already has the recipe card for the next book, so now I have her cherry cheesecake recipe. Can't wait to try it! Talked with her and her husband for quite some time. Bought the first in her series for my aunt and the latest Diagnosis Murder novel. Decided to go ahead and get it and not wait a month until the signing.

Talking to Joanne, I found out her launch parties weren't just at a bookstore, but a used bookstore. Naturally, I had to stop by on the way to the game night. And I bought 5 books. I think I'm in serious trouble now that I know about it.

Josh and Bonnie were at the game night again this week. And Debbie was back. We had pita pizzas and played Mexican Train Dominoes. Lots of fun.

Sunday, I sorta heard my alarm going off, but slept through it. Got up very late and made it for the second half of Sunday School only. Church was outside again because of renovating the church/gym. Fortuantely, it had really cooled down so it was also cold when the breeze blew at the begining of church.

Sunday afternoon, I went to see Sky High. I think I have a thing for predictable movies. I loved it! Lots of fun and some great action scenes. Of course Lynda Carter got the best line. "I tried my best to help you, but I'm not Wonder Woman."

Which brings us to last night. We had quite the thunder and lightening storm last night. I was awakened around 3 by the thunder, although it took a few claps to realize what it was. It was right on top of us for a while, which made going back to sleep inpossible. We even lost power for a few seconds. Long enough that I had to reset my alarm clock. It probably lasted about half an hour. Then I had to to get back to sleep, which finally happened sometime after four.

I had gone to bed early last night to be sure I got up for work on time. But thanks to the storm, I again slept through my alarm and got to work late. And I was feeling tired all morning, too. I simply must get to bed early tonight.

I was feeling so tired at lunch time I thought I might take a nap when I went out to my car to read. In stead, I got sucked into Evan Blessed and couldn't put it down. I took all my will power to come back in with only 35 pages to go. Finishing that book will most certainly be on my agenda tonight!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Word Association for August 14th

Borrowed from here.

  1. Idiot:: Village
  2. Rocket:: Launcher
  3. Liability:: Asset
  4. Harmless:: Prank
  5. Stringy:: Hair
  6. Theater:: Goer
  7. Gwyneth:: Paltrow
  8. Use it or lose it:: Muscles
  9. Sonic:: Boom
  10. Pucker:: Up

I doubt very many friends will be matching me today. :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

News and Thursday Threesome

Since The Back Porch was down when I went to blog yesterday, I'll have to do the Thursday Threesome now. Additional sponsor this week is Harley-Davidson.

Onesome: Sturgis- Have you ever been there, or anywhere else in South Dakota? Want to see where Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up in her Little Town on the Prairie? Or have you taken in Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills?
I don't know. What did I say at Trixie camp? :) If I've been to South Dakota, it was just a corner to drive through. I would really like to see Larua's town and Mount Rushmore.

Twosome: Motorcycle- Ever owned or ridden on a motorcycle? Do you aspire to ownership now? Ever wanted to hit the open rode and just go?
No and no. Yes, I want to hit the open rode, but usually via a car.

Threesome: Rally- v. to muster for a common purpose- Ever been to a large rally of any sort? A church rally, motorcycle rally or even a big family reunion? Or how about a road rally? Where did you go? Was a good time had by all?
I've been to youth rallies. I've been in charge of youth rallies. I've been to family reunions. I can't think of a bad experience at any of them, so I'd say a good time was had by all.

Now to the news portion of this evening's post.

Thursday Mom called to say my uncle is in the hospital. It's not looking good right now at all. He's in a coma, and he's not responding when they come into run tests on him like a body normally would (pupils in eyes and such.) He had bleeding in his brain, and they really didn't know why or if he'll recover. This is the uncle we don't have a good relationship with, but it's still hit all of us very hard.

Youth group last night was a flying by the seat of your pants production. Most everyone seems to be on vacation right now, and we only had nine kids and four staff. We changed what we were doing multiple times and did more hanging out then anything organized, but it seems to have worked.

And tonight is the first career Bible study since June and the first one I've been to since May. Or is it April? Too many conflicts recently. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No Boom Today. Boom Yesterday, However

See what happens when you blog at 10 PM while watching Fox News? You forget some things you were going to include.

Like the surprise visit from John. He was on campus showing a potential student around.

Or the fact that I was awakened by a sonic boom at 5 AM yesterday. Edwards Airforce Base is an hour to an hour and a half from here, and whenever they use it for a shuttle return, we get a boom and the windows rattle. Being a California native, my first thought was earthquake. Then the fact that there was a boom registered, and I concluded it must have been the shuttle.

I was partially awake when it happened. I might have slept through it otherwise.

In other news, Casey and I actually rode into work together today. He'd been riding in with his boss since they needed to start work an hour earlier then normal. It was nice. I've really been missing riding with him.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I've Always Been Bad At Titling

So I didn't wind up working over the weekend. I talked to Phil as I was leaving Friday night and he said he'd call if he wanted me to come in. He never did.

So Saturday I lazed around the condo, which was muchly needed. And I talked to my family for two and a half hours. Took quite a chunk out of my day, but it was the first time we'd really sat and talked since Mom and Dad left.

Then there was "game night." It was out night, so we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I enjoyed it, more then the original. Still, it had it's flaws. As you'd expect from the trailer, Johnny Depp was way over the top. Willy Wonka came across as unfeeling and cold, something I don't remember from the book. And the flashbacks to his past with his father weren't needed at all. Still, it inspired me to reread the book again, which I'll start tonight.

Aft er that, we went to Souplantation because of a coupon I had. It's an all you can eat buffet, and we did. Me especially. I couldn't move for a little while. We were having so much fun sitting and talking we didn't wind up moving anywhere to play games and they had to nicely kick us out at 10.

Sunday was church. Then I was able to go out to lunch with Seth and Kiersten. It was nice to catch up with them. I came home fully intending to change and head down to the summer league tournament, but Casey had found a marathon of Friends' final season, and I wound up watching it with him.

And that's the exciting news around here. Phil planned to get our reconsiliation files out to the auditor's directories tonight, so I guess we're good to go there. At least I hope we are. I guess I'll find out when I go in tomorrow. Meanwhile, I can start the five weeks worth of bank recs I have lined up for me. Have I ever mentioned that I love this week of the year? Bank recs are my favorite part of my job.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Word Association for August 7th

As always, taken from here.

  1. Complexion:: Inferiority
  2. Teach:: Learn
  3. Back to school:: September
  4. Months:: Days
  5. Nominate:: Judge
  6. Favorite curse word:: None, but thanks for asking
  7. Concerned:: Voters
  8. Better:: and better
  9. Escalate:: Hostilities
  10. Unveil:: Surprise

Friday, August 05, 2005

Quiet Week

This has been a rather quiet week. Slow at work and not much going on out of the ordinary.

Actually, the slow at work part is rather frustrating. We are the furthest behind we have ever been before the audit. And it starts Monday. I will be working tomorrow for sure. Hopefully I'll still get to do something else, especially since I'm supposed to be the contact person for the game night.

Frankly, I'm not sure why we are this far behind. As far as I was concerned, we could start wrapping things up Tuesday. So most of the week has been hurry up and wait as Phil has been working on financial aid and student account stuff that doesn't balance. Anyway, it's rather frustrating.

Small turn out at youth group last night. Between vacations and camp, I don't think we had a dozen. Scrapped the songs I'd picked out Wednesday and just did requests. We'll do those songs next week.

And last night was my last ultimate game of the season. We actually decided to do something different. We started out a head and stayed ahead the entire time. The closest they ever got was two points behind. And they had a whole lot more subs then we did. The tournament is Sunday and I may have to skip since Seth and Kiersten are supposed to be in town that day.

Why must everything happen in one weekend?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thursday Threesome for August 4th

Brought to us this week by Blood and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Under-- Water? Have you ever gone scuba diving? Any interest?...or does that sort of thing just not work for you?
I love water. Love to be in it. I would love to learn how to scuba dive. I understand there's a place near here where I can take lessons. I would sign up if I knew I'd have a partner to go with.

Twosome: my-- gosh, it seems to have been hot since forever! How are you doing with the weather this Summer?
It really hasn't been that bad here. In the high 90's. No worse then normal anyway.

Threesome: skin-- Do you 'skin' your site? What styles do you prefer when you have the option at someone's place? Simple? ...or loaded with graphics?
Blogger doesn't offer that, and I'm no expert on graphics at all, so I don't skin my site. I look through all the options at other's sites and usually go for one with a theme or look I like - be it simple of loaded with pictures.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shameless Plug

Today's post is a commercial. It is unpaid for. The space is freely given. I hope you will continue reading.

A couple months ago, I mentioned the new blog my friends and I were starting with a new story we were co-writing. When I mentioned it, it was in passing and we didn't have any of the story up yet. We are now on Episode 17. We have 25 currently written, so we're close to caught up. Translation, there's plenty to read if you so desire.

It's an experement of sorts. We are given an assignment for each episode and must follow it. "Create a new character." "Create a new location." "Move a character to a location." "Develope the character." That kind of thing. We have no clue what our assignment will be. Our job is to fill it in and make our episode as long as it needs to be. No shorter or longer. Since there are seven of us who rotate, we have no clue how the others will take what we've done and run with it and no clue what the characters will be doing by the time we get them back.

It's entitled Superheroes and Villians. The first few episodes were a little slow as we were getting the feel for our format and story. But I'm quite intrigued by what we have going on now.

So come on over. You really need to start at the beginning to follow who and what we have going on. And please be sure to let us know what you think. We've already gotten some useful information from comments left on what's up so far.

Monday, August 01, 2005

What Happens in Vegas

You know, if I actually followed the ad campaign, I'd have nothing to blog about. But I'm going to make it like Trixie Camp. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, until I get home and blog about it.

(I just looked at my post from my last weekend in Vegas, and I started basically the same way. I'm a man of few ideas.)

Left right after my post Friday for Vegas. Driving went fine, and I got in mid-afternoon. My uncle and aunt were paying the difference so I could stay at Mandalay Bay with the rest of the group. While not fancy on the outside, it is still one of the huge casinos on the strip. On the south side of the strip. So I've now stayed on the south and north sides of the strip.

Friday night, UB, AM, and her mom L went out to dinner at the Bellagio, then we went to see O, one of Cirque de Soli's shows. This one involved water, and was quite fun with platforms raising and lowering. The acrobatics were amazing and the diving parts were lots of fun. It was my first of their shows, and we couldn't have picked better for my tastes. Diving is one of my favorite sports.

Saturday, once I got up, I went down to the pool complex. They've got a fun endless/lazy river with a waterfall and a wave pool. Hung out there for a while, then went back to the hotel and showered before three of us went down to New York, New York and road their roller coaster. It was fun but very rough. I'm glad I went on it, but I doubt I'll ever do it again.

Saturday afternoon was the reason I was there. AM's son got remarried in the chapel at the resort. It was a nice ceremony but seemed a little rushed and impersonal. Then again, that's kinda what you would expect when they do 50 weddings a week. Still, it was nice. Then we had a reception at a semi-nearby restaurant. Have I mentioned yet that you have to pass through at least one casino to get anywhere you want to go in the town?

After the reception was over, we headed back to the hotel and I watched UB and AM gamble for a little while. I think I understand roulette better now. I did played the nickel slots myself for about five minutes. That's how long it took me to loose a dollar. :)

UB and AM's grandson stayed with me. I wasn't sure how that would go, but it went fine. My lack of sleep was due to other things, not all of which I know what are. Some of which were the drunk people yelling at each other in the hall all hours of the night. For example, Saturday night at 4AM yelling, "Don't worry. It's not the same drunk as last night. It's different ones." Frankly, I didn't care to know that. Sleep would have made me happier.

Anyway, Sunday, after breakfast with UB, AM, and my weekend roommate, I took off for home. I was hoping to beat any bad traffic going back to LA. Did run into a few slow spots, usually arround the thunder showers, but for the most part it was fine. The biggest problem I had was when I got onto the 18. I took the exit for the 18 and drove 30 miles before I finally figured out I was going the wrong way. So wished I had a navagator to look at the map for me at that point. Drove back, got on the freeway, then found that there's an exit for the 18 West 2.5 miles further down. You know, that might have been helpful to announce before the first exit for the 18. Or announce that it's the 18 East. Seems logical to me at least.