Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Just a quick post since I'm back at the office working on the songs for tomorrow.

Got my convention book after work. Spent 45 minutes just reading through it. Brought nothing but smiles to my face. Dana did a great job with it.

Quiet day at work today. Went over the assets and liabilities again. Think we'll be in good shape when I come back on Thursday. And Jason should be back that day as well. Of course, I just remember I should have worked on the bank lead sheet. But I wrote myself a big note and I'll get to it Thursday.

And on that note, I'm going to post this, go to Kinko's for the copies, grab dinner at Quizno's (won't be able to go tomorrow after all) and go home to watch The Mole. Tomorrow, I'm off to Huntington Beach with the youth all day. It's a rough job, but someone's got to volunteer to work with them. :) See you all Thursday.

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