Sunday, October 30, 2005

Word Association for October 30th

Should be getting ready for church, but instead I'm doing this.

  1. Unbreakable:: Promise
  2. Have mercy:: Lord
  3. Do it better:: Second Time Around
  4. Settle scores:: Revenge
  5. Comments:: Blog
  6. Craziest thing:: "I've ever seen"
  7. Apple:: Pie
  8. Halloween:: Tomorrow
  9. Manageable:: Size
  10. Trick:: or Treat

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Friday Update

Not too much to report, frankly.

Tuesday night a man came over to look at the condo and see if he was interested or not in moving in. We'll see what happens. I'm not convienced he's going to move in, but we'll see. Frankly, I'm not sure how he'd fit in.

Frankly, I'm very comfortable right now with just Casey. I would love to figure out some way to make it work with just the two of us. But, as the last few months with insurance and car registration has proved, I don't see how it will work for too much longer. :(

Last night's Bible study turned out very interesting. The school is currently doing teacher's conferences, so we spent quite a bit of time figuring out where we were meeting, then setting up. One of the other guitar players showed up late without his stuff, and he was supposed to do one of the songs solo. But we left that song out and everything else went fine. And it's probably a good thing we cut that song out because we got such a late start by the time everything came together. Still, it was a good night.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday Threesome for October 27th

Brought to us this week by stupid yeard decorations and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Painted-- Hey! Are you getting all painted up on Monday and going out and about? What are you dressing up as? ...or are you staying home and handing out goodies? ...or sitting in the dark and wishing they would all just go away? Come on !
Staying home and handing out goodies. Don't get too many kids. Something about all the stairs that would have to be climbed, I think.

Twosome: Garden-- In the garden of your mind, where do you go to relax for a few moments? Off to the beach? the mountains? a different world? ...or maybe a stroll though an old Victorian landscape?
Pleasant memories from the past. Of characters from a favorite series, like Trixie Belden.

Threesome: Gnomes-- Okay, we have to know: what do you think about garden gnomes and pink flamingos and such? I mean other than there seems to be a local ordinance that you have to have at least one or the other in your front yard if you live in South Florida?
I think the first sentence of my post says it all. I really think they look ugly. Don't see why anyone would want then in their yard. And my grandma had lots of them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

See Dick and Jane

Saturday, when we went to see Serenity, there was a guy there passing out invites to see a preview of Fun with Dick and Jane. Normally, I'm not a Jim Carrey fan, but I was interested in seeing this film because they spent a week filming part of it at a former bank near my house. Frankly, I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but knew I'd have to spend the money to see it.

Naturally, a chance to see it for free was something I was interested in, so I jumped at the chance. Casey and I went down last night to see it.

We got there right as the deadline approached. They wanted us there really early, which was hard with eating dinner and working until quitting time. But we got down there and got in. The theater was packed, and we wound up high in the back.

And the movie was lots of fun. I laughed the entire way through.

Set in 2000, Dick is promoted to VP of communications just before his company stock tanks because of embezzlement. And Jane has just quit her job to stay home full time. After a few months of struggling to stay afloat, things start to get desperate.

I know, it sounds depressing, like a drama or something. Trust me, this is a very funny black comedy. It doesn't come out until right before Christmas, so you'll have to wait to see it. But when it comes out, trust me. It's well worth it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

As Always a Busy Saturday

If it weren't for Saturday, I'd say nothing exciting happened in my life ever. This Saturday was no exception.

Left the condo early because I wanted to get down to Westwood in time for a book signing Saturday morning. Ok, early is relative. The signing started at 11. I didn't leave until 10:30, but traffic was light and I made it down not too late. Signing books were Lee Goldberg and Pari Noskin Taichert. Lee even had a copy of the cover of the first Monk novel for me, too. There was a small group, maybe a dozen or so, and most of them hung around and chatted the entire time, which was something new for me. Pari remembered me from her trip out here a year and a half ago to promote the first one. Ok, it did take a little prompting. Still, it always shocks me when an author I've met once says, "You look familiar." I honestly don't expect that until a few signings or a few e-mail exchanges have happened.

Also there, but buying books this time, was Harley Jane Kozak. Since I've really been commenting on The Lipstick Chronicles since I met her in April, I introduced myself again. She was thrilled to meet me and planned to make the rest of the authors jealous by telling them. Of course, if they'd come out where on a book tour, I'd be happy to meet them, too. I'm not picky, I'll meet any author I enjoy reading. :)

Then I decided to do something I'd wanted to do for months. Since I had a free afternoon, now was the time.

I headed to Forrest Lawn. It's a chain of memorial parks in Southern CA. Master's does concerts there every year, but I've never gone. The reason I wanted to go, however, was because I'd heard Disney was buried there. Morbid, I know, but I needed to try to see.

I didn't think about the fact that I didn't know which park it was, so I decided to try the Hollywood park first. After looking at their Patriot Hall, I asked and found out that he was at the Glendale park. So I headed out there, navigating by county maps with little street info. Yes, that met I spent quite a bit of time wandering around Glendale. Finally found the park, then spent some time wandering around to find the area I was looking for. So, after three hours, I finally found out...that it was in a private area not open to the general public. All that time for nothing.

The man who finally told me this was very chatty. Talked me into seeing a stain glass replica of the Last Supper they have there (which was very impressive), but then just kept talking to me, even after I'd taken the keys out of my pocket. By that point, I was getting hungry and ready to get home. Finally did mange to get away without being rude.

That night, Matt, Casey, and I went to see Serenity, finally. As I felt with the TV series, it had it's flaws, but it was a good movie and finally answered questions left from the canceled series. I don't think anyone who wasn't already a fan of the show would enjoy it, but if you were, it is well worth seeing. If you can. I bet it's out of the theaters completely in another week or two.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Word Association for October 23rd

If I've still got an hour, does it still count as doing it on Sunday?

Taken from here.

  1. Infiltration:: Undercover
  2. Nice person:: Friend
  3. Debt:: Loan
  4. Settle down:: Shhh!
  5. Thomas:: Doubting
  6. Unforgivable:: Sin
  7. Medicine:: Cabinet
  8. A year from now:: 2006
  9. Neighbors:: Next-door
  10. Dripping:: Wet

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Meme Day

Seems like I need to do Sunday's Word Association first and then the Thursday Threesome.

  1. On the verge:: of a Miralce
  2. Tempestuous:: Temper (didn't even read the entier word)
  3. Coherent:: Thought
  4. Near death:: Experience
  5. Illiterate:: Masses
  6. Why not?:: Because
  7. Period:: End of Discussion
  8. Long lost:: Brother
  9. Torrid:: Affair
  10. Nail:: (in the) Coffin

And now the Thursday Threesome, brought to us this week by nature and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Butterflies-- 'Tis the end of butterfly season, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere (hey, we have readers and respondents in the Southern); what are looking forward to seeing around the yards and neighborhoods in the next few months. (...besides snow, unless that's all you have staring back at you during the Winter months!)
The few things that change here are for the worse. Trees are bare. I actually prefer spring and summer.

Twosome: are-- Are your sports teams doing okay this Fall? Baseball is down to the final stretch and it's time to chose up sides! ...and football is darned interesting at the six-week mark? No interest? How about curling ?
No interest at all, so I guess you could say my teams are doing just fine. :)

Threesome: Free-- What is your favorite "freebie"? That 'buy one, get one free' sale? ...the ice cream cone from your local shop on your birthday? The samples at Starbucks? Inquiring minds and all that...
I'd love a buy one get one free for books! Free ice cream cones are pretty cool, too.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Disneyland Report

Saturday was a wonderful day.

Of course, it started way too early. How can getting to a place an hour away mean getting up so early?

Picked up Debbie a little later then we had planned. Then we weren't sure how to best get on the 5 from there, so we pulled off the road to find out. By the time we did all that, it was 8:15 by the time we got there, but Angelique was waiting for us. We went into the park and got started on the day's fun. Angelique and I went to Peter Pan's Flight while the others went to Star Tours. Then we met up for the new Buzz Lightyear attraction. You know, it's quite fun. Of course, if my aim were better, I would do better.

Everything was open this time around, so we got to do everything. Or attempt to do everything. It was crowded! Of course, I heard some people talking about this being the end of Fall Break, so that probably explains it. It was wonderful to ride Space Mountain again. It just didn't seem different enough to be closed for two years. And everyone let me drag them on Small World. Plus I got Dole Whip against after missing out on it for two years.

My biggest disappointment actually had to do with shopping. I wanted to get more stuff having to do with the 50th Anniversary. I did get one ornament. But I was eyeing the golden Mickey ears. Plus I actually looked at the pin collection, and I so want several of those, including some 50th anniversary stuff. Matt also wanted to spend more time shopping then we did. I had figured we could shop after midnight because stores are open later. We'd just go to the big Disney store at Downtown Disney. Yeah, the one that isn't open past closing. Which we discovered after leaving the park. But we were all so tired it was probably for the best.

Yesterday, I spent the day trying to recover. After the long hours (got home at 2 AM) and not sleeping well too nights in a row, I was a little tired. Did sleep through both church services and attended the SAYF. Still, I wasn't feeling well, so I took my temp last night. I was running a slight fever.

Naturally, I turned off my alarm clock and slept in this morning. I've now spent the rest of the day trying to get my tempurature back up to normal. It was probably just exhaustion, but I think staying home was the best idea possible. Tomorrow I should be back to work no problem.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I Don't Have a One Track Mind

Tomorrow is annual Disney Day from the college. Of course I'll be at Disneyland from 8 AM to Midnight. And this year I'm going with Angelique, Casey, Debbie, and Matt. I so can not wait!

Last week, I started posting my reviews over at epinions as well. I'm really not sure how it's going. Reviews certainly get votes on them, but I've been getting quite a share of Somewhat Helpful votes. See, they have four levels, Very Helpful, Helpful, Somewhat Helpful, and Not Helpful. I haven't gotten any of those last ones yet. They also allow comments. Some have been helpful. Some haven't.

In the non-helpful comment is this one from the new VeggieTales Christmas CD. "I'm glad you can tell us about the characters, but what do they sound like?" Um, adults doing cartoon character voices. From a different person but along the same lines on a regular CD, "I'm happy you can tell us about each song, but what does it sound like?"

See, one thing I've found is that they list new reviews, so you're going to get people reading the review who has not looked up the product. I'm not used to this, but trying to keep it in mind. Still, it seems rather crazy to me to be reading a review of an item you don't have any interest in already. Seems like a waste of time if you ask me. But then again, they didn't.

It is frustrating when I work like crazy to write a great review and have it barely make Helpful. I wonder if it's because I have a "new" tag next to my name. It might be "I don't want to give too many very helpfuls to someone their first month here." It might also be because they like long reviews over there. As in, if I hit 400 words, I'm winding down, but most people are just warming up at 1000. This isn't a homework assignment. And if I start talking about too much more, then I'll start giving away plot points.

So I'm trying to determine if the problem is my reviewing style doesn't fit there or if it's a pride issue or some of both.

And just when you thought I'd stop blogging about reviewing. :)

Have I mentioned tomorrow is Disney Day?

Not much else has been going on in my life. That wasn't a complaint. That was bragging. :)

I forget to turn the timer on on the VCR last night, so I only got to see the last 20 minutes of Alias. And, since I was recording for a co-worker, that's all she will get to see, too. :(

Tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland!!!

We did a couple songs we don't do that often at youth group last night. As always, rehersal went just fine, but we had technical difficulties during the actual worship time. Oh well, I want to mix those songs in more.


I've been listening to some of my Disney songs all afternoon to get myself in the Disney mood, and a co-worker just noticed. :)

This is a college view weekend here at the college, so maybe I'd better go so I can get dinner before it becomes too crowded and it takes me hours to get it. Of course, I have Bible study tonight so I'm not actually leaving campus until 7:20 or so.

Speaking of college view, one of the guys from a message board a friend set up is here this weekend checking out the college. Stopped by for a minute so we could meet face to face. That was nice.

I won't update tomorrow. Why? I'm going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday Threesome for October 13th

Brought to us this week by a national institution and The Back Porch. (Yeah, I'm stretching this week. Give me a break.)

Onesome: County-- The wild card for today: Do you know approximately how many people live in your county? It used to be that information was only available at the library; I'm betting most of us will be looking it up on the net!
Um, lots and lots? I live in LA County. I can't count that high. :)

Twosome: Library-- Do you use the library system where you live? ...or are you one of those who has to own the book (and can afford to)? Students: how good is your school library? ...and do use it or the net for most things?
I buy my books. especially since these days I seem to be buying books in series I love and getting them autographed. Not exactly sure I can afford to, but I do anyway.

Threesome: System-- Hey, what system do you use to store/keep track of your books and music and whatever it is that tends to outgrow its living area? Do you alphabetize? ...sort by color? ...genre?
Books and DVD's are pretty much random on shelves or boxes in the garage. And they're quickly outgrowing the room I have. I have 180 CD's in a case, then the rest in a couple boxes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Columbus Day

Yes, that's right. I'm acknowledging what today is. And frankly, I think Columbus has gotten a very bad rap.

As I told my high school history teacher (which was probably when he knew I'd be a handful), it's idealistic to think that if Columbus had never discovered America someone else wouldn't have. Furthermore, he had no control over what would happen after it happened. The years when Europeans treated natives horribly wasn't his fault. He was only responible for what he did, which I know wasn't always the best.

And, for the record, no one was responsible for the diseases that killed thousands of the Native Americans. Very seldom is disease the responsibility of any one person. It was tragic. I'm not denying that. But to blame it on someone who had nothing to do with it isn't fair.

And there was something in the second paragraph that you might have missed. Yes, Columbus discovered America.

See, if I find a new author, I'll tell everyone I discovered this great new writer. He might have 20 books out, but I just discovered him because I didn't know about him before. Columbus may not have been the first to find America, but he discovered it for a whole continent of people who didn't know about it before.

So there you have it. My anti-PC rant about Columbus day. And, since the day is almost over, hope it was a happy one.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Word Association for October 9th

And a happy birthday to my mom.

Taken from here.

  1. Quirk:: Personality
  2. Crystal::Castle
  3. Pet Peeve:: Loud Music
  4. Cuban:: Ricky Ricardo
  5. Breasts:: Chicken
  6. Whispers:: Secret
  7. Complicated:: Puzzle
  8. Promise me:: You'll do something
  9. Murder:: Mystery
  10. Filament:: Light Bulb

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Good Times

I was disappointed I didn't get to blog yesterday because it was such a good day.

You see, last week at work I had lots to get done. My boss was on vacation, and we'd need to close September as soon as he got back. And I was way behind on my work to do that.

Well, guess who procrastinated until Friday to get it all done.

And guess who got it all done!!!! And that included getting lots of bank statements in the mail yesterday, which meant I needed to get them done yesterday, too. I was so excited when I finished everything.

Of course, working hard was the reason I didn't get a chance to update yesterday.

Well, that and the fact that I watched Cinderella when I got home last night. And it was as I was going to bed I discovered what a historic day Tuesday was. It was the day that the final Disney animated movie made it to DVD. And how did I learn that? By looking at a list of titles and realizing I had them all on DVD. The collector in me is quite happy about that.

I also checked my VHS collection and realized I was only one short of getting them all on VHS. Home on the Range. Ugh. Still, the obsessive collector in me now needs to track that one down so I can say I have them all. Hopefully I can find a good deal on it.

Yes, I need help. Wonder if there's a collection of self-help books that will help me.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday Threesome for October 6th

Brought to us this week by nature and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Humming-- Humming a little tune are we? Do you have any new musical finds to share with the group? ...or how about an oldie you wished you could find to add to your collection?
I'm still loving Shaun Groves' White Flag a lot.

Twosome: Dragonfly-- Do you have dragonflies where you live? If so, are there any local names you've heard of for them rather than the 'western classic'?
Don't think we have them here, but I remember seeing them growing up. Less of a desert up there. And I always called them dragonflies.

Threesome: Search-- Quick! What was the last thing you searched for on the Net? (...or around the house if you've been holding back here . )
I don't remember the last time I searched for something on the net. Around the house, it was scissors the other night. The most frustrating thing? They were where I thought I had left them and where I swear I had looked. Hey, they don't call it a Mark search for nothing.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Guess I Should Update

Let's see, what's been going on?

Last Monday we got rain showers and thunder and lightening. Then we got the wild fires and lots of smoke. Not to mention the dry wind. Yep, it's fall. Dry, dry weather.

Friday night I went to a book signing for Mary Anna Evans at the local Borders. Which worked out well since I had just finished her first book at lunch time. She was very nice.

And they're rearranging some stuff in the story and have new bookcases. Frankly, I'm excited because it means hardcover and large paperbacks will be mixed in with the mass markets.

Been really enjoying the return of my TV shows. Amazing Race, Lost, Veronica Mars, Alias. Life is good again.

Decided it would be fun to get a cold last week. Pretty much over it now, although I did just buy dessert instead of making it for game night. We played Apples to Apples, and I wasn't hosting! It's much easier to get through all the cards when you don't have the expantion packs.

Tonight after work, we're going to Wal-Mart to buy Cinderella and Staples to buy more ink for my printer. It's only been out of ink for four or five months. Hated to rush into things.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Word Association for October 2nd

Can you believe it's October already?

Found here.

  1. Quaint:: Idea
  2. Rind:: Mellon
  3. Disease:: Sick
  4. Queer:: Strange
  5. Pork:: Rind
  6. Soaked:: Tub
  7. Skeleton:: Bones
  8. Mold:: Mildue
  9. Finished:: Done
  10. Buffalo:: Chips