Sunday, June 30, 2002

Starting off today with Chris' Sunday Op-Ed.

1. Police
Who do we fear because of their power? I know it's true for me. Even when I'm driving exactly the speed limit, the site of a cop car makes me nervous. It's really too bad because they, more then anyone else, put their lives on the line every time they go into work to keep us safe. The few who abuse their power ruin it for the rest of the force and us.

2. Alcohol
What do I avoid? Yes, there is the Christian aspect of it, and where I work. But I made a personal choice a long time ago to avoid drinking alcohol at all costs. I have enough self-destructive tendincies in my life. I don't need to add any potential ones.

3. Boobs
What's another name for idiots? (And here you thought I'd ruin the G rating of my blog.)

My life has become very interesting in the last couple of days. Friday night, I finally went to the Career Bible Study at Placerita Baptist that I've been talking about going to for months. Really enjoyed it. I will be back next time it meets. But because of that, I went with Carl, who I haven't seen in a long time, to see The Borne Identity yesterday. Then last night, I went to a party that Daniel, my first roommate in the dorms was throwing. Got to meet his new roommate Danny (you read that right.) And Danny may be joining me on Thursday to go to the Reagan Library. Yes, I'm staying in town to work, and then making all kinds of plans so I won't have any time to come in and work.

Today, I came in to work. But I've been talking to Sheree about movies and tv shows in stead. I'm completely hopeless.

I have a big gripe. I can handle seeing previews for upcoming movies before a movie starts. I kinda enjoy it, even. But the recent habbit of showing commercials before a movie starts is really starting to annoy me. Yesterday, we saw at least half a dozen. M&M's, Coke, Bank of America. And nothing to do with movies, either. WHY??? Are theaters still not getting enough money even though ticket prices keep going up every time you turn around? (I haven't been going to movies that long, but $6 used to be the evening price, not the matinee.)

As to TBI itself, it was a good movie. Nothing I'll rush out to see again. Looking forward to seeing why Donald thought it was so great. Definately disagree with him on that.

And with that, I'm going to post this and go home to call my family. Have a good evening everyone.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Believe it or not, I forgot to blog about something yesterday. :) The Mole 2. My favorite suspect for the Mole left last night. And it wasn't that Elavia wasn't the mole, it was that she took the money and ran. Of course, I might have done the same in her possition. $50K now or possibly nothing in a few minutes. I'd love to know who would have been exicuted otherwise. And wouldn't it be great if she still was the mole? Not that that would work on the show. Still looking at Dorothy or Bill, but someone's pointed out recently that Bribs is flying too low under the radar. Interesting to think about. And I'm certainly missing the hidden clues. Can't wait to see what they were at the end.

I got an e-mail from Misty today. Now the balls in my court about getting my web page set up. (BTW, don't worry, Misty. I understand about you being busy. This is why I probably won't do much of anything with the page before the 4th.)

I feel like Calvin today. "I just found out about a bunch of products I didn't know existed but I just have to have." For me, it's been Monopoly editions. Last night I saw the commercial for the new America edition. After laughing myself silly at the ad, I checked it out on Amazon today. Turns out they've also recently released a Peanuts version that's so cute. I went all over town checking out various places I've seen Monopoly to see if they had it. Found the America edition and bought it. Guess what I'm playing on the 4th?

Other news? Bible study went well, and we looked like we knew what we were doing leading worship. They finally got the new billing system figured out, so student statements are being printed as we speak. And I do believe that's about it. Have a great night, all.
Time for today's Thursday Threesome brought to you by God (after yesterday, I just had to use that one) and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Soak--Like a sponge, what class in school did you seem to absorb the easiest?
While I did well in all my classes, for me, it was always History, English, and Business. I love American History. Every so often, I think I should take some classes toward a second degree in history. Obviously, I loved my business classes too, since that was my major. :) And even though I don't choose to read classics for fun and profit, I did enjoy reading them for my English classes.

Twosome: Up--What things always bring you up when you are down?
Friends showing my they care. Reading something I completely enjoy. This could definately include a reread of an old favorite. Spending some time on something I enjoy doing, basically.

Threesome: The Sun--Enjoy the sun? What's your favorite outdoor activity?
On hot summer days like we're having right now, I love to swim. Also, I obviously love playing ultimate frisbee, but I'm glad summer league is at night. It's too hot to play during the day most of the time. There are days when all I want to do is sit outside and read. Pleasant weather is an invitation to be outside and enjoy, right?

So there are my answers for the week. Answer in your blog and then leave us a note on the porch to let us know where you are.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I really need to start jotting down what I want to say. I find I get here and I completely forget what I want to blog about.

I forgot to mention Monday that I got my convention pictures back. But I don't know when I'll get an e-mail from Misty so she can help me set up my page. Unless someone else wants to help me out....

Had another ultimate frisbee game last night. When I got there, we were 1-3. Then we came back and were tied. Finally, we pulled ahead to 16-13. But we couldn't let me loose that badly, so we let them come back so the final score was 17-15. People were telling me I did better running and stuff last night, which I felt I did. But I'm still frustrated because I don't feel like I'm doing nearly well enough on offense, and I'm not completely sure what I should be doing differently. I know I can get opened and catch and throw that disk. I just need to figure out how to do it.

Went out to a pub after the game. Was fun hanging out with the team. Don't worry, though. I had water on the rocks with a slice of lemon.

I'm reading the last Jerrilynn Farmer book (until March, that is). It's so nice to being reading something I enjoy again. Glad I saved it until now. If you haven't read this series, you need to drop everything and read all four this summer. They start with Sympathy for the Devil and continue with Immaculate Reception, Killer Wedding, and then Dim Sum Dead. Totally worth it.

Bible study tonight. Meeting Seth and Keirsten early so we can go over the songs for tonight. They just got back into town last night after camping with friends all weekend. Hope they had fun. But I hope to get a chance to tell them about the job already being filled. They were two of the five people in town I let know about that. It's nice having people you know you can trust.

After the last three days I've had, I'll be staying in town over the 4th. Hardly getting anything done again. Told you that was a moot problem.

Ok, any idea where the rest of my achieves went? I touched nothing, I swear. But I am proud of my self for figuring out how to edit the links for the 1% Bloggers ring I just joined. Now it fits in with the others. :)

And lastly, I have to comment on the recent ruling from that stupid court in San Francisco. However, I've seen this coming for a long time. I hope it really does get over turned.

Ready for my thoughts? First and foremost, "SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE" DOESN'T EVEN APPEAR IN THE CONSTITUTION. Anywhere. The first amendment says the government won't establish a state religion. The problem with this ruling is, it establishes a religion. By taking God out of our lives, we are establishing Atheisms as the state religion. And it has been defined by law on several occasions as a religion. (As a side note, one of its biggest tenants is evolution, which is taught in every public school in this country, but that's another discussion.)

We are faced with things in every day life that we don't like, enjoy, or approve of. You might say we face things every day that offend us. Take me. Last night, the language, a little of the talk, and the drinking of my ultimate friends bothered me. But part of maturing is learning how to deal with things that offend you.

Ok, so you think this is different because it's a kid in school. Well, there are times when conservatives are treated horribly for standing up for what they believe in. In Ohio, the ACLU sued the school system for considering teaching scientific flaws with the evolution theory along side scientific evidence for evolution. They were not going to teach creation, but just try to teach a balance. Sex-ed classes don't take into account how Christians feel about the topics discussed. I read a couple books in my English class that really offended me. Yet, if I objected, I was labeled a censor, even though I said nothing about the rest of the class reading the book. But, when you've got as many diverse opinions represented in our country as we do, you have to expect things like that. But why should one parent's opinion be more important then another's?

I like what the dissenting judge pointed out. "God Bless America" has been discussed as a replacement to our national anthem. That won't cut it now. Even "The Star Spangled Banner" isn't going to cut it if anyone reads the last two verses (which are outstanding, I might add.)

I'll step off my soapbox now. And I did pretty well for someone complaining about not being able to remember what he wants to blog about, didn’t I? :) Now I'd better post this and leave so I can get to church early enough to practice with S&K.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Having some fun taking tests today.

LOL. Talk about completely random.

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Monday, June 24, 2002

Ok, so I didn't make it back over the weekend to blog. So sue me. (Ok, I'll agree with Shana on this one. It's just an expression.) Let me give you a run down of what's been going on.

Friday - Had a blast rafting. More fun then last year. Water level wasn't too low, and the weather in Bakersfield was much nicer for that sort of thing then here. They let us use two, two-man inflatible kayaks as well this year. (Thanks to Claire for the spelling correction.) Dave and I took one down the first time down the river. It was great getting to just talk and enjoy floating down the river. Definately could get used to that.

When I got home, there was a message from Donald about that job. They've filled it already. Only listed for two weeks. Still haven't figured out if that's good or bad.

Saturday - Went to Crime Time books for the first time in months. Got several books, including two advanced review copies for books that come out next month.

Sunday - Church, then I finished my book. Do me a favor and never, ever read Heaven's Wager. It's the perfect example of all that's wrong with Christian fiction. Can't believe how many positive reviews for it there are at Amazon. I know I'll get raked over the coals for writing a negative review, but so be it. I just can't decide if I should give it one star, or two stars because I enjoyed the beginning. Then we had a SNYF last night. Went to a house in Auga Dulce (about 10 minutes north of here.) Beautiful setting with a very nice pool.

The weather has finally decided to admit it's summer time. Friday, it was almost raining here in town, but is predicting 90 degree weather every day for the foreseeable future. I can certainly get used to that.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

That was close. I almost didn't get back to post any more. And since I'll be gone all day tomorrow, it'll be Saturday before I'm back at the earliest.

Frankly, not much new. Bible study was fine last night. Talked to Dave about everything and asked his prayer over the matter. And Donald wasn't home last night. I'm sure I'll hear back from him tonight. But figured those of you following this saga closely might want to know I know nothing. I mean I know nothing new. :)

Tomorrow I'll be rafting with the jr. highers. Twill be lots of fun. Just hope the weather's a little warmer then it was today.
I completely forgot it was time to do the Thursday Threesome, brought to us my your local DJ and The Back Porch.

Onesome. Do a Little Dance...Everyone loves to watch a good dancer, so tell us your all time favorite movie dance scene...and why.
I love watching musical. And I have a back ground in ballroom dance. When I'm watching dance scenes, it always makes me want to go join a musical so I can dance again. Having said that, I'm going with correographed dancing with this one. A close second is the "I think I'm going to like it here" scene from the new TV version of Annie. But my top choice is the bottle dance from Fiddler on the Roof. When Master's did the musical several years ago, I did that dance, and really struggle with keeping it on my head. My mouth drops when I watch them do it in the movie.

Twosome. Make a Little Love...Spill it! What do you do to make the night romantic for that certain someone?
Well, once I find that certain someone, I'll have to figure that out, now won't I?

Threesome. Get Down Tonight! Party it up, Getting your Groove on, or whatever you call it, everyone has a different style that they consider a good time. Let us in on what yours is.
For me a good time is hanging out with good friends. Trixie Camp was a good time. Playing games with one good friend can be a good time. It really doesn't take much for me to consider it a good time.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

My week is 3/4 over since I'm taking Friday off again this week. And I still have stacks of paper on my desk. Not the most encouraging as far as looking at what I've accomplished.

Seth and Kiersten's early last night. We were trying to get through two week's worth of material, but didn't quite get through it all. I figured that would be pushing it. Then off to ultimate. We won again, 17-15 this week, so we're now 2-0. Pretty good record if I do say so myself. We're playing well as a team and playing smart. And it shows in our wins. If we can just be a tad stronger, we'd finish even better.

But I bet you're reading to see what I'm going to do about my last post. Maybe I should discuss the weather here. Or what I'm wearing. J/K After Bible study tonight, I'm going to call Donald and tell him to start the process for applying for the job (referral from a friend gets him a bonus if I take the job.) I'm nervous and excited and worried and scared all at the same time. Thanks for all the comments. It really was a big help in getting me to take the first step, and, naturally, I'll keep you guys informed as things progress.

Right now, I need to head out since we've got a parent's meeting at 5:30 that I told Dave I'd be at before Bible study. And I need to swing by the apartment to get my guitar and Bible.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Life is full of unexpected problems and choices. Take what happened last night, for example.

Donald called last night to see about forwarded mail. That, naturally, led to a 45 minute phone call. During that time, we discussed a job opening at the bank he works for that I could apply for. Now, I've been thinking about leaving this job for quite some time. But I had decided to stay until January. Now this. It would mean getting more money then I make now with prices being about the same. And Donald and I could share his apartment for a year (until he gets married.) I could start over when it comes to making friends and finding a church and find one with an active singles group. And, frankly, I think the only way you'd get me to move some place new is if I already know someone in the area. But the part of me that's afraid of the unknown is also shouting, are you crazy? You know what you've got at Master's, and you don't have it too bad. But the rational part of me is saying that this would be a great career move and I'm going to need to do this sooner rather then later. Of course, I also don't want to move closer to my family, necessarily. I'd only be an hour and a half away. I think for my own sanity I need the distance. And a part of me wonders if this is really that smart - moving to be near Donald. Or is that all I'm really doing it for.

Then there's the more immediate problem of the 4th. We discussed, if I can get my work done, me spending my long weekend with him. That would be a blast, but I know my family would get very upset if I were that close and didn't spend any time with them. And time with them would mean working on cleaning out Grpop's place, something I really don't feel qualified to do. Frankly, if they find out I have a four day weekend and don't go up there, they'll be mad anyway. But I can hide it better if I stay in town. But I'd really love going up and spending the time with Donald. Unless it would just make me miss him more.

I'm sure by now all of you are identifing with this quote. "I feel like I'm at a tennis match and I'm the ball."

So, any thoughts? Am I crazy? Need to learn to make decisions? Hopeless basketcase? Really handsome guy? I'd welcome any input at this point. Just please don't send it to my Master's e-mail address, for obvious reasons. Or, post a reply here.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Well, I've been back in town since 1 AM this morning. Yes, it does make for a tired me, especially when I was getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep since Wednesday. But it was more then worth it!

"Trixie Camp" as we were calling it was a blast. I don't really know where to even start. The caves we explored were fun, we got to relax at Buffalo National River and at a lake I can't remember the name of for the life of me, and tried local food. All the while, we were spending way too much time laughing over the smallest things, like playing follow the leader U-turn, a kid's picture book (but what would you expect from us?), me being framed for stealing my own towels (notice I said framed. I am innocent!!!), etc. The weather was wonderful as well. We had some humidity on Thursday and Sunday, but not enough to kill anyone. And Friday and Saturday were sunny, low 80's, and no humidity. I'm ready to go back again.

Sorry if you tried to look at Misty's for an update. We had no phones in our cabins, so no one had internet access all weekend. Not that any of us were complaining.

In other news, my ultimate frisbee team won our first game last week. 17-14. But it was closer then it should have been. Our game is tomorrow this week.

Tonight I'm off to take the four rolls of pictures to be developed. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to work on posting them on my new home page that Misty agreed to host for me this weekend.

But first, a very late special edition of the Thursday Threesome:

Special Edition: CLUE

The Answer: Miss Scarlett in the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Onesome. Miss Scarlett, what makes your face turn red?
Being the sudden center of attention. Talk I don't feel confortable listening to. I don't tend to embarrass over things I'm reading, unless someone else starts reading them, too.

Twosome. The Library. What books are a must in your opinion for a personal library?
The Bible. Books that are enjoyed. I know people who feel they must have a certain collection of books to have a certain standing. Forget that! If it's something you will read or have read and enjoyed, then it belongs in your library. That answer will very for each person. For me personally, it includes Sandy Dengler, Bodie Thoene, Trixie Belden, Mrs. Pollifax, Jerrilynn Farmer, Calvin and Hobbes, Sigmund Brouwer, and many others. And yes, I did list fictious characters and authors side by side in this list. :)

Threesome. The Lead Pipe. Ever have a plumbing related woe? Tell us all about it...
I've had several since moving into apartments. Probably the worst was the one from March that I blogged about then. Finding standing water on your kitchen floor every morning isn't fun. Fortunately, that seems to be behind me at the moment.

And, I'm going to go ahead and do the Sunday Op-Ed, too.

1. DAD
Who did I call yesterday from Springfield, MO? I'm just glad I got him. Love him super lots.

Think that's it from me today. Have a great evening, everyone. I have got to go to bed early.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Feels like my mind is elsewhere. Maybe having to do with the fact that I leave in 14 hours for convention!!!!!! For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, you can check out this link for more information on Trixie Belden convention 2002. It's going to be a blast. I'm flying with Angelique this year, so the fun begins and ends at LAX, not the arriving airport.

I doubt I'll be able to check in while I'm gone, but you might want to check out some of my friends who will be there. I know last year Misty had her computer there, so she might update her blog. And you never know, but our coordinator this year, Dana, might pop in and say a thing or two. Either way, I'll give you all the details when I get back. Hopefully Monday. And I'll do the Thursday Threesome then, too. Obviously, without a computer, I won't be able to do it on time. But I've done every one since it's start, so I need to do this one as well.

I realized I have some catch-up to do with my entertainment consumption news. :) Saturday, Seth and Kiersten invited me to join them to see Episode 2. Good movie. Better then E1, but still not the great story telling that the original trilogy was. Afterward, I went over to their place for dinner. It was lots of fun just hanging out. I'm going to miss them when they leave. Not that it's official, but we all know it's going to happen.

And my thoughts on The Mole 2. The producers are being downright mean this season. More so, it seems to me, then they were last year. As to who the mole is, my money right now is on Dorothy or Elvira, or however her name is pronounced. But it might be the retired navy guy. We'll just have to keep watching and see.

Well, I think that's it. I still have to get through youth group and an ultimate frisbee game. Then I'll need to put everything in a suitcase before I go to bed only to get up at 3AM so I'm sure I'm at the airport on time. But it'll so be worth it.

See you Monday!

Monday, June 10, 2002

Man, you'd think I hadn't played ultimate in weeks or something. I got there late yesterday, but they were just starting to play. Played two games to 10, my team lost both times. But I feel very sore today. Keep this in mind everyone attending convention. I will be sore Thursday and or Friday!

And I've discovered something I bet most of my readers know. Shaving in the shower is completely different then shaving at the sink. I bought a fogless mirror Wednesday last week, and I've been shaving my face at the end of my shower every day instead of using my electric. I'm getting a closer shave with much less irritation (especially on the throat) then I ever had in my life. A guy could really get used to this.

Talk about your addict. I stopped everything I was doing to watch the Alais rerun at 9. Totally worth it, of course. :) I've got to start on rewatching my tapes. I think I'll get so much more out of it this time around.

And I think I'll end by letting all of you know what color M&M I am. I know you're all curious.

Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain

BTW, have I mentioned that it's only two and a half days until convention? No? Well, guess what! It's only two and a half days until convention. Not that I"m at all excited or anything.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Going to start off with today's Sunday Op-Ed. Thanks, Chris.

1. Religion
What is a big part of my life? Although I hesitate to say that, because Christianity is more than a religion in the rote, dry sense of the word that always comes to my mind. But I am a Christian, as I'm sure you've figured out if you spend any time reading my blog. :)

2. Politics
What is something I hate being involved in a conversation about? It always seems to bring out the worst in people. I've been involved in too many conversations where the other person obviously wasn't listening to me at all. That just gets too frustrating too fast. And the name calling. Yes, I'm a conservative. And some of the names we get called just about kill me sometimes.

3. Money
What is something I never seem to have enough of? Even with the cheaper place and lower rent, I still haven't saved like I should have. :)

Now that we've tackled the three topics never discussed in polite conversation, let's get on with my post.

I'm done with graduations for the year!!!! Thursday's 8th grade wasn't too bad, but Friday's 12th grade just went on and on. And it was so packed, I stood up for half of it (an hour) in the back, and I was only three minutes late. But the speeches were some of the best I've heard at a graduation from a student in a long time.

We finished closing May on Friday. I was working like crazy. Now we'll see if I can get my rec's finished without getting into too much more trouble.

Finally got my schedule for Summer League this year. And wouldn't you know it? My first game is on Wednesday night. When I really should be home packing. Guess I know what I'll be doing during my lunch hour Wednesday. And the majority of my games seem to be on Tuesday and Wednesday. I only have two Monday games, the night I'd prefer. O well, everyone else seems to be willing to work around my schedule, so I guess I should, too. :)

Think I'm going to finally head down to Encino and play some pick up today. After I talk to the fam, of course. It's beautiful day, not too hot and perfect for being outside playing a sport.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

And there went my work ethic. Got very little done today. But I could have gotten more done. We got the credit card bills in, so I've started up on those. Don't know how we'll get done by tomorrow.

Didn't see SW last night. I was just too tired. Still stayed up 'til about 11:30. But just couldn't function enough to watch and enjoy a movie.

And I think I got a mild sunburn on my shoulders from my 45 minutes in the sun yesterday. I can't believe it. And I didn't wake up in time to run again this morning. This is not looking good for taking 10 minutes off my time this year. :O

BTW, don't think I've forgotten the Mole. I just haven't rewatched this week's episodes (I believe they're both reruns. I know the first one is.) Probably won't get to it until this weekend.

BTW, did I mention enjoying the nicer weather yesterday? I take it back. It's gotten downright hot here. And we've been having problems with the AC at work. And we've already got our third wildfire of the year going right now. THESE THINGS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO START UNTIL AUGUST. But that's how little rain we got this year. It might be a long summer from that reguard.

Right now I'm off to my fourth graduation this year. My 8th graders take the stage tonight at SCCS (Santa Clarita Christian School.) Wish I were more excited about it. I just don't think I can sit through two more graduations this year.
And it's time once again for the Thursday Threesome, brought to you this week by your spice rack and The Back Porch.

Onesome. Parsley - does anyone really cook with this stuff?!? what is the weirdest/funniest thing you ever did with the garnish on your plate at a restaurant.
Yes, people cook with it. My mom has used it in stuff before, and it's really quite good. But, I can't think of anything funny or weird I've ever done with the garnish on my plate. I just leave it on the side of my plate if I'm not going to eat it. But I always eat those pieces of orange if I get them.

Twosome. Sage - to whom do you turn for advice? This isn't limited to just one person but could be several different people for different situations.
My parents, most definately. And any adult I think would have some advice for me. I regularly turn to Dave Duron for help. It really depends on the situation and who I think would have the best insite.

Threesome. Rosemary and Thyme - what does the name "Rosemary" mean to you and to what time frame does the memory belong?
I'm thinking of a person, but I can't for the life of my place the name. Could be a fictious character for all I know. How ever, Rosemary also made me think of Rose Marie from the Dick van Dyck show. That would be from the 60's. And who knows, that might be who I was thinking of.

Man, a little tougher then normal today. But feel free to post answers on your own blog and tell us where to find them here.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I've been meaning to take this test I found at Misty's for a couple of days now. I remembered it just now, so here it is. It takes a few minutes, but the answers are absolutely hillarious. Hmm, maybe that's how I got my answers.

What Type of Villain are You? /

Whew, but I'm getting tired. It's been a long day. But let me start before that.

Last night, I did some shopping, and decided to get Dad a CD I'd been considering getting him. Didn't to the Target/Disney Store leg of my trip. (A different part of town.) Got home and started laundry. But I wasn't the only one who thought last night was the perfect time to do laundry, so I had to do my two loads in shifts. Went to Tim's for a haircut, but his roommate told me he wasn't home. Seems Tim snuck in unawares because about 5 minutes later he was at my door (we're in the same complex at the moment). So I got my hair cut. Which is a good thing because it went well over 90 today. We're finally getting some nice weather!! I'm so happy. Anyway, hung out over there for a little while. We were talking about trips we have coming up, and I wound up telling him about Trixie convention coming up next week. (Should I mention that it's only 8 days away right now? Nah, I'll let Susan keep the countdown going.) Wonder what he thinks of this weirdo now. :)

Anyway, about 10 last night, Jeff suggests playing a game. He brings out my dot com edition of monopoly. We play, and he skunks me in about an hour. I just kept landing on things other then property. So he finally got to jump in the pool last night. :) He was happy about it, although he talked at first like he assumed I'd win and didn't want to jump in.

Got up this morning and headed over to the chapel service. Everything went well, but I got into work about 9:20. Hence, the lateness of my post. Anyway, I hit the rec's hard. Not sure I'm getting anywhere other then knowing what the problem is. Found out Phil wants to close May by Friday since I'll be gone Thursday and Friday next week. (Have I mentioned Trixie convention in this post yet?) Got our bank statements for our new bank, and I had no problem reconciling the main and payroll accounts, even though I hadn't touched them in a week. Very happy about that!

Pete and I went swimming at lunch time in the pool here on campus. First real workout I've had toward the triathelon in weeks. With how hot the weather was today, it felt great, too.

And tonight, with youth group canceled, I'm planning on hitting Target and the Disney Store, then Jeff and I are planning to finally get to see the new Star Wars. Should be a fun evening.

Boy, I can really ramble when I want to, can't I? If you stayed with this, I'm very impressed. And flattered. But I think it helps explain why I'm a little tired. But it's a good kind of tired.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Boy, what a couple of days. The good news is that I still have a job. The bad news is that my mind is spinning. I have been working like a mad man to try to get stuff reconciled. I've got most of the easy accounts figured out. Of course, that means I've saved the hard ones for me to spend the rest of the week working on. Hopefully I get them done.

Got a rude awakening this morning. About 3:30 the phone started ringing. It took a couple rings for it to even register. But when I picked it up, it was just beeping. Like someone thought we were a modemn line. Happened a couple weeks back in the early evening. Not my idea of a good time.

I was supposed to get up and go running this morning, but I didn't really register that my alarm was going off. Got up in plenty of time for work, but not to run first. I came over to use the fitness center Monday morning, and found out they aren't going to be openned early enough for me to use it before work anymore. Yet, I've got 6 weeks until the triathelon, and Dave has made it our July jr. high event. It's going to be embarrising when all the jr. highers beat me. But then, that's kinda what I'd expect even if I had been training for months. I'm just not the athletic type.

Tomorrow I've got to be sure I'm up and out early. I'm playing my guitar for Keirstein Duron during the praise chapel first thing in the morning at SCCS. She really wanted me to, and I definately owe the Duron's for everything they've done for me in the last year. I'll be a little late into work, but frankly, no one probably would have noticed. I figure I'll be here by 9, which is the time I come in some mornings anyway.

Tonight, I have to try to find a father's day present and card, go grocery shopping, drop off some film from last week, stop by the Disney Store again looking for DVD's, decide if I'm returning the Inside the Outside Cd I got Saturday (not sure if it's scratched or not), do laundry, and be available for Tim to cut my hair at 8. Of course, since we don't have Bible study tomorrow night (6th grade graduation), I could push some of those things off one night. But then Thursday brings my last two graduations of the year, so I won't have time in the evenings.

Boy, I'm tired just looking at that list. Maybe I should go and start planning my attack.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Today's Sunday Op-Ed thanks to Chris.

1) Muppets
Who are the actors who have truly mastered the secret of not showing their age? I mean, seriously, they look as young as they did in the 70's. Wish I knew their secret. (And, BTW, I love Muppet's Christmas Carol.)

2) Pajamas
What have I not worn in years? Probably since early elementary school. But it might have been before that. These days, I only wear boxers at night. (Please notice, I included the at night part.) But that's probably more then you really wanted to know.

3. Science Fiction
What have I finally been converted to? For years, I would tell you that I didn't like Sci-fi. But then I got started watching Star Treks DS9 and Voyager. And of course Babylon 5. Quite possibly my favorite show of all time. These days, I watch Enterprise and Buffy and Angel, all three of which I consider sci-fi. Even Alias has a little sci-fi element to it. I still don't seek sci-fi out, preferring mystery/adventure. But I don't shy away from it now either.

So that's my opinion for the week. Go post your own and then leave the link letting us know where they are.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

I am so dead! All I got done today was the credit card receipts for the month. Of course, I'd be deader if I hadn't gotten them done. But I'm looking at the Payroll Advance account. There's some pretty old stuff that hasn't cleared yet in here. Fortunately, I was just able to write off the difference in the returned check account. I have got to come back tomorrow and try to get some more stuff done.

Of course, I was also playing around some, too. And I didn't get here til almost four. And then there was my surprise.

Josh (ex-roommate from before I started blogging) and his wife knocked on my window. They were here to meet Pete, so I got to talk to them for a little while. They're off to see Sum of All Fears tonight. Wish I could go, but since I went to bed about 2:30 this morning, I shouldn't stay out as late as they'll be out.

Speaking of which, Jeff and I got a shock last night. I beat him in two player Risk in about an hour last night. But by then Mike Lovell had shown up and the three of us played. It took him quite a while, but Jeff finally annihilated us. And that is the right word for it, too. Of course, neither one of us has wound up in the pool over this yet....