Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Word Association for October 5th

I should be in bed, but here I am doing this week's word association instead.

  1. Forgetfulness :: What as I going to do?
  2. Diagram :: Drawing
  3. Inconsiderate :: Rude
  4. Relapse :: Addiction
  5. Jingling :: Coins
  6. Counter :: Space
  7. Backspace :: Mistake
  8. Flush :: Toilet
  9. Awkward :: Silence
  10. Thumb :: Drive

Monday, October 03, 2016

One Busy Weekend, One Quieter Weekend

The last weekend of September was pretty busy.

It all started Saturday morning when I met up with my friends Sue Ann, Heidi, and Angelique for brunch.  We met at a Marie Calendar’s and we sat there and chatted for a couple of hours.  Yes, we ate as well, but it was mostly about the chatting.

Then it was home where I spent a couple of hours finishing up the book I was reading.

Which was appropriate since I then went to a dinner and mystery author talk at one of the libraries in town.  The problem was, I was thinking it started half an hour later than it did, but I was able to get in and there was still plenty of food.  There were several authors I enjoy on the panel, and I bought a book from an author I wasn’t familiar with.  It was a fun night.

That Sunday was the season premiere of Once Upon a Time, and my friend Christy was having her annual party.  I headed over a little early and hung out with my friend Luke beforehand.  The party itself was smaller than the last couple of years, but no less fun.  I really look forward to the events each year.

This last weekend was quieter by comparison.  Saturday was ornament debut at Hallmark, so I was up early and at my local Hallmark store.  Then I came home and went for a run.  The rest of the day was spent on reviews, movies, and a little reading.

Sunday was the usual mix of church, ultimate, and hanging out with friends here in town for Once Upon a Time with a bit of reading mixed in.

As I said, a much quieter weekend overall.