Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Threesome for March 30th

Yes, I'm going to get this done today.

Brought to us this week by all my computer geek friends and The Back Porch.

Onesome: External-- What sorts of gadgets do having hanging off your computer? We'll spot you that printer, but how about other goodies like scanners, card readers, cameras, MP3 players and such?
Here at work, I have an extrenal floppy drive. At home, my printer is also a scanner. And that's about it.

Twosome: Hard-- What part of working with computers is hard for you? ...working with one particular piece of software? Getting that camera to connect? ...or dealing with the family members who don't understand what the deal is ?
Working with Word. I don't know what it is about the program I don't like, but I don't like it!

Threesome: Drive-- What drives you to the computer? Is it friends? Work? News? Recipes? The weather radar?
Friends I've made on-line or I keep in touch with on-line. My reviewing addiction.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is it Yesterday Yet?

I believe I promised to update on Friday. Then I didn't. I'm reminded of that old joke from Hagar the Horrible.

"I'll fix it tomorrow."
"Tomorrow, tomorrow. Before you know it, tomorrow becomes today and today becomes yesterday."
"Alright, alright. I'll do it yesterday."

So, where was I?

Health wise, I'm doing better each day. I've been getting into work at 10:30 the last two days, so that's an improvement. I'm still taking it as easy as I can, because Friday I felt lousy. Didn't sleep well Thursday night due to a stomach ache. I came into work, but really should have stayed home. Did better Saturday and Sunday.

When I saw the doctor a week ago, he told me it looks like everything is finally healing properly. Now, we'll see what he says when I see him Thursday.

A week and a half ago (like the 18th), my family was in town. My brother and sister-in-law came out a few days before the youth conference they were going to. Mom and Dad came down and we all hung out. Granted, I did work Monday and Tuesday, but I got to see them Sunday and at night. It was great to all be together. Hadn't seen B and SiL since Thanksgiving.

Saturday, I did my taxes. Very nice refund coming my way this year since I had less rental income since I only had one roommate during the majority of the year.

Sunday, the Durons were in town! It was wonderful to see them again, and their kids have grown so much! I sure do miss working with them in the jr. high group. Anyway, we went over to the Duncan's after church for lunch. Small group, and I didn't leave until 5.

Last night, I went over to Kurt and Kellie's for dinner and 24. It had been way too long since I had spent any time with them. We had lots of fun. Kurt hooked me on a golf game for the X-box. I'm ready to play again and beat him this time!

I'm still looking for our spring weather. It decided to rain today, and it's really coming down. Plus, I'm parked across the street, and the street floods at the drop of a hat. We'll see if my garage door will even open when I get home. Yes, I normally talk about how much I love rain, but I'm more ready for nice spring weather this year.

Never happy, am I?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Threesome for March 23rd

What's this? My first new post in over a week and it's a meme? Yep. I'll try to update tomorrow. The short answer is I'm doing better.

But this is brought to us by car dealers and The Back Porch.

Onesome- New: What's new in your life? New car, new house, new job or new person, or even just a new toy you bought for yourself?
I've been buying new CD's, like a Switchfoot CD. Yeah, I might actually decide I like them. That would be rather shocking and new.

Twosome- Car: What kind of car do you drive? What kind of car would you like to drive if you could?
I drive a Honda CR-V and probably would drive that if I could. Nice cargo room if I happen to need it. Ok, I often think a convertable would be fun to drive as well. Especially in the summer.

Threesome- Scent: Scents are great at bringing back memories. Is there a scent that any time you smell it you flash back to something in your past?
Hm. There's the usual pine smells like Christmas. For me, it's more sounds. Like an Evie song that sounds like camping at a state park or Susan Ashton's second CD which sounds like the summer I spent working at a water slide park.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

As So Life Goes On

Went back out after my post Saturday and met the game night crew to see The Pink Panther. Enjoyed it and laughed really hard at some of the scenes. We then went out to dinner.

I was beat by the time dinner was over. I went home and crashed.

Sunday I took it easy. Didn't go to church. I just can't seem to get up and out of the condo before noon. Of course, it might help if I set an alarm. But I doubt it. :)

Anyway, Debbie stopped by to pick up my Babylon 5 video tapes and we watched Emperor's New Groove while we were at it. Lots of fun.

I've been working about five hours a day every day this week so far. And I as just wiped out at the end of the day. How can sitting in a chair typing be so hard?

Went to see a doctor last night. Openned up one small part of the wound but said the rest was looking fine. I'm seeing him again Friday and then back to the regular doctor next Tuesday.

But really, can't this thing be over already?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Wednesday was my 31st birthday. I celebrated by feeling sick in the morning, working a few hours in the afternoon, and going to a book signing that night.

Rhys Bowen was in the area signing her latest Molly Murphy mystery. I seriously thought about not going, I had been feeling so lousy, but I went. And it was a huge ego boost, too. As soon as Rhys saw me, she said, "Hi, Mark! I was wondering if I was going to see you this trip since you weren't in Thousand Oaks." (I've always gone to signings at a mystery bookstore there, but this time she was signing in the middle of the afternoon.)

Wednesday night, I got a good night sleep and felt better then I had in days.

I went to youth group Thursday night. It was great to see everyone again and finally hear the new worship band. They do a good job, although I can tell they are still getting used to playing together.

Friday late afternoon, I had another appointment with the surgeon. He determined that the wound needed to be opened up quite a bit. Yes, it really hurts. And it's frustrating because I can't seem to ever get truly better. I'm feeling better for a few days, then something like this happens and I'm back to square one.

Meanwhile, there's also concern that I'm having a complication from one of the anti-biotics I was on for so long, so I've got to be doing lots of lab work in the next few days.

In spite of how I was feeling, I went out today. Bought the new Veggie Tales as well as went to another signing for Joanne Fluke's new book. She was here in town, how could I not? This time, I got the copy I got from Carol signed. Now, I just need to read it!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Threesome for March 9th

If I'm back at work, I guess I can get back to doing these.

Brought to us this week by bedside furniture and The Back Porch.

Onesome: On-- a clear day I can see all the way to _____!
I believe the joke is, in LA on a clear day you can see the smog. Seriously, I live in a valley, but I get great views of the mountains when the clouds go away.

Twosome: the-- very next project I'm going to work on is _____. ...and why would that be ?
Catching up on reviews, because I have about 5 waiting to be written.

Threesome: Nightstand-- What are you reading this time of year? A thriller? Romance? The tax code?
Currently rereading Trixie #14. Then I have new books from favorite authors waiting for me. Why does everyone come out in March??????

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If I Post Today, It Will Have Only Been Six Days

Wow, I've kinda dropped off the face of the earth here, haven't I? Maybe I should update you on what's going on.

Thursday I went to see the urologist who performed my surgery. He says I don't have an absess but a place where the wound was healing on top before it had healed completely underneath. So he opened that one area back up and sent me on my way. Meanwhile, I haven't heard back from my regular doctor on the test results of the stuff he took Wednesday.

Friday, I decided to go into work for a few hours. It was a waste of time since Phil and Jason were both gone and that meant I had no clue where to start doing my job. But I got to talk to lots of people and update them on how I was doing.

Saturday was game night. Deb's brother and sister-in-law were there, so it was special for that reason. And they had a birthday cake for me, too. We played ImaginIff. A good time was had by all.

Sunday, I intended to get up in time for church, but overslept. Instead, I lazed around the condo until time to leave for the launch party for Cherry Cheesecake Murder. Konrad and Carol were there as well, so it was lots of fun. Got my new poster. Didn't get the book because I was going to wait until she does a signing here in town on Saturday, but Carol called me a little while ago to say that she won the door prize, which includes the book, so she's giving me her free copy. I'm not complaining.

The last couple days, I have been working. Only about four hours a day, but it's better then nothing. Phil and Jason both seemed pleased to have me back, which is nice.

Health wise I'm doing ok, but tired. The wound seems to be healing very, very slowly. I am so ready for this whole ordeal to be over with!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Next Chapter in the Saga


The reason my mom has started calling me a problem child.

I was doing much better this weekend. Started driving again. Went to game night, which was wonderful!

Mom and Dad left Sunday and I went out and got a head shave in a barber shop. Ever since I started shaving I thought about doing that, and I decided heck with it and did it. Besides, I didn't want something I would have to cut again soon.

Monday, I was planning on returning to work at least part time.

Then I woke up and discovered I was running a slight fever.

It got worse as the day progressed with it reaching over 101 before I went to bed and again in the middle of the night. My surgeon had me go in and have some blood drawn yesterday.

And then my fever broke.

Meanwhile, my wound had really started oozing. It concerned me enough I went in today. Turned out I saw my regular doctor. I have an abcess in my wound that is draining (a good thing). No idea yet how this extra infection will effect healing. Maybe I'll know more tomorrow when I see the surgeon again.

In the mean time, I'm back on anti-biotics. Two of them, including the one with the very bitter taste that kills my appetite.