Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Disneyland - Part 2

I had one last day on my parks pass at Disneyland I had to use.  Angelique was nice enough to pay to go with me again, and we headed down there the first Saturday of the month.

This time, we started in California Adventure since we hadn't been there at all in October.  We hit all the essentials and quite a few of the optional rides.  The lines for those were short, so it was hard to walk past them.

I finally made it on the rethemed Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.  We enjoyed it.  I was always a fan of the Tower of Terror, which it replaced.  But this seemed better, mainly because the scenes in between the drops were actually telling a story.

We also made it on the new Spiderman ride.  That was a disappointment.  I feel like I might better follow what is happening after another couple of rides, but it wasn't all that fun.  Definitely not worth the wait for it.

Around 5:30, we hopped on over to Disneyland.  I was impressed with how much we were able to get done there.  Most of the big rides and quite a few of the smaller ones.  We didn't get back on Rise of the Resistance, which was a disappointment.  And Small World hadn't quite reopened after their flood in November.  But we still had a good time.

Park open to close makes for a long day, but it was worth it.  If it weren't so expensive, I'd definitely be plotting a return trip, but this will have to do it for me for a while, I'm afraid.

Thursday, December 16, 2021


 As usual, I went up north for Thanksgiving.

We had quite a group for Thanksgiving day itself.  In addition to the usual group, my sister-in-law's sister and her husband were there.  It was great getting to hang out with them.  The food was good, and a great time was had by all.

Friday, my parents and I drove over to the Sacramento area to see my uncle and aunt, and my cousin and his family, who were down for Thanksgiving.  I haven't seen my uncle and aunt in quite a while, and it's been years since I saw my cousin and his family, so that was fun.  We played Bocce ball, and my team won both games!

Saturday was back with my brother's family and my parents.  We played some games and generally had a good time together.

Sunday, I had to fight traffic driving home.  It was worse than I remembered it being the year before, even with leaving as early as I did.  Sadly, I had to be back at work, but hopefully next year I can take that Monday before Thanksgiving off again and not have to fight traffic coming home.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Terrain Run 2021

Guess what?  I got back in the mud (sort of) last month.

I did the Terrain Race on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  It was a last minute decision because the weather wasn't looking too cold (could have been warmer, but it was okay) and a friend wanted to do it with me.  Plus, we got a great deal on it.

It was down at Irvine Lake, where I've done many mud runs in the past.

While it was nice to be out there again, it was a disappointing day as far as the race goes.  There were long lines.  Lines to pay to park.  Lines to pay to pick up our packets.  Lines to do the obstacles.  Usually those get better after the first one or two, but they didn't here.  It took longer than I thought it would to do it.

Even worse, for a mud run, they had one little bit of mud, and it wasn't all that deep.  But that turned out to be a good thing since they didn't have any way for us to clean up afterwards or any place to change.

Afterwards, we grabbed a late lunch and then went to visit some friends of mine who live not that far away.  That part of the day was great!  I had fun visiting with them, and my friend seemed to have a good time as well.

I'm signed up for a mud run in 2022 already, and keeping an eye opened for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run to open up for registration.  We'll see if I do more than those two next year, but I'll be happy getting to do any again.