Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Well, I've been working hard. I've gotten quite a bit done. Not as much as I need to to be out the rest of the week. But more then if I'd been gone all day again.

Finally got the credit card bills finished for last month. I'm saving the input until tomorrow night since that's something I can do when tired. And got a couple accounts reconciled. Just hope we get the rest of the credit card bills by Friday so that Monday morning I'll know I have everything in. (Hoping that last paragraph makes sense to someone other then me. :) )

Went swimming with Pete at lunch time. Really pleasant.

Jeff should be home by now. I don't think I mentioned he left Monday to visit his girlfriend in San Jose on his day off Tuesday. Didn't start work until 3 today, so I haven't seen him since Monday night. And I probably won't see him again until tomorrow, unless I'm still awake when he gets home tonight.

I'm really bummed that Bribs left on the Mole last night. I was really rooting for him. Of course, Al is the only one I'm really rooting against right now. A little too arrogant. Definately what I needed last night. By the time I left, my brain was scrambled. I needed to just veg for a little while before going to bed.

But I need to jet now. I'm in charge of the worship time tonight, and I still don't have verses put together to go with the songs I picked out two weeks ago. :) And I'm supposed to be meeting S&K early to put everything together.

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