Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Just a quick post since I'm back at the office working on the songs for tomorrow.

Got my convention book after work. Spent 45 minutes just reading through it. Brought nothing but smiles to my face. Dana did a great job with it.

Quiet day at work today. Went over the assets and liabilities again. Think we'll be in good shape when I come back on Thursday. And Jason should be back that day as well. Of course, I just remember I should have worked on the bank lead sheet. But I wrote myself a big note and I'll get to it Thursday.

And on that note, I'm going to post this, go to Kinko's for the copies, grab dinner at Quizno's (won't be able to go tomorrow after all) and go home to watch The Mole. Tomorrow, I'm off to Huntington Beach with the youth all day. It's a rough job, but someone's got to volunteer to work with them. :) See you all Thursday.

Monday, July 29, 2002

I am exactly where I need to be at this point in the year. It took me most of the day to get to the fourth thing on my to do list from the weekend. But I finished it. Tomorrow will be a day of polishing. Don't see why I shouldn't be able to take Wednesday off for the beach trip. :)

I have to share this card I saw while trying to find my uncle a birthday card on Friday. It's a card meant to give to a brother. The front says, "Brother, here's something I'd like to share with you." When you open it up, you see a dividing line down the middle of the card. The left half says, "This is my half." The right half says, "This is your half. Happy Birthday!!! (Hee, hee. See, I've already written my name on your half.)" I shared it with my family this weekend, and they were laughing hysterically at it, too.

Pete and I had a great swim Saturday. The weather's cooled off a little, but it was still pleasant in the water. Then we ate at Baja Fresh and finished it off with a trip to Cold Stone Cremery. We'd burned off the calories of the ice cream already, right?

Saturday night, I finally got to see the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Definately underwhelmed. I see why the series is so much better. Then I watched the end of Live and Let Die on ABC while Flippin' (Arkansas) back and forth between that and She-Spies on NBC. I didn't realize that old Bond had that much camp to them. The only one I've seen was the last one. But talking to Sheree at work today, I found out that the old ones had lots of camp. And I must say, I was underwhelmed by She-Spies as well. Too much Ally MacBeal to the show for my taste. Could have been fun, otherwise.

Church went well yesterday. Then I had some time to myself to do whatever I felt like. Whatever I felt like appears to be falling asleep while reading. Got up for the SNYF (Sunday Night Youth Fellowship). And somewhere over the course of the day, I lost my pocket knife. Gonna have to call around and see if anyone can find it for me.

I was looking for my Vault Disney DVD's last night, but could only find one of them. I knew I'd bought the other three. And I had. They were hiding in a bag in plain site. Spotted them this morning before coming into work. Guess the old Mark search is still working just fine.

Tonight? A little TV, but mostly cleaning and reading. Maybe I'll do something with those dishes I bought a week ago, like wash them for use. And I should clean up before this weekend. I'm having Seth and Keirsten over to watch a movie. I figured it was about time I returned their endless hospitality. Never mind that they have the piano we need for practice on most Tuesdays. :) Should be fun.
A couple links to start out with today. First, I must link this article I found via Anna. I mean, really. As much fast food as I eat, I know it's not healthy. Anyone with a brain realizes that, and has for a long time. Plus the fact that being over weight is unhealthy anyway.

Then there's this opinion piece. Now I've gotten into this issue with some of you before, but please read and think about this article written by a woman. I've actually read stuff about pro-lifers written exactly the same way. I'd just like to point out there are biases on the pro-choice side that are being deneyed like crazy. (Now that I've given away the topic of this op. piece, please read it anyway. And think about it.)

Back with more later.

Saturday, July 27, 2002

So, I came into work with a list of 4 things I wanted to get done this weekend. I've done 3 of them. One took a little while because I was trying to balance something and I kept adding in a number that shouldn't have been there. The other two went very quickly. Faster then I thought it would go, in fact. I think I'll call it a weekend. The rest of the time is mine. Maybe write some reviews at Amazon. Maybe just hang out at home and read and watch movies. Maybe hang out with Pete. If he ever gets here so we can swim. It's only taken us three days of trying, but we may finally have connected our schedules.

I'm supposed to be guest blogging over at Shana's while she's on vacation. But I don't think it's going to work. She has her site set up at a personal site, not blogspot. I think without an FTP program, my posts won't go through. At least that's my current theory. I'll have to do some more investigating and see if I'm right.

Bible study was challenging last night. I really need to get my prayer life going again. Occassionally praying on the run just isn't going to cut it. Was there until almost midnight.

Well, Pete's here, so I'm going to post this and go. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Friday, July 26, 2002

I think the crisis has passed. I've gotten all but one account reconciled now. True, it's still a biggie. But, I'm down to one. Believe me, this isn't happening next year. For one, I can't handle the stress. For another, Phil is going to set up a schedule and keep a closer eye on me. Unfortunately, I think I've proved this year that this is what I need.

I was only here until 8 PM last night. Got two accounts reconciled during that time, too. Of course, when the balance is $4.86 on one, you don't need to spend that long at it.

Not much else major going on. Got laundry done last night, but that took much longer then I thought it would since Matt called. Hadn't talked to him really for a month. But that meant I was 30 minutes later getting my laundry drying.

Tonight's Bible study again, so I'll be off to that. Still trying to decide how to best schedule my day tomorrow. I'd like to go to Crime Time, but I also have some stuff I need to get done here, still. Like that final account. Or the form 5500's. Or the quarter sales tax return. Probably should plan on spending the day here. :( But after this week, I may sneak off for a couple hours. We'll just have to see.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Quickly this morning, let's do The Thursday Threesome, brought to you by The Back Porch. (Couldn't think of something else this time, and don't want to spend too long at this.)

Onesome: all - all the world's a stage... So what types of issues put you on your soapbox?
As you've probably noticed if you read my blog with any regularity, many things. I'm a conservative, and proud of it. Therefore, many conservative issues get me going, especially when I read libral arguements and mindless namecalling that just leave many things to be desired. I've been lumped in with so many things I'm not because I don't have a PC view on things. Hypocracy of any kind will also earn a rant. Israel vs. the Palistinians seems to be a frequent target here. (I guess asking about my soapboxes will get me going, too. :) )

Twosome: things - what sort of things are you most likely to purchase "spur of the moment" when shopping?
Books and CD's. Not as much movies, but to a certain extent, them as well. But most definately books. Just ask Linda at Crime Time Books. I'll walk in planning to get two or three and already knowing what they are, yet I walk out with several more that "I didn't know existed but I just had to have."

Threesome: girl - sugar and spice and everything nice? Come now, what are YOU really made of?
Well, it's certainly not snips and snails and puppy dog tails. :) If we go by you are what you eat, I'm water, cheese, and not so healthy foods of any kind. If we measure by qualities, I'm loyal, lazy , and fairly sarcastic. That's quit a combo for you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Didn't get nearly as far as I wanted to today. These benefit accounts just take forever! But Phil knows that's what I'm working on. For better or worse.

Still thinking about going back to school....

It's kinda nice to not having anything special going on at youth group tonight. I can go home, take care of some laundry, and show up at or near 6:30, not having to worry about everything being set up for me. :)

So, two of the suspects I picked last month are still in the Mole. Is it Dorothy or Bill? I'm leaning toward Dorothy right now. But tomorrow it will probably be Bill again. I'm certain that it's not Heather. We'll see if they actually tell us next week or make us wait a week like they did last time.

Weather has turned hotter again. It was high 80's for awhile, and really cooling off at night. Leaving the windows openned almost made it too cold. But we're back to high 90's and not cooling off as much at night. Aw well, it was nice while it lasted.

Not much else to say. Have a great night and I'll try to come back early tomorrow with the Thursday Threesome.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Yes, you read that time right. I'm still at work at 7 PM. And why? Because I was working! The only reason I'm going to leave now is because I have some errends to run before The Mole comes on and places close.

I've had a productive day, but not as productive as I would have liked. Everything is just too time consuming when you put it off until the last minute. You'd think I'd learn that at some point. Still, I am making forward progress, which is always a good thing.

We got slaughtered at ultimate last night. At half is was 2-9. We came back to make it 8-17. Ouch! The worst part for me was that I didn't play that much because I felt stronger players should be in if we were going to have a chance. Of course, they kept throwing the disc away or dropping it. Yes, we played terrible. And one team member got hurt, possibly broke his arm. That just made a bad night worse.

So, are you ready for my latest wild and crazy idea? How about going back to school? See, as a benefit here at Master's, we have the option of taking up to 12 units free during a calendar year. For a long time now, I've been thinking about taking classes toward a second degree in History. Today, I've been considering it very seriously. Not sure if I'd try to get a teaching creditial with it or what. Need to talk to someone who was a history major. I think Mike Lovell was. I'll have to ask around. The biggest drawback is it would cut down on my free time, obviously. Less reading. Less TV. Possibly even less ministry at church, although I'd like to keep that part to a minimum. I could get really excited about it if it weren't for that. Any thoughts on this wacky idea?

Well, I'd better start fighting with blogger to get this posted. Sure wish they'd fix the problem.

Monday, July 22, 2002

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spent all afternoon trying to find the problem with the main bank account between the general ledger and the bank reconciliation system. And about 10 minutes ago, I found it. I'm extactic, even if I'm behind my self impossed schedule for the week. I didn't get to the inventory I so desperately needed to do. That's what tomorrow is for.

I was thinking about staying late, but my mind is shot. Not sure I could get things figured out, and it would take some series work.

In other news, Jeff should be on the way to the airport. He's going home for a week, then his family's going on vacation for a week. So I'll have the apartment to myself for the two weeks I'm working like crazy here. Ironic, isn't it? Frankly, I'm going to miss having him around. Yet I also will enjoy the joys of living alone temporarily. I don't think I'm someone who could take it long term.

Last night, when he should have been packing, we watched three episodes of Alias. Have I mentioned recently what a great show it is? Didn't think so. :) BTW, in case you missed it, Emmy nominations came out last week, and Jennifer Garner was nominated for Best Actress in a drama, Victor Garber was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a drama, and the pilot episode was nominated for writting. All very much deserved, I might add.

Right now, however, it's off to run to Wal Mart before ultimate frisbee tonight. And maybe even finish my current book.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Don't fall over in surprise. I'm back! Starting off today with Chris' Sunday Op-Ed.

1. Fall
What is my least favorite season? Fall has never appealed to me much. And living here in Southern California, we get the Santa Ana winds. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate wind? :) I'll take rain in the winter, and I love spring even though it makes my allergies worse. Summer, of course, if my favorite.

2. Vacation
What do I wish I could be doing right now? Seems like I'm always feeling like I need a vacation these days. Trixie Camp was great (wearing the shirt today.), but not nearly long enough. My next "vacation" will be in August when I go on the jr. high beach retreat. Those are fun, but they aren't real vacations for me. I'd love to just sit back and relax for a few days right about now.

3. Travel
What would I love to do more of? You can never travel too much.

Well, my jury got the case about 2:30 in the afternoon Friday. And we still managed to return a verdict before 4:30. Which is a good thing since we would have had to go back Monday other wise. And now I can talk about the case.

Three years ago, there was an accident. The plaintiff (P) was going straight through the intersection. The defendant (D) was turning left and hit the rear of the P's car. 4 days later, P went to a chiropractor for back pain and was trying to get the money back as well as pain and suffering. We the jury decided that D was at least partially responsible for the accident, but couldn't believe the P had back pain. It was P's job to prove it in court, and we didn't feel she and her lawyer did. We had a hard time swallowing the fact that the location of the accident in the intersection changed multiple times in depositions and in court, and what they were saying in court contradicted the Dr.'s records. She might have been hurt, but there was no way they could have convinced us.

So, if you're ever in an accident and want to collect afterward, make sure you can remember where the accident took place. And don't say someone turning left hit you when you were already in the crosswalk across the street and almost out of the intersection. And be sure your Dr. looks like he knows what he's doing on the stand and in the charts.

What else have I been up to? Loosing Monopoly - America Edition to Jeff. Trying to track down a good Cd of patriotic music. (Any suggestions? I'm especially looking for one with God Bless the U.S.A. on it.) Getting all June credit card entries in our system. Watching Legally Blond (very funny movie. Great time last night.) Having Jeff burn a best of Margaret Becker Cd for me. (It's shy two songs that wouldn't fit. But it's still a great collection.) And going to church this morning.

BTW, at church we voted to call the man who was out candidating last weekend for the assistant pastor position. Sounds like he said last night he'd come if we called. I couldn't be happier. And Seth told me they're hoping to have figured out this seminary thing by spring, so looks like they'll be around for another 6 months. :)

Right now, I must go reconcile some accounts so when Phil returns tomorrow, he's not as upset with me as he's going to be right now.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

And you thought I'd forget? Don't have much time, but I'm here, so let's start with the Thursday Threesome, brought to you this week by Tom Clancy and The Back Porch.

Onesome. A Clear - In the last few months, what have you muddled over that suddenly became a clear, focused picture or plan of action?
Obviously, this doesn't apply to me. Everything I mull over just becomes cloudier. :) Seriously, I can't really think of anything I've been thinking about that's suddenly become clear. Unless you're talking about the plot of a book or tv show. :)

Twosome. And Present - what is the coolest present you've ever gotten and/or given?
Well, there were my first two cars. Or the game I really wanted that you couldn't get anymore. I'm sure I'll remember later what the coolest I've ever given was. It's at the back of my mind, but I'm brain dead.

Threesome. Danger - have you ever been in a dangerous situation?
The only truly dangerous situation I can remember being in happened fall or '89. I was home alone, and there was a man walking around in our garage. He was a sub-contractor working on remodeling our house who had jumped the fense and let himself in to pick up some supplies. I guess the light on in the living room window wasn't obvious that someone was home. Of course, it wasn't truly dangerous, but my heart sure was thumping.

Got through the testimony today. Tomorrow we get to hear instructions, closing arguments, then we get to decide the case. Still don't know what I'm going to do.

Ran into a friend from church and Master's down there. He's also been called this week, but today was his first day. Didn't get any reading done during lunch time, but I didn't mind because it was kinda nice to talk to someone.

Right now, however, I'm going to post this and start reconciling accounts. Sound like fun? Not to me, either.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Well, I've been working hard. I've gotten quite a bit done. Not as much as I need to to be out the rest of the week. But more then if I'd been gone all day again.

Finally got the credit card bills finished for last month. I'm saving the input until tomorrow night since that's something I can do when tired. And got a couple accounts reconciled. Just hope we get the rest of the credit card bills by Friday so that Monday morning I'll know I have everything in. (Hoping that last paragraph makes sense to someone other then me. :) )

Went swimming with Pete at lunch time. Really pleasant.

Jeff should be home by now. I don't think I mentioned he left Monday to visit his girlfriend in San Jose on his day off Tuesday. Didn't start work until 3 today, so I haven't seen him since Monday night. And I probably won't see him again until tomorrow, unless I'm still awake when he gets home tonight.

I'm really bummed that Bribs left on the Mole last night. I was really rooting for him. Of course, Al is the only one I'm really rooting against right now. A little too arrogant. Definately what I needed last night. By the time I left, my brain was scrambled. I needed to just veg for a little while before going to bed.

But I need to jet now. I'm in charge of the worship time tonight, and I still don't have verses put together to go with the songs I picked out two weeks ago. :) And I'm supposed to be meeting S&K early to put everything together.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Well, my shaved head, kid's book (Annimorphs at that), and mystery novel didn't help. I'm on a jury. Now maybe if I'd shown up with Taffy Cannon's new book Open Season on Lawyers.

And the defense has his work cut out for him after today. All he seemed to do was make the prosecutions case for him. LOL. I'm not due back until Thursday morning at 10. Maybe they will have settled by then. So that gives me some time tonight and all day tomorrow to get some work done. :) And then I can work Thursday night, Friday night, and all weekend. And maybe I'll actually work during this time to boot.

Finished Evans Above last night before ultimate. Completely enjoyed it. Can't wait to start in on others in the series.

And my team won last night! 17-11. We're now 4-2. Hopefully we can knock down White to our level next week since they're currently 5-1. Personally, I had some good news/bad news at the game. They threw the disc to me several times. But I only completed the pass secessfully once. I felt so bad about it. But, they did actually throw it to me!

Well, must go. I'm going to work, and I mean it!

Monday, July 15, 2002

I forgot to blog about something yesterday. (How many times to I start like that?) I had a brief moment thinking I was on top of the world yesterday.

On the way home from church, I spotted a sign for a condo open house. I stopped by to see what I could find out. It was a decent place for $179,000, a reasonable price here in Santa Clarita. When I got home, I calculated potential payments on that on my calculator. It kept telling me my payments would be less then the rent I'm paying now. Unfortunately, I've since figured out that was untrue. But it was nice for the two hours it lasted. And yes, it did seem too good to be true.

Not much to tell. I got some things accomplished at work, but not nearly enough since I'm reporting for jury duty at 8:15 tomorrow morning. I have to be in Van Nuys before I usually have to be here. :( Of course, tomorrow was the day I wanted to report. I'm hoping I don't get picked for a jury, but this would mean the rest of my week is free.

But right now, I'm going to head home and finish the last 30 pages of my book before my ultimate game tonight.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Today, we're going to start with Chris' Sunday Op-Ed.

1) Television
Where is the only place you can watch Alias? And, have I mentioned that it's on tonight on ABC at 9, 8 central? (Do you really think I'd pass up such an easy opportunity for a plug?)
Seriously now, What is something I watch too much of? If you've read my blog at all you know this is true. Yet here I am going though withdrawls with nothing new to watch on TV because of summer. And I haven't been reading like I normally do during the summer. Of course part of that is because I'm doing things with my roommate during the summer. Josh always just wanted to sit at his computer. There were days that was frustrating, but it also did allow me to persue my own interests like reading. After all, it's only a group activity if someone is reading aloud.

(I got from TV to books. Can I ramble or what?)

2) Radio
What do I wish I could listen to more? Being in a different valley, we get pretty poor recepting here in Santa Clarita. And I miss my Christian Music Radio in the car. So I listen to tapes but mostly CD's in stead.

3) Newspaper
What am I getting for some unknown reason? Donald canceled his subscription when he moved out. We didn't get a paper for a couple of weeks, but we've started getting it again. Don't know why. I wouldn't subscribe on my own because the only part worth reading is the comics anyway.

Had a great time with the youth pastor canidate last night and again this morning. I hope he gets and accepts the job.

Jeff and I went out to Cold Stone Creamery again last night. Got banana and caramel in french vanilla this time. Yummy! Then we watched another episode of Alias. (Twice in one post. Am I good or what?)

My book (Evans Above) took an unexpected twist today. Now that we're focusing on my chief suspect, I doubt it's him anymore. And with this latest body, I'm very confused as to what is going on.

Still got a little while before work. I think I'll try to organize credit card stuff so I can start on it first thing tomorrow.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

So why am I in self-destruct mode? I’ve gotten nothing done here at work. Been here for a couple hours, but I’ve found the Internet so much more attractive then actually working. And I do have other things going on tonight.

Bible study last night was great again. I really like this group and am glad I finally got up the motivation to go. Not that last night was any easier. Felt like staying home and vegging.

Got home much later then I intended to. Then Jeff and I lay in our beds talking until 1AM. So I’m definitely on the tired side today.

I wagered wrong. It really was a three-mile run on the triathlon today. And the bike ride seemed longer, too, but Dave and I can’t prove that. Of course, by the time I got to the run, I was already spent, so I walked most of it.

See, Dave and I were running late, so we wound up running over to the starting line. Don’t know why, but I couldn’t seem to get my breath the entire swim. So all that training went out the door and I swam on my back most of the way. But, I went around the buoy correctly the first time this year!!!!

Last year, I drank too much water, and paid for it during the run. This year, I didn’t want to make that mistake. Of course, I didn’t take into account the fact that the weather was much hotter. So I was beat by the time we got to the run, and I just couldn’t do it. I walked at least half of the three miles, maybe even more like two-thirds. But, I crossed that finish line. Official time was 1 hour, 28 minutes, 8 seconds. So even with the extra mile, it only took my 20 minutes more then last year. Now if I’d actually trained….

Went out to eat with the Durons afterward. Great time. Then I went to Borders and the mall looking for a couple quick things. Like I can ever be quick in Borders. By the time I got home and got out of the shower, I was beat. So I watched some tv before coming in here. Now, I’ve been here about two hours, and I’m still on the Internet.

Not only that, but we’re having a get together for the youth tonight at 6 to meet the potential new youth pastor. And I’m supposed to be at it. Frankly, all I want to do is go home and go to bed. Which is probably exactly what I’ll do after we get done at 8. Which leaves me with and hour to get started on a project, or find something else to do.

I think I’ll go home and read. I repeat, why am I in self-destruct mode?
I was on a quest to blog every day for a week. If the only reason I didn’t yesterday was because blogger was down, it still counts, right?

Whew, I’m brain tired. Definitely ready for a weekend. Which of course, I will be spending parts of here working since I most likely will miss at least one day of work next week due to jury duty. I can’t afford to be on jury duty next week. But I’ve found out I don’t have to report on Monday. I’m just hoping that I only have to report on Tuesday. Gets it out of the way early in the week, but I only miss one day.

Wednesday night went ok. Seth had picked a couple songs we weren’t over familiar with, so it could have been smoother. And I was nervous, so I was rushing stuff.

I’ve watched two episodes of Alias in the last 24 hours with Jeff. I can’t believe all the sub-texts in that show. You really need to watch it twice to fully appreciate it. Or at least I do. I was also struck by the resemblance between Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber. It’s subtle, but definitely there.

Read this article today. I hadn’t thought of things in these terms at all. Very interesting and a perspective you probably haven’t heard before.

Tonight I’m going back to the career Bible study I went to two weeks ago. And tomorrow is the triathlon already. Then it’s back to the grindstone so I can get the credit card bills that have been sitting on my desk for a month processed. See, this is all my fault. If I can just make it through the month. If I can just make it through the month….

(I'll be back later with today’s blog.)

Thursday, July 11, 2002

And now it's time for the Thursday Threesome, brought to you this week by the current weather in Santa Clarita and The Back Porch.

Onesome Long--Long tall drink. What's your favorite beverage, alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic?
Well, seems like I drink water by the gallon. But if I'm not drinking water, I'll take some fruit juice. As far as soda goes, my absolute favorite is A&W Rootbeer. I steer clear of alcohol. Don't want to open that potentional dangerous door.

Twosome Hot--Do you like it hot? Spicy hot food, that is!
NO!!!! I hate spicy foods. I like a little spice, but nothing that is spicy hot.

Threesome Summer--Summer makes you think of what food? What's your favorite summer recipe?
Watermellon, backed beans, corn on the cob, and BBQ's. Can't think of a special recipe I associate with summer, however.

Want to play along? Post the answers on your own blog and then post a link here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Well, if I can't publish this, at least it will post. And then I can publish it first thing tomorrow.

I didn't play ultimate last night. You see, there was another fire here in town, this one near the 5/14 interchange. And I didn't want to get caught in bad traffic. Plus, 100 degree heat? I've heard we lost 17-11. No one was playing well.

So instead, I went over to Mountaisa with Jeff. First time I'd been in there since they started building the restrauant he's working in. Man, is it different in there! Ate dinner at Farrell's, which was good. Then we hung out a little. We got free wrist bands, so played unlimited video games for awhile. And I've got the sore right arm to prove it. But may I just humbly say I rock at Ms. Pac-Man and Galaxya? Then we rode the go-carts and bumper boats. All in all, a fun evening.

Actually went for a bike ride this morning. I know, miracles never cease. :) My bike should work for the triathlon this weekend. But I'm going to need to take it somewhere to get it worked on. Sitting outside for 8 months wasn't good for it. Wound up going for a longer ride then I intended, so I was pressed for time getting ready for work. Had to cut out the shave. Seems like inspite of my best efforts, I'm still shaving every other day. O well. There are more important things to worry about.

The Dow has really plunged. But everyone repeat after me, this isn't all there is to the economy. This isn't all there is to the economy....

Found this quiz today. You know me, I had to take it.

I am Sally

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Funny, I figured I'd be Charlie Brown. Of course, I always say I'm related to Charlie Brown, so I guess this proves my theory. Of course, changing just one answer, I did get

I am Charlie Brown

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

But enough about me. Hope you had a good evening. This probably appeared at the same time as the Thursday Threesome. At least I hope so.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

In case you hadn't heard, it's hot around here right now. It was well over 100 today. And I've heard it's been the same in San Fran area. (Talked to Donald last night.) Fortunately, the AC in the office works really well.

Traffic was a nightmare around here last night. Remember that fire I talked about yesterday? (14th for the year in the Santa Clarita Valley according to the news last night.) Well, what I didn't take into account was the closed roads. They had to close two major throughfares for safety and fire fighting reasons, so the detour roads were clogged like crazy last night. It took Jeff and hour to drive what should take 20 minutes, max. But the biggest was Kiersten. It took her 3 hours to get home from a town 25 miles away. Needless to say, I didn't wind up going over there last night. In stead, I talked to Donald and played the Stock Market game with Jeff. Pool felt wonderful even at 10:40 last night when I won.

It's been brought to my attention recently that I've been giving a false impression about my job. The only reason I'm swamped it because of my own laziness. If I actually devoted time during the work day to work and a little less time to goofing off, I'm sure I wouldn't be in the precarious position I'm in right now. Believe me, it will not happen in the 2002-03 fiscal year.

Speaking of which, I did find my $10.53 today. And felt like an idiot, too. I knew exactly what it was all along, I'd just forgotten about it. So general account is finally reconciled for June. :)

Tonight, I've got an ultimate frisbee game. Hope it's cooled off slightly by 8 PM or we're all going to really hate it.

Monday, July 08, 2002

I got to see Minority Report yesterday. Great mystery, but some scenes I wish hadn't been there. Any one who's seen it probably knows what they are. A couple that were a little more graphic then I wanted. But an interesting story and plot. That part I definately loved. Will I see it again? Probably not. Was it worth seeing once? Definately.

Then we had a time for the youth staff at the Duron's. Very nice just hanging out. I led a time of worship for about 45 minutes, then we prayed for our church and all the changes going on with the senior high pastor leaving. We have a canidate coming in next weekend, so we'll have to see where God leads.

This afternoon, I was putting the finishing touches on the bank rec for June, when I suddenly found myself out of balance by $10.53. And I thought I had everything taken care of. I've narrowed it down to the deposits, but tomorrow I've got to go back through them all to see if I can figure out what happened. :( It's definately been a Monday.

This afternoon, a fire started here in Placerita Canyon, where Master's College is located. Apparently, it started here on our side of Sierra Highway, but not too long after starting jumped over to the other side. It's still probably 10-15 miles away is all. And it's near the Disney studio that's in the canyon. All afternoon, we've been treated to the sounds of helicopters flying overhead to fight the fire. Have I mentioned I'm sick of these fires? I think I mentioned the other one in this canyon last month. And we've had more in the valley then I can remember.

BTW, thanks Susan for the link to weather pixies. I like this better then the old one I had. It used to bug me that it was on east coast time and showed me the moon when the sun hadn't set yet. There probably was some way to change that, but I never figured it out.

Busy night tonight. I've got to do two loads of laundry plus go over to Seth and Keirsten's. We need to go over two weeks worth of music since they're going on vacation next week. And I'm supposed to be putting one of them together. Can it only be Monday? I just had a four day weekend, and I need another one stat.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Just enough time today to do the Sunday Op-Ed.

1. Cancer
What seems to be on the increase in our society? Maybe it just seems like it to me. And maybe it's because we have better equipement to test for it. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be the death sentence it once was. But it's still a very scary thing.

2. Hospitals
What is a place with a very distinctive smell? I bet anyone could be blindfolded, not told where they're going, and still figure it out within one breath of walking in the door. Of course, it's probably the medicines and cleaning stuff (brain not working) used to heal the sick and keep those of us visiting healty. So it's not pleasant, but it's needed.

3. Funerals
What is something I've only been to three of? Just my great uncle and my grandparents. While I agree they are for the living, they are very hard to attend. Still, I know it's meant a lot to me when I've had friends show up for my grandparent's. I really wish I'd gone to Dave Duron's grandmother's. It's a time to say, "I know your hurting, but I'm still your friend and will be there for you." It's definately a time when you find out what your friendships are made of.

If you want to read something really moving and powerful, read all of Chris's blog entry today. Some great stuff there.

Saturday, July 06, 2002

I made it back. It's been a busy few days.

Thursday, got up late. Danny wasn't interested in going to the Reagan, so I went alone. Created a bit of a problem when I looked around at the games and stuff going on. I wanted to play, but didn't have anyone to do the stuff with me. I knew Donald would have, so I missed him more. Then I went to look at the exhibit. It was interesting for a little while, but eventually didn't turn out to be what I thought it would be. You can only see so many shoe phones before you loose interest. That night, Jeff and I met up with Pete and watched the fireworks. Then Jeff beat me at the America edition of Monopoly.

Friday, got up late. While I was waiting for Jeff to get up, I read about half of The Remnant, the newest Left Behind book. Once he got up, we headed down to Santa Monica. We had no where else we had to be, and it was kinda nice to wander around, doing whatever we wanted, without keeping an eye on the time. It was much colder then I'd hoped it would be (think it's hotter today), but I did get in the water the second time we went down to the beach. Lots of fun. Then we went to see Lilo and Stitch. Great movie. Lots of fun with pleanty of laughs and some tears, too. Highly recommended. And we tried the new Cold Stone Cremery afterward. Great ice cream. I'm going to have to go back sometime and see what all the choices really are so I can start making up some great flavors.

Today, I got up late. (Sensing a pattern here?) Finished The Remnant. It looses steam about half way through. Tried to take my bike out, but both tires are flat. And it might need some other work after sitting out all summer. I'm planning to have Dave take a look at it tomorrow.

But right now, I'm off to write lots of reviews at Amazon. Or at least four. Unfortuantely, I have to wake up early tomorrow for church. :(

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Ok, so I decided to come back to the office and hang out so I could post my answers to the Thursday Threesome. But then they make them the same topic as we're discussing on the back porch this week, which I've purposely been avoiding. So I think I'll skip the TT for the first time this week. (I'm still taking credit for the ones I did half a week late. I did do them, after all.)

So, what did I do tonight? I'm glad you asked.

First up was Bible Study. We got a little surprise when we got there. See, we have services in the gym, and it was already set up for Sunday morning. We were planning to use it to play games and hold Bible study tonight. After spending a little time trying to figure out what to play, we decided to play Musical Chairs - Macro. We set up the chairs around the left third of the gym. Then Jon played the piano. It was quite fun. Of course, I might be biased since I came in second.

But we got a late start. So, I left a little early to head down to ultimate. Still got there late, of course. When I got there, the score was 2-6. (Keep in mind, we play to 17, win by two.) Well, we didn't do much better, and at half, the score was 5-9. But then in the second half, we came alive. It took a lot of work, but we tied it up at 14, then 15. Then we actually pulled ahead 16-15, but they tied it back up. And then pulled a head and beat us 18-16. We were disappointed with our first loss, but were happy with how well we played the second half. So, our current record stands at 3-1.

And with that, I'm going to post this and head home for some shut eye. Have a Happy and safe 4th of July, everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Wednesday, June 30 the 4th, 2002

I'm assuming that, as per usual, this will be the last day I have to correct the date of blogger. I just asked Phil if he was planning to work Friday, and he said, "Possibly." Translation, I can hit the beach with Jeff for a little while and not be worried at all. Four day weekend, here I come.

I burned my head a little swimming yesterday. It was painful shaving this morning, but it's not that bad. Should be fine by tomorrow, and should look better then the white head look I had going on.

Still haven't heard from Danny about going to the Reagan tomorrow. I'll call him in the morning once I'm up and about. But I don't plan on that being any time early. Three days of sleeping in. A guy can get used to that.

Last night, after getting home from Seth and Keirsten's, I started the new Accidental Detectives book. And I finished it before going to sleep last night. While watching The Mole and Friends. Of course, it's a kid's book, so it's not that long or hard reading. I'm reserving complete judgement until I read the rewrite. And I know it's a partial rewrite, because they've added a baby sister to the family. At one, she doesn't seem to be doing much, so I'm a little curious as to why. And, Ricky is back to being 12, so I guess they'll be editting some of that stuff.

Comments on The Mole. Surprise, Katie wasn't The Mole. I never really considered her at all. I felt so sorry for Dorothy not getting to see her Mom at all. I figured they offer something from the pot in exchange for a visit. Again, they're being brutal this season. Down to 7, and I still don't know who it is.

I didn't realize they needed up to upgrade our comments sections. But I found that out today, and upgraded. Plus I get to change it to whatever I want it to say now. I've got to come up with something more original then that.

And I got my new Peanuts Monopoly today. Now, I've got two new versions to play this weekend.

Got a busy night lined up, so I'll post this and hit the road.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Tuesday, June 30 the 3rd, 2002

Warning: You have now entered the accounting time warp. There is no going back. Don't try to fight it. You will live June 30th over and over again until we decide to move on to the new fiscal year, when you will wake up on July 6th (my best guess.)

Just a little wake up call to start off with today. And in all reality, happy new (fiscal) year.

I'm getting things done slowly. Linda's replacement started yesterday, so I've been spending time helping to train her. Next week, it'll be nice, but this week it's not really saving me any time.

I'm bald again! Sunday night, Jeff and I were sitting around discussing what we were going to do. I mentioned wanting to get a hair cut, he agreed he needed one. So I buzzed him with my half inch guard. I gave him a choice when it came to my hair, and he decided to shave it. Loving it, as always.

Left the house early today so I could stop by Family Christian Stores and pick up the new Left Behind book. Also got the Accidental Detective books that came out this month. I'm thrilled. While one is a reprint, the other is a brand new story. First new book since 1996! That will be my first read. Beside, it'll go quickly.

Speaking of which, I finished Dim Sum Dead last night. Powerful ending. One thing I love about that series is the fact that the author tries to do a little more about the meaning of life then your typical series. Never says anything profound, but the fact that it's sturggled with is a breath of fresh air.

Left work early yesterday. I called to make an appointment about the rash on my hand. I was told they had an opening at 4:15. Shocked, I took it. I've got a new, stronger cream that should take care of it. Seems to be making a bit of a difference already.

Guess that's about it. As soon as Pete gets here, we're hitting the pool for lunch. Have a great afternoon.

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled day.)