Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 31st

I told you I'd catch up at some point.  Of course, next week I'll go back to being behind again.  But for now, here we go.

Fairly Legal – That ending was a coop out.  I mean, to have to get the police involved?  Where was the mediation.  However, Kate and Lauren living together might be interesting.  And that new partner needs to come down a few pegs.  Still not completely sure what his purpose on the show is.  Maybe a love triangle?  But I like Kate with Justin!

In Plain Sight – I actually liked Dalia at the end for the first time ever.  Of course, she actually had more to do than be annoyingly perky.  Not sure what the point of bringing back the spiritualist was.  And seeing the whole crew being so sweet with the baby was so cute (which would annoy Mary to no end).  I’ll be interested to see if the politics of closing the office is what ends the series.

Nikita – It feels like they are ending some storylines with getting rid of Michael’s ex and son and sending Alex’s mom off to Greece.  My guess is they are now ramping up for the season finale.  The next few weeks ought to be great.

The Amazing Race – Nothing like watching them scrape oil off men with your mom right there talking about how gross it is.  Granted, I agree, but it didn’t help.  I’m beginning to think I’m not rooting for anyone this time around.

Once Upon a Time – I was actually impressed with how they brought the Mad Hatter into things.  And I found it interesting how he knew about the curse.  I wonder if there is anyone else out there who knows.  For that matter, I wonder how Henry figured it all out.  The look on Regina’s face when she saw Mary Margaret in jail was priceless.  Now, I just wonder which side Mr. Gold is really on.  Yes, his own, but what is he getting out of this mess?

Castle – Well, one secret is out.  Castle knows that Beckett remembers “I love you.”  I’ll be interested to see how that plays out next week.  Meanwhile, I was impressed with the way they made the bombing at an Occupy Wall Street clone not be politically motivated.  Yes, they could have done better with the “anti” guy who was a suspect, but it was nice that he wasn’t the villain.

Dancing with the Stars – I wasn’t as impressed with the dances this week.  And, shocker, the person at the bottom of the rankings went home.

Ringer – Every time I think the show can’t shock me anymore, it does.  So, the ex-wife is trying to kill Shioban.  And faking Bridget’s death (which I knew was going on from the opening) isn’t going to solve anything.  How long will it be before she is discovered?  Meanwhile, I hope the next time they show Shioban and Bridget together it’s not a flashback or fantasy but actually happening.  That being in the teasers is such a crock.

Psych – I’m not a fan of Woody, so I wasn’t that impressed by this episode.  I even figured out the killer early on, although the motive was a surprise.

Survivor – So, I’m not sure whose side anyone is on at the moment, although if the women want to band together, they will certainly have the numbers now.  I think this is the most unpredictable season we’ve had for a while, and I’m curious to see what happens next week.  I’m sure it will get predictable in a week or two, but for now I’m in the dark.

The Big Bang Theory - You know, I was expecting more from the "Spock" episode.  It wasn't as funny as it could have been.  But the scene with Sheldon trying to lie was priceless.  And Raj's storyline was just painful.

Fairly Legal - While I was bothered by last week's ending, I liked this one.  Maybe the show is more of a mystery show than I realized.  I liked how Kate found out about the lies and potentially brought the family back together.  And how she is starting to work things out with Patrick.  Lauren is hot with her hair down.  But I hate the new guy.  Really, really can't stand him.

In Plain Sight - Not really sure I have much to say on this one.  Again, Delia wasn't that annoying.  It's like they're trying to make her a real character finally.

Nikita - That ending says it all.  While I don't get why Amanda let Nikita live, her reaction to her weakness (horror) vs. Nikita's reaction to her strength (pride and joy) was spot on for the characters.  With Percy back in charge and Amanda now on the run, we're in for an interesting final few episodes of the season.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Word Association for March 29th

Time to get this week's word association done.

  1. Flake :: Unreliable
  2. Like :: Love
  3. Rash :: Cream
  4. Humor :: Laugh
  5. Splash :: Water
  6. Blind :: Ambition
  7. Noisy :: Crowd
  8. Ornate :: Decoration
  9. Rain :: Winter
  10. Intensify :: Suspense

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Criminal Plots Reading Challenge II

I really can't believe I missed the announcement for the Criminal Plots Reading Challenge II.  I'm not sure if I would have signed up if the categories were the same as last year, but since they are different, I'm going to give it a whirl.  That means I only have 9 months to read them all, but I can do it.  And no, I'm not going back to count books I've already read this year (unless I get absolutely desperate.)

The categories are:

1. Novel with a weapon in the title
2. Book published at least 10 years ago
3. Book written by an author from the state where you live
4. Book written by an author using a pen name
5. Novel whose protagonist is the opposite gender of the author
6. Stand-alone novel by an author who writes at least one series

I've actually already plotted out most of these (and I just saw them yesterday).  #5 is the biggest challenge for me only because I'm having a hard time thinking of one outside the examples given.  Anyway, in case things change, I won't fill any in until I've read them, but when I do, they'll go here and the links will take you to my reviews on Epinions.

1. Frozen Heat by Richard Castle
2. Murder on Monday by Ann Purser
3. Hide and Snoop by Sue Ann Jaffarian
4. Dead Man Waltzing by Ella Barrick
5. The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lillian Jackson Braun
6. The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend with My Parents Part 2 – The Sequel

This last weekend, I was with my parents again, but this time at the trailer resort they love in Palm Springs.  Not that I can complain about going there.  The pool is so wonderfully warm.  It’s so easy to get into and hard to get out, even when your hands are wrinkled.

Yes, we spent lots of time down there on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday, we went up to visit some friends of mine.  We went to their church Sunday morning and then out to lunch afterward.  It was wonderful.

It was warmer mid-week and definitely cooled off while I was there.   But we missed the huge rain we had at home.  I guess it poured on Sunday.  It threatened to rain, but it never actually did, which we aren’t complaining about at all.  Okay, so it rained for about 30 seconds, but that’s it.

Wind on the other hand?  It blew hard on Sunday.  We didn’t swim that day because of how windy it was.

We also played lots of games.  I won a memory match game and the last game we played of Rummikub.  Lost plenty of Uno and Mexican Train Dominos.

And I got lots of reading done.  Mom and Dad slept in Saturday morning, so I read quite a bit then.  Reading a few pages here and there got plenty more done as well.  I’m making a good start on my Spring Reading Thing list.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 22nd

As promised, we are currently running Friday to Thursday.  At some point, I'll get back on track of Sunday to Friday.

Fairly Legal - When Kate and Lauren are on the same page, you know you're wrong, so the scene in the restaurant was great.  Justin having cheated on Kate will make it interesting, and I already hate the new guy who is now a partner in the firm.  But I’m most interested to see where Kate is going to live now that her boat has blown up.

In Plain Sight - So I guess they've written Brandi out of the show, or at least most of the season.  I guess that leaves out my hope she'd get back together and marry Peter.  And they've made Marshal's girlfriend a main character.  Good because I like her.  Still can't stand Delia.  Interesting episode with the conspiracy theory.  Enjoyed having the show back.  No, it's not a favorite, but I'm certainly going to miss it when it goes.

Nikita - I figured out that Nikita was on to Carla a while before they told us for sure.  But Percy remains free.  Meanwhile, where is Alex's Mom?  And now that Ryan is free again, I hope they use him more.  This are getting into place for a great last few episodes of the season.  I wish I thought we'd get a season three.

Amazing Race - I really expected the Country Boys to be eliminated considering how far behind they were.  I'm certainly ready for the Border Patrol agents to be taken down a peg or two.  I wonder just how far apart the teams are now because it sure looks like we've got a two tier race at the moment, and if something doesn't catch them all up, it will quickly become boring.

Once Upon a Time - So much of interest in the episode.  I can't wait to see what happens next.  How does Snow get James out of the prison?  And how does Mary Margaret get off for a crime she didn't commit?  For that matter, is Kathryn really dead or not?  I'm guessing not, but then how did Regina get the heart?

Dancing with the Stars - I might be getting hooked on this one again.  I certainly enjoyed the premier.  Of course, it helped that everyone danced so well.  It will be interesting to see who does well next time (I always love it when they give us two weeks before the first elimination) and who winds up going home.

Castle - The twist with the victim not really being the victim was a surprise.  Actually, they kept me very intrigued the entire way through.  As a mystery, I'd say this was one of the better ones they've done recently.  I really did enjoy it.

Ringer - I thought pinning it on Olivia was too easy.  So, is the agents theory right that the shooting was an attempt on Bridget?  If so, what about the person who tried to kill her at the beginning of the season.  And I'm glad they brought that back up because it proves they haven't forgotten anything.  Shoboan is definitely turning things interesting with almost telling Andrew the truth.  But Juliette has spilled the beans, so what's going to happen next there.  And I'm sure that Malcolm isn't really dead, but then where is he?  So much intrigue.

Psych - That was a hoot.  I loved how they kept Shawn involved in the episode and all the twists and turns to it.  Honestly, that might be the best episode they've done for a while.

Survivor - And Wednesday was two of two with appendix issues.  I think I was supposed to feel sorry for Colton and maybe even Alicia.  News flash - I don't.  I'm only sorry we didn't get to see him voted out by all those who feared him.  The guy was a classless jerk.  Sorry, that's an insult to classless jerks.  I'm glad I don't have to put up with him the rest of the season.  Now maybe I can get to know the rest of the cast.  I'm only sorry he'll be back again for the reunion show.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekend with My Parents Part 1

This last weekend, my parents were in town.  It was so great to have them here.  We spent a lot of time Friday night and Saturday in the trailer.  It was raining much of that time.  In fact, it poured for a while.  Can't complain too much because we desperately need rain.  We're behind even for Southern California.

Anyway, time in the trailer means games, and we played lots of them, specifically Rummikub which is Mom's favorite game.  We also played a round of Phase 10 dice.

Sunday, choir was singing in church, and Mom and Dad came to hear me sing.  We sang three songs, and I thought it went well, especially for me, who didn't have a parts CD to learn from this time around.  It helps that I am a strong bass on both sides of me, so I can cue myself off of them.  Mom and Dad enjoyed it.

After church, we headed out to lunch with my friends Josh and Beth, so Mom and Dad finally got to meet them.  Then it was back to my condo where they got to meet one of my roommates.  Mom decimated us in Mexican Train Dominos.  We got in a walk after the rain and then watched The Amazing Race.

Plus we got some chocolate lava cakes from Trader Joe's to celebrate my birthday.

All in all, it was a very good weekend.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Word Association for March 21st

Here we are on the second day of Spring with this week's word association.

  1. Quit :: Stop
  2. Solace :: Comfort
  3. Suggest :: Box
  4. Meteor :: Shower
  5. Zombies :: Scary
  6. Birds :: Fly
  7. Canceled :: TV Show
  8. Compatible :: Partners
  9. Alarmed :: Worried
  10. Word game :: Words with Friends

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springs Reading Things 2012

Here we are on the first day of Spring, and that must mean it's time to start Spring Reading Thing 2012.

I have been thinking about what books I want to put on my list for the next few weeks.  I really want to try to keep the list to something managable like 12-14 so that I can actually complete my list this time.  I've only done that once (usually I list far more books that I know I'll be able to read).  Let's see how I do.

Unread book from Fall Into Reading 2011:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling (re-read) (Actually, I'm pretty happy about that right there)

Currently reading:
Hush Now, Don't You Cry by Rhys Bowen (80 pages left when I woke up today.  Plan to finish tonight.)

Echos of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark
Hot, Shot, and Bothered by Nora MacFarland
Fun House by Chris Grabenstein
Murder on Monday by Ann Purser
Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper
Swift Justice by Laura DiSilverio

Kids/Young Adult:
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
Spy School by Stuart Gibbs
Riley Mack and Other Known Trouble Makers by Chris Grabenstein
Twice Upon a Time by James Riley
The Sisters Grimm: The Council of Mirrors by Michael Buckley

Royal Pains: Sick Rich by D. P. Lyle
Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
Darkwing Duck: Campaign Carnage

Well, that's 16, although I can already think of a few I wanted to include but aren't on here.  Granted, I've got a few short and easy books, like the Darkwing Duck graphic novel.  I should be okay, so hopefully my list of books read will be longer than this.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 17th

You'll notice that my Friday shows aren't on the list this week.  That's because my family is in town and I'm spending time with them.  I'll catch up on everything...eventually.  And that will mean comments on them when I do.

In the mean time, where's what I did watch this week.

Once Upon a Time - That was a dark one.  I'm surprised they not only introduced werewolves but that they made Red one.  I'll be interested to see how that plays out, if at all, in the coming few episodes.  Meanwhile, whose heart is really in the box and how long will it before Regina starts to slip?

Amazing Race - I am actively rooting against several of the teams right now.  I'm not sure I'm rooting for anyone, but I'm against several of them.  So I was sorry that the one team didn't quite like they were threatening to.

Ringer - So the driver figured it out.  How is he smarter than any of the characters who have been around Bridget for months?  And yes, I get that Bridger hurt Shioban years ago, but it's so sad.  Still, it made me feel a bit more for her.  I kinda want to go back and watch from the beginning, knowing what I know now, so I could figure it all out.  Now, where is Malcolm and who shot Andrew at the end?

Psych - I was having so much fun with the guest stars I wasn't paying that much attention to the mystery.  Okay, I was also cringing at the guys and the "comedy" in this one.  Too much of Gus especially making a fool out of himself.  But I liked the Shawn and Juliette bits.  Those were definitely worth watching it for, and this is coming from a guy who could take or leave their relationship.

Survivor - Switching up the tribes did nothing.  Colton is still in control, just of a different group of people.  Might it work out so the guys are in control at the merge?  We'll see.  Meanwhile, I'll be rooting against Colton.

New TV on DVD Reviews:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Signing Up for the Cozy Mystery Challenge

I'd almost forgotten it was that time of year again, but it's time to think about the Cozy Mystery Challenge.  You can find out all you want to know about it by going to the sign up page.

As always, I'm going for the 11+ level of the challenge.  Six would just be too easy for me.  But I'm not going to list the books I plan to read for it yet.  I'll figure those out as I go along, I'm sure.

Ready, set, lets' get reading come April 1st.

Books Read for the Challenge (link takes you to my review at Epinions):
1. Hot, Shot, and Bothered by Nora McFarland
2. Murder on Monday by Ann Purser
3. Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper
4. Swift Justice by Laura DiSilverio
5. Echoes of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark and John Campbell Clark
6. Mr. Monk is a Mess by Lee Goldberg (exclusive)
7. The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lillian Jackson Braun
8. Dead Man Waltzing by Ella Barrick
9. Deadly Shoals by Joan Druett
10. Some Like it Hawk by Donna Andrews (exclusive)
11. Going to the Bad by Nora McFarland
12. Hide and Snoop by Sue Ann Jaffarian
13. Death of a Neighborhood Witch by Laura Levine

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Word Association for March 14th

Here we go with this week's word association.

  1. Exist :: Live
  2. Breakfast :: Waffles
  3. Corporation :: Business
  4. Signs :: Portents
  5. Thinking :: Rationally
  6. Income :: Paycheck
  7. Style :: Substance
  8. Job :: Work
  9. Marriage :: Family
  10. Supplement :: Income

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fiddler Again

This weekend, I got to see Fiddler on the Roof at Glendale Centre Theatre.  I fell in love with the show all over again.  In fact, I'd forgotten just how good it was.

That's kind of funny coming from me, someone who likes happy endings and doesn't go for the more realistic stuff.  The second act in this musical is so sad.  Yet I really enjoy it.

I blame that on having been in it.  In fact, there are lots of parts I still remember very well.  Not the steps to the bottle dance, but lines and songs.  Having the soundtrack helps with that.

There's just something about it that grabs me and draws me to those characters so quickly.  The first act is lots of fun.  But as the second act comes into focus, it's so hard to keep from crying at some of the stuff that happens.

I can't wait to see it again some time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My February Reads

I made it through 5 books in February.  Not bad for a "short" month. And one of them was over 500 pages, too.

Links take you to my full review at Epinions.

All ratings are on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (great).

STAY AT HOME DEAD by Jeffrey Allen - 4
Deuce Winters finds himself a suspect in the death of his high school rival after the man's body is found in his minivan.  I enjoyed the characters, especially Deuce and his wife.  But I felt the mystery was pretty thin and was annoyed by the author's willful ignoring any sense of time.

ARSENIC AND OLD PAINT by Hailey Lind - 4
Former forger turned faux finisher Annie Kincaid is painting in an exclusive men's club when a member is found murdered.  Then's she's asked to find a stolen statue and a painting that may or may not be forged.  This is the fourth in a series, and it's another fun romp.  The ending felt rushed, but that was my only complaint with the book.

GEM OF A GHOST by Sue Ann Jaffarian - 5
When Emma is invited to lunch by an old acquaintance, she is shocked.  The woman is being haunted by her late husband and wants Emma to make him go away.  But when Emma finds out the woman's daughter has tried to commit suicide, she thinks something much bigger may be going on.  I loved this book and always had a hard time putting it down.  Highly recommended.

When a violent storm blows through Sleepyside, the antique weather vane vanishes, and Trixie Belden sets out to find it and bring it home.  Lots of fun with great characters, although the mystery is a bit straight forward.

Jason wakes up on a bus in the middle of a desert with his best friend and girlfriend.  The only problem is, he has no memory of them or who he is.  Finding out he's a demi-god is no real help.  Will a quest bring him closer to his memories?  This is the first in the follow up series to Percy Jackson, and I really enjoyed it.  The book could have been trimmed somewhere, but I was having so much fun I really didn't care.  And the new characters felt absolutely real to me.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 10th

The Amazing Race - I am really beginning to dislike just about everyone.  What is it with these shows and the extra drama this season?  I'm sorry the brothers were eliminated just because they were one of the only decent teams left.

Once Upon a Time - Haven't you always wondered how Grumpy became grumpy?  Okay, I haven't necessarily either, but I did enjoy this look at the character.  Plus the dwarves singing "Heigh Ho" was a great touch.  Not much on Kathryn's disappearance, but I think we'll be hearing more about that as the season progresses.

Ringer - So it's official.  Bridget has definitely gone from the frying pan into the fire.  And I'm actually thinking Shioban wasn't quite so crazy when she faked her own death.  Now I'm wondering exactly what her plan was and how she was going to carry it out all along.  And Olivia is going to be a serious problem.  Was she the one trying to kill Shioban?  This is taking yet another great twist and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Psych - Even though I've never seen The Shining, I still got many of the great references to it in the episode.  Lots of fun and plenty of laughs with a decent mystery.  Basically, the best kind of episode.

Survivor - The guys are crazy.  What were they thinking letting themselves get talked into going to tribal when they won immunity?  You never do that!  And Colton?  You need to grow up and mature enough to learn how to get along with people you don't like.  You attitude is petty and spoiled brat childish.  Grow up.

Big Bang Theory - I was laughing so hard, but then when Raj gave his speech at the end about always being the guy who got a girlfriend after Sheldon, I lost it.  Very funny episode that used all the characters in basically one story.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Word Association for My Birthday

So, I've been thinking all week I would get my reading list for February done, but it hasn't happened yet.  I know it won't today, so here's this week's word association.

  1. Knees :: Bend
  2. Law :: School
  3. Goodbye :: Leaving
  4. Regrets :: Sad
  5. Dedicated :: Hard Working
  6. Sushi :: Yuck!
  7. Australia :: New Zealand
  8. Renovation :: Home Repair
  9. Honk :: Horn
  10. Beg :: Borrow

Monday, March 05, 2012

2012 Mardi Gras Madness 5K

For my second race of the year, I found one here in town.  It's nice when I don't have to drive all over creation.  There was a 5K this last weekend.  It was themed around Mardi Gras, which was a couple weeks ago.

We started from a shopping area's parking lot and ran a couple blocks, crossed a major street on a bridge, went through part of a park, and then headed out on the trails in town until we hit the turn around and did it all over again.

I was really hoping I could finish this race in under half an hour.  That's been a goal for a couple of months now, and I thought maybe I could do it.  Fortunately, I had my new watch to help me, because I think that's the only reason I made it.

I started out strong, like I often do on a race.  In fact, I was too strong trying to keep up with people in front of me.  So I slowed it down.  I was trying to stay in a sweet spot of 9:30, but only slow down to that if I felt tired.

I was actually feeling pretty good about the half way point.  Even at two miles, it wasn't so bad.  I'd check my watch and see my pace had slowed, so I'd speed up a little, but for the most part I was doing okay pace wise.

Then I hit that last half mile.  I seriously thought if I kept it up I would be sick.  But I was so close I could feel it, so I kept pushing, and it paid off.

Official results aren't out yet, but I finished somewhere between 29:07 (what I saw when I crossed the finish line) and 29:25 (what my watch said when I finally hit stop after exciting the chute).  So I'm calling in 29:15.

I DID IT!!!!!

I don't know if it is reasonable to expect myself to get much faster, but I'm going to keep running and see what happens.

Meantime, I now have my sites set on my next goal, a sub-hour 10K.  According to these results, I should be able to do it, but I was so wiped at the end, I'm just not sure.  I think I'm going to try on June 2nd, so I'll have some time to train between now and then plus I will be adding lots more miles.  We'll just have to see how it goes.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for March 3rd

Amazing Race - I always hate it when a team gets eliminated because of something they had no control over like a bus window blowing out.  That just stinks.  I knew the clowns wouldn't be around for long, but I really did like them.

Castle - And we're back to the fun.  The mystery in this one was actually pretty well done.  And I love it when they figure out the final clue like that, plus it was Castle who did it this time.  Martha's one woman show was a hoot, although I get why Castle was so upset.  She was taking credit for everything he's done.  Overall, a great episode.

White Collar - I am so invested in these characters that this episode was so gripping for me.  I love them all and want to see them happy.  But Neal running at the end is not good.  I get why he did it, but there will be consequences.  And after he told Peter and Mozzie he was going to stay with his life whether we was freed or not because he likes it, too.  It's going to be a long wait to see how they resolve that come next season.

Ringer - Wow, how do they keep raising the stakes so high every week?  So, I guessed that Juliette's mom was really the one behind the attack on the kid last week.  Sure enough, I was right.  Now she's robbed two of the three conspirators of their money.  That's going to have consequences.  But the big news is the Ponzi scheme revelations.  I have been figuring for weeks that Olivia was behind it.  Now to find out that Andrew is really the one behind it is a shock to the system.  I can not wait to see where it goes from here.

Psych - A third time and still no references to Princess Bride.  Why even have Cary Elwes guest star?  Okay, so I like his character and was thrilled to see him back again.  And the episode was great, especially with all the references to Indiana Jones.  Laughs and a good story.  What more could you want?

Survivor - The women are stupid if they think they can keep getting the men to give them fire/shelter whenever they want and the men won't expect anything in return.  I'm completely with the men on that.  However, Colton is so over the top dramatic and obnoxious and not willing to get to know anyone that I am so ready for him to get off my TV.

Friday, March 02, 2012

The Double Useless Review Requests

In 11 days, I got two requests from the same person.  Now, it's not that unusual to get multiple requests about the same thing as a follow up.  (I've got one coming that's a third request.)  But that's not the case here.

First game a book review request.  The author must live in Greece, and he included the very briefests of a plot teaser.  It actually reads like what might be at the very top of the back of a book, but there's hardly any detail about it.  For example, I'm guessing that it is a novel.  And it sounds like a bunch of character sitting around and learning that all religions are one.  So basically, I'll be "learning" something I believe to be a lie, and I'll be preached to the entire time by boring lectures from one character to another. Yeah, I'm going to rush out and not read that book.

Then there's the fact that I could reply to have the book sent to my device.  Sorry, but I don't have a device.

I set the e-mail aside to include in my blog only to get another one 11 days later from the author.  No, he wasn't asking if I was interested in the book.  Instead, he was asking me to listen to and rate a song he's written and posted over at iTunes.  Obviously, I'm just on a spam mailing list now because I have never rated anything there, at least that I remember doing.  And if so, it's so little I doubt my influence means anything.

While the first e-mail was poorly done but might have been interesting, the second one proves he's just a spammer who isn't trying at all to target his audience.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Word Association for March 1st

Welcome to March.  Here's the word association for the week.

  1. Unsolicited :: Phone Call
  2. House :: Home
  3. 24 hours :: One Day
  4. Permission :: Granted
  5. Inbox :: Mail
  6. Presidential :: Election
  7. Rising :: Tide
  8. Hold :: Tight
  9. Hourglass :: Timer
  10. More :: Less