Thursday, May 30, 2013

And a Wedding

I also had a wedding this last weekend.  Saturday late afternoon, my friends Chris and Stacie got married.  The wedding was only about half an hour from me, which was convenient.

I haven’t known them that long, so as I expected, everyone I knew there was wedding party.  I’ve met a few of Chris’ friends, and they were his groomsmen.  But it worked out well because they were at the table for us misfits and singles, so I still had some people to talk to at the reception.

I was also honored to be in a couple of the pictures with Chris.  Wasn’t expecting that at all.

The service was very nice.  Then we went to a country club for the reception.  They served us In n Out for dinner – not my favorite and certainly a first at a wedding.  Then there was dancing and mini-cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake.

I had fully intended to leave by 8, but it wound up being around 10 before I headed home.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Word Association for May 29th

Time for this week's word association.

  1. Rental :: House
  2. Collapse :: Bridge
  3. Seismic :: Activity
  4. Barricade :: Police
  5. Dip :: Chip
  6. Teamed :: Up
  7. Jeans :: Winter
  8. Why not? :: Because
  9. Honing :: In on a Suspect
  10. Dough :: Bread

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Days of Ultimate

Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing with beach league going on.  I’ve had ultimate on Saturday down in Santa Monica and then my pick up game here in town.  But this weekend, I played two games here in town.

It was both with my Sunday afternoon pick up crew.  I have no idea what has happened to the Saturday morning group, but I wish they’d get back to me.  Anyway, we had small turn outs both days.  As in two on two with a sub (for a while) on Saturday and then three on three turning into four on four on Sunday.

But both days were fun.  Three of us were there both days, and then rest of the group switched around.  We played a couple hours both days.  My team lost on Sunday, we when we actually went down to two on two and kept score on Saturday (teams switched too much before that), my team actually won.

But more than that, it was just fun.  I love playing with small numbers, actually, because I am much more involved in the action.  I even got a couple of D’s, but mostly it was the fun of scoring on O that I enjoyed.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for May 25th

It's the lull between regular and US network season.  Can you tell by looking at my recap?

Dancing with the Stars – I said Derek and Kelly would win weeks ago.  And then I started to doubt that as Val and his partner really started to heat up.  I was actually expecting them to win.  But Kelly was great, too, so I’m not upset by the outcome at all.

Psych – That has to be one of the most fun episodes all season.  Henry and Shawn competing to solve the case was a riot.  And then the dual explanation at the end was great.  Plus I enjoyed seeing Aunt Becky and the random Newhart reference.

Wipeout Family – My money was on the siblings who were so good at everything.  But once we found out who got to the Wipeout Zone, my money was on the shamily who did win.  Lots of great puns and laughs in this one.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Word Association for May 23rd

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Arrow :: Great TV Show
  2. Hum :: Music
  3. Cornerstone :: Foundation
  4. Flight :: Plane
  5. Music :: Hum
  6. Determine :: Solve the case
  7. Analysis :: Financial
  8. Better day:: Tomorrow
  9. Audio :: Visual
  10. Meditation :: Prayer

Okay, so I hadn't looked down the list at all, but when I saw Music, I had to mirror Hum.

And I'm watching psych right now.  Can you tell with my answer to determine?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of Beach League

Believe it or not, I made it to the final two weeks of beach league.  There was the regular week, in which we had two games – and the finals week, where we had a three game round robin tournament.

And we finished off with a win!  Our first win.  That’s right, out total for the entire season was 1-12.  I don’t know if I should be happy we finally won a game or if I should be upset we broke our perfect record.  We could have ended at 0-13!

Unfortunately, I set out to score one point in the final game, and I missed my chance.  Once, I was over thrown.  The other time I fumbled it.  For the most part, I felt like I contributed about like I normally do on a team.  Very little touching the disc and mostly okay when I do.

I’ve played ultimate both Sundays at pick up as well, and those weeks have been great.  Lots of fun, and I have scored lots of points, too.  Where is that guy when it comes to leagues?  (Being guarded more closely, unfortunately.)

I’ve now got summer league starting up in a few weeks.  Hopefully that will go well.  I’d really like a team with at least a 50% win record.  That’s all I really ask.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

TV Recap for May 18th

All my scripted shows having finales in the same week?  I may not recover.  And I will remind you that spoilers will be lurking below, so if you've missed something don't read this yet.

Once Upon a Time – They wrapped up the major story arcs pretty well and even seem to be working on redeeming Regina and Gold.  Of course, how long all that stays in place next season will be anyone’s guess, although the quest for Henry will probably keep them all on the straight and narrow.  And yes, that was quite the season ending few moments.  I knew who would be on the parchment, but I can’t wait to find out what it means.

Survivor – Brandon and Phillip?  You’re still idiots.  Great to see Cochrin win, however.  I really do like the guy, and he seems to have grown quite a bit.  I just feel sorriest for Eric.  To be pulled from the game with just a couple of days left is unbelievable.  I wonder if the first challenge we saw was supposed to be immunity as well with two tribals before the final one, but they just used it to give someone an advantage since Eric had to leave.  And I wish they'd quit pulling in appearances by former contestants.  I want to hear from the most recent crew, all of them.  Reminding us of former stars of the show just takes away from them.

Castle – The mystery was decent, and if you’d forced me to, I could have called the cliffhanger as well.  My only question is that is how long is Beckett going to take to say yes.  Will she think she’s moving to DC before the writers yank her back to NYC?  Or will she stay for Castle?  Of course, as my roommate pointed out, in real life he could go with her no problem.  But this is a show, and if she took the job, the premise would be ruined.

Dancing with the Stars – Again, the right person went home.  There are three strong couples left for the finals and one tag along.  I think next week will be amazing to watch.  I definitely know who I am rooting for, but we’ll see if she wins.

Wipeout (Tuesday) – They’ve come up with some fun but much harder obstacles this season.  Yeah, I’m kind of beyond wanting to be on the show.  The fact that the winner finished the final course in 11 minutes and the other two took over 15 proves my point.

Arrow - Wow, that packed a punch.  I still can't believe they killed off Tommy.  Not expecting that at all, although it does help cut down on the romantic triangle.  And thinking they'd save that part of the city only to see it fall?  Heartbreaking.

Psych - Gus on the radio was so funny.  Decent enough mystery as well.  And I wonder where they are going with Gus's relationship.

Big Bang Theory - I could not believe the final minutes of that episode.  Raj talking without drinking??!!!!  Will this happen with women outside the group or is he just comfortable enough with them now that he doesn't need to do that?

Wipeout (Thursday) - Another clear winner and another fun course.  Wonder how long before I get bored again.

Nikita - Talk about another emotional punch.  I really was afraid that they were going to kill off Michael.  I kept telling myself they wouldn't while being afraid they would.  But Nikita going off on her own at the end?  And who was the fake President?  This is all going to be hard to resolve in the six episodes they've been granted, but I can't wait to see them pull it off.  And I'm glad they got that because I'd hate for the show to go off right now.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Word Association for May 16th

Here's this week's word association.

  1. 537 :: Numbers
  2. Horizon :: Sky
  3. Episode :: TV
  4. Character :: Witness
  5. Crossed :: Lines
  6. Shipping :: Package
  7. Jump :: Jive and Roll
  8. Bowling :: Alley
  9. Grumpy :: Dwarf
  10. Them :: Us

Monday, May 13, 2013

Final Disneyland Trip on My Pass

To show you have crazy life has been, it’s been two weeks since my final Disneyland trip on my annual pass, and I’m just now getting around to posting about it.

My pass expired on April 30th, and I took of April 29th to go.  So I made my goal (set in September) of going at least once a month while I had my pass.

The parks weren’t super crowded that day, and I got in most of what I wanted to do.  It would have helped if they’d been opened just an hour later, but I think I can live without another trip through the Tiki Room.  That’s the biggest thing I wanted to do I didn’t.

Of course, the canoes weren’t open and neither was the Jungle Cruise, both of which would have been must dos.

I started in California Adventure and spent a good amount of time over there hitting my favorites.  I got stuck on Radiator Springs Racers just before the race starts.  First time I’ve been stuck there.  Took about half an hour before they got us off.  I did get a pass to go back and ride it again later, which I did just before leaving.

Then I got over to Disneyland where I hit Splash Mountain twice (single rider line) and Star Tours twice (fast pass).  I also hit Peter Pan and small world and several other classic rides.  My friend Brian was working, and I got a chance to say hi to him as well.

I only had two long lines, Peter Pan and Toy Story Midway Mania over in California Adventure.  But I had my book with me, so I got a little reading done.  Honestly, part of me was disappointed I didn’t get more reading done, but it meant I got more rides in.

My real disappointment was that they were out of all of their 2013 Christmas ornaments.  I had planned to get one, but they were no where to be found.  I did get the mugs I’d been eyeing in Cars Land, however.  And since one reason I hadn’t bought them yet was I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but bought all three.  I need more mugs like I need more Christmas ornaments, but still.  This means I didn’t wind up with a 2012 or 2013 ornament.  But I might still be able to get a 2013 ornament since the year isn’t over and they sell them at Downtown Disney.

And I ate nothing but junk all day.  I stopped by the Ghirardelli store three times for Sundays plus got Dole Whip.  Yeah, I was a little tired of sweets by the end of the day.

All told, it was a fun end to my pass.  But boy am I going to miss having it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for May 11th

The Amazing Race – The right team won.  I would have been okay with any of the four, but I was rooting for the brothers.  They just had so much fun as they raced around the world.  And that one wife was certainly getting on my nerves as she called her husband an idiot multiple times.  I actually started rooting against them.

Once Upon a Time – Tell me that shadow is not Peter Pan.  Please.  Where did Neal go?  And what in the world is going to happen in the finale?  I can not wait to see more

Dancing with the Stars – Definitely still finding some weak people to leave the show.  But there are some strong people at the top.  The finals will be amazing to watch.

Castle – How could I not recognize the agent?  But it was Carlos Bernard from 24.  I spent most of his time on the screen thinking I knew who it was but not able to place him.  I even knew he had a soul patch, and I still couldn’t do it.  I know Beckett isn’t going anywhere, but I’m very curios to see how they will play out this storyline.

Splash – I was rooting for Drake, and I saw who won early.  But then watching the dives, I was quite happy to see Roary win.  And he did a true dive to do it, too.  The others put it all out there, but he was the better diver.

Arrow – Another great set up for the finale next week.  Very curious to see how it all plays out.  And it looks like we’ll have to worry about the assassin next season.  I don’t see them resolving that storyline plus the Awakening in one hour.

Survivor – Another blindside, and Erik is still around.  It’s going to be an interesting finale.

Psych – This one was just plain silly, and I mean that in a good way.  Lots of laughs.  Plus an interesting wrinkle in the Jules/Shawn relationship.  I wonder exactly where they intend to go with that.

The Big Bang Theory – The ending with Amy and Sheldon was sweet and funny, something I never thought I’d say about a sex scene of sorts.  Not sure where they are going with Raj and his girlfriend, but the scene of the rest of the cast playing D&D was hysterical.  And wow can Howard do some great impersonations.

Wipeout – Jill’s back!!!!  I figured the surfing photographer was going to win, and I liked the guy, so I was thrilled to be right.

Nikita – Oh boy.  Again, set up for the season finale, but man oh man is it going to be rough.  Nikita is in a very bad situation, and I sure don't see how she is going to get out of it at all.  This will be interesting to watch.

New TV on DVD Review:

Friday, May 10, 2013


I spent the early part of this week at home with family for the service.  It really was a good time.  My aunt’s sister was there at the beginning of the week, and I got to spend time with her son and his family both Sunday and Tuesday.  He lives in Washington, so I don’t see them that often.

We had the service for Louise on Tuesday.  My brother did it, and he did a great job.  It was a small group, but there was some family on both sides and a few of my uncle and aunt’s friends.  It felt a bit informal, probably because of the small group, but that was nice a couple of times when my aunt interjected something into the service.  It felt more personal that way.

So it’s been a short week at work, which is strange.  I’ve had a hard time getting into work mentally every day, but I did get quite a bit done.  Fortunately, I had some mindless data entry I could do, which certainly helped.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Word Association for May 7th

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Interests :: Hobbies
  2. Bloom :: Flower
  3. Ceiling :: Roof
  4. Tears :: Cry
  5. Jerk :: Bully
  6. Weight :: Watchers
  7. Friends :: Sitcom
  8. Camera :: Angle
  9. Chicken :: Egg
  10. Hose :: Fire

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for May the 4th

I'm celebrating Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) with my reviews of the Star Wars movies on my review blog.

The Amazing Race - Like them, I am surprised that the internet couple made it this long.  But I am not remotely sorry to see them go.  Got to admit, I'm not completely sure who I am rooting for next to win.  I think I'd be okay with pretty much any of them at this point, so no complaint there.

Once Upon a Time - So many questions, and only two episodes left this season.  What are Greg and Tamara really doing in Storybrooke?  Will Emma prove that Tamara is up to no good?  Will they leave Storybrooke or not?

Castle - The greatest hits, and I found it pretty funny.  The plot of the week was decent, but the clips were so much fun.

Dancing with the Stars - No surprise Andy went home.  He was the weakest of the dancers left.

Splash - We've got a strong final three here.  I'll be curious to see who wins.

Survivor - So, the alliance is turning on each other already.  Granted, there's just one non-alliance member left, but it will be interesting to see how long he stays.  And it was interesting to have two eliminations back to back like this.

Arrow - So, a bit more about the plot in the city.  I liked the flashback to Oliver before he left for the island.  Really explained a lot about what is happening in the present day.  These last two episodes are going to be intense.

Psych - I really like the arc they are putting Juliette through with knowing Shawn's secret.  And I love how she covered for him in the end when he was going to tell the chief.

The Big Bang Theory - Bob Newhart!!!!  Very funny episode all the way around.  I loved how Bernadette turned the tables on Raj when he called to say he had his dog.

Nikita - So, it looks like the remnants of Division are safe, at least for now.  But how will they take Amanda down?  And where will they go from there?  I like the fact that Alex is doing her penance her way and trying to help again.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Beach League Update

So, I’m not running about a week behind with the fun things I meant to blog about.  And the first of those is ultimate Frisbee beach league for last weekend.

My team is now 0-6.  We are the only team to have a record with an 0 in it.

The games were both close.  We were even up by 4 in the second game before the other team came back to beat us.  It was so frustrating.  Of course, it didn’t help that we were all getting tired and someone had to leave at half time of that game.  Really, 3 and a half hours is a long time.

But it is still fun.  My legs felt stronger this week than two weeks ago, so I was happy about.  And my knee felt great the entire time.

The weather was wonderful, too.  The wind picked up for the second game, but was light for the first.  The sun was shining and it was warm without getting hot.  Of course, running around did make me hot, but I felt like I didn’t have to bundle up when I wasn’t on the field.

Afterward, my friend Luke and I jumped in the ocean.  It was a tad cold, but we warmed up quickly.  Of course, I had to do it since I was heading to Glendale Centre Theatre to meet another friend for a play.  And the play was wonderful, too.

All told, last Saturday was plenty of fun.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

In Which I Miss the Excitement

So there was a little excitement around my place last night.  Thankfully, I missed it all since I was hanging out with friends on the other side of town.

My roommate texted me after I hadn’t been there that long as said the police were telling everyone to stay inside because they were hunting for a man with a gun who had shot at police.  Naturally, they had the condo complex completely closed down as well.

Then one of my friends got an update about that on her iPhone.

I texted my roommate off and on all evening.  Turns late at night, they still weren’t letting anyone in.  So I crashed with my friends.  Turns out about the time I would have gotten home, they started letting people in, so I would have been okay, but I had no way of knowing that at the time.  And sleeping on a hide-a-bed was a much better alternative than sleeping in my car, or trying to, which would be what happened if I got there and they still weren’t letting anyone in.

The scary part is, they never have found the guy, or if they have I haven’t heard about it.  But I’m sure he’s long gone by now.  At least if he’s smart he is.

Fortunately, I was already going to be late to work today since I had to get my allergy shots.  I got up, drove across town to shower and get ready for work, and then drove back to get my shots before driving to work.  Made for a crazy morning, but it all got done.

It certainly made me very thankful for friends who are offering me a place to stay before I even ask.  Granted, I knew what the answer would have been if I had asked.  It really is such  blessing to have friends like that.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Word Association for May 1st

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Industry :: Standard
  2. Jerry :: Springer
  3. Detour :: Long way around
  4. Mug :: Hot Chocolate
  5. Steer :: Cow
  6. Link :: Click
  7. Harmony :: Perfect
  8. Epic :: Failure
  9. Suspect :: Arrest
  10. Translate :: Book