Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Word Association for May 28th

I'm still trying to get my brain to warm up, so this week's word association might be interesting.  Or just hard for me to complete.

  1. Apple :: Pie
  2. Queasy :: Seasick
  3. Cheeks :: Rosy
  4. Nostril :: Flair
  5. Tee shirt :: Slogan
  6. Enough :: Stop
  7. Maybe :: I Will
  8. How? :: Come?
  9. Palace :: King
  10. Satelitte :: TV

Okay, guess it wasn't that different after all.  Unless I read something wrong.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Home for Mother's Day

Yes, I really do intend to catch up at some point.  Let's start with my trip to visit Mom for Mother's Day.

I actually hadn't been home since Christmas, so it was good to get up there and see everyone.  I drove up on Friday, and got to see Mom, Dad, and my niece right away since they had her over for the night.  Saturday, Mom, Dad, and I went for a hike at a county park I had never been to before.  Sunday was Mother's Day as well as the day my nephew was dedicated at church.  It was really special to get to be there for that.  Finally, Monday my brother and his family joined up for a trip out to the beach.

As you can see, we kept plenty busy with fun stuff to do, and I really did enjoy just getting to relax and spend time with them.  My uncle and aunt came up Sunday as well, and it was wonderful to see all of them.

I drove back on Tuesday.  It was a great trip, but it just wasn't long enough.

The down side is that my nephew was sick while I was there, although he was definitely getting better by Monday, and none of the rest of us got sick, so that was a good thing.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Word Association for May 22nd

Time for this week's word association.

  1. Submit :: Review
  2. Evidence :: Crime
  3. Investing :: Observation
  4. Awkward :: Moment
  5. Body :: Human
  6. Extension :: Deadline
  7. Period :: Waiting
  8. Support :: Structure
  9. Carried :: Away
  10. Anxious :: Worry

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ending Beach League

While I haven't been blogging, life has been happening.

For example, almost two weeks ago now, we had the tournament for beach league ultimate Frisbee.  We went into the day without a win, and we ended the way without a win.  Yep, we had a perfect loosing season!  It was so much better than last time when we won our final game to end our streak.

The weather was great.  Actually, it was a little on the warm side, or at least the sand was.  My feet were burning during our final game, it was hard to stand.  But that made jumping in the ocean afterwards that much more fun.

And I threw one of our scores in the second game!  Overall, I thought I played pretty well in that last game.  Why is it I always do my best in the final game of the league no matter which league I'm in.

Speaking of which, summer league starts up in a few weeks.  I didn't make the cut for co-ed this year, so I'll be playing in Men's.  It's been a few years since I did that, so it should be interesting.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Word Association for May 15th

Wow, almost two weeks since my last post.  But here's this week's word association at least.

  1. Warning :: Danger
  2. Resume :: Job Hunting
  3. Meeting :: Adjourned
  4. Squares :: Circles
  5. Alternate :: Reality
  6. Prison :: Camp
  7. Swamp :: Water
  8. Games :: Fun
  9. Months :: Years
  10. Share :: Give

Friday, May 02, 2014

Word Association for May 2nd

Look!  It's the first word association of May!

  1. Action :: Movie
  2. Submit :: Review
  3. Love :: Marriage
  4. Online :: Game
  5. Scam :: Artist
  6. I know :: You Know
  7. Nude :: Clothes
  8. Penny :: Big Bang Theory
  9. Tinted :: Windows
  10. Sexy :: Dress

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Windy, Windy, Windy

We've been having bad Santa Anna winds the last few days.  Predictions I was seeing were for gusts of 30 miles an hour, although at times it was hard to call the "gusts" from the regular wind.

And have I ever mentioned just how much I hate wind?

Fortunately, they were dying down at night.  I even managed to go out for a run Tuesday night while it was calmer.  Still some wind, but not enough to make the run truly unpleasant.

The wind is supposed to be a lot less today, so it shouldn't interfere with my ultimate pick up game tonight.  Ultimate is never any fun to play in the wind, as I was reminded just last Saturday when I had to play my beach league game in the wind.  Way too many wild throws going all over the place.  And there was sand blowing all over the place, too.  I wanted to enjoy the day at the beach; really I did.

It didn't help that we lost.  The official final score was 10-13, but we had lost when it was 8-13.  No one listened to me on that, however.

Afterward, I got to head out to Glendale Centre Theatre and enjoy Cash on Delivery, a wonderful farce that had me and my friends laughing hard.  Recommended play if you ever get a chance to see it.