Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FiR Question 10

Yikes.  Just about three weeks left for Fall into Reading 2011, and I think I've got about 5 more books to go on my list.  Not going to make it, but that's not exactly a surprise since I never do.

Anyway, here's this week's FiR question:

In what ways do you encourage others to read or support their reading habits? How do you share your love of reading with others?

I think the most obvious is my reviewing.  By posting reviews at Amazon and Epinions, I hope I am helping people find new books they will enjoy.  That's my point, anyway, since I have always talked non-stop about what I am reading and enjoying, hoping to get others to share it with me.

For people in my life, I loan out books people might be interested in, and I'm always willing to give recommendations.  I also love to talk books, and I'll listen to others as they talk about the books they have read and enjoyed.  I'd like to say I borrow books from people, but it never quite seems to work that way.  My list of to be read books is always too long.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for November 26th

Amazing, isn't it, how a holiday sends lots of shows into reruns.  I like that because it's so easy to catch up when I get back into town.

Amazing Race - Yes, that was me you heard yelling when I found out it was a to be continued episode.  I wanted to know who would get eliminated.  I'm guessing the older couple gets eliminated assuming there is an elimination since I didn't see them in the scenes from next week.  I'll be sorry to see them gone, but at least the snowboarders are still in it.

The Sing-Off - I pretty much figured that Urban Method would make the finals back in the first episode.  Not too surprised Pentatonix is there as well.  I think the only reason we got a normal group last season was because we didn't have any of these groups with tons of flash.  I guess that means I'm pulling for the college group, although they weren't my favorite of the season either.

Terra Nova - So, that's the back story behind the commander's son.  So I'm wondering if he's telling the truth now or what exactly the other side of the story is.  Because the Sixers sure have implied that he's out for himself, but he sure talks a good story about how he's out for the future of humanity.

Castle - That was intense.  Of all their serious episodes, this was the best.  The acting was incredible.  Watching Kate go through all that was uncomfortable for me, but she nailed every moment.  And the new Captain was actually working with Castle at one point.  I hope that's a sign she is softening a little.

Covert Affairs - All that training, and Annie doesn't get to do the marathon.  Watching her try to deal with the two sisters really showed off her character.  The episode itself was okay, but the character stuff was interesting.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Word Association for November 25th

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Crushed :: Disappointed
  2. Thanks :: Giving
  3. Steam :: Hot
  4. Bulletin :: Church
  5. Budget :: Cuts
  6. Value :: Appreciate
  7. Aquarium :: Fish
  8. Logo :: Corporate
  9. Information :: Dump
  10. Lend :: Borrow

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FiR Question #9

Looks like it is time for this week's Fall Into Reading question.

What else do you do while you are reading? Eat? Drink? Household tasks? Or do you usually put aside absolutely everything to focus solely on the book at hand?

Honestly, I pretty much read, and that's it.  Most of my reading is done at lunch time in my car or right before I go to bed.  If I'm reading during the day, I will most likely have my bottle with water next to me, but I usually don't drink from it.  I find I enjoy stories best if I concentrate on one thing and one thing only.  I've even cut down on how much surfing I do while watching scripted TV shows.

Wait, do you counting napping?  I often do that while reading.  It's one reason I only got through 9 pages on my lunch hour yesterday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SoCal Spartan Race 2011

Saturday was my last mud run of the year - the Spartan Race.  And boy was it cold.  November is always a gamble whether it will be warm or not.  I lost.  It was 45 when my friend Luke and I started the race at 8AM.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at just how quickly I warmed up, however, since I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt instead of my normal long running pants and sweatshirt like I wore when I went running this morning.

And they started us right off with cold water.  It had to be just a matter of yards into the race, and we went through a double dip of waste deep water.  But then it was up and running up hill.

Let me tell you, the hills were steep and there were lots of them.  Even this guy who normally runs up a hill found them long and tiring.

The obstacles were varied and fun.  They had monkey bars.  They had walls to climb over.  But they also had walls you had to roll under or go through.  At one point, they had buckets of concrete you had to pull up a pully system.  And there was a wall with small hand holds you had to try to cross.

Of course, what I didn't like was if you failed any of these things, you had to do 30 burpees.  Maybe it was just the fact that I'm used to trying something and moving on if you don't do it.  Maybe it's the fact that I can't do most things like that.  But I think I did about 10 burpees over the course of the race and moved on instead of the 120 I would have had to do for the things I didn't do.

And then there was my spill.  Maybe half a mile into the race, I completely lost controll going down a very steep hill.  Yes, I should have taken it slower.  Yes, I am fully aware it is my own fault.  I was proud of myself because I made it around several people on the course and I made it basically to the bottom before I crashed.  But boy did I land hard.  My leg is still all scraped up.  At least it doesn't hurt any more when I transition from standing to sitting.  Heck, it was hurting no matter what I did Saturday night.  Right now, it is just tender when I touch it.

Actually, this wasn't a mud run in the traditional sense.  The only real mud they had us crawling through was water over dirt under 18 inch barb wire.  And yet I think that's the muddiest I've gotten without actually trying at a mud run.  That barb wire when on forever.  I would have much preferred half the length twice along the course.  I actually stopped about 2/3 of the way through and walked the rest.  Even then, it took me a good 20 minutes to get as far as I did.

After ward, I got to meet Carrie, who I've only known from the internet to date.  That was fun.

So, the only race I have on the calendar right now is Tough Mudder in July.  Of course, I think there will be several more between now and then because that is a long ways off.  And I want to keep my running up so when I need to start hard core training for that race, I won't die.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly TV Recap

It really is amazing how just a couple hours of TV out of my life makes my life easier.  Fall season is winding down.  I think I can do this.  At least, I hope I can make it another week or two.  Next year, I won't get involved in so many shows.  (Yeah, I'm laughing, too.)

The Amazing Race - Well, my guys weren't U-Turned.  But sadly one of the groups that was U-Turned did go home.  The only team I really want to see leave is Jeremy and Sandy, who came in next to last.  The father son team were definitely cool and didn't seem like they had something to prove to each other, which was a real nice change from the normal on that show.  I'm sorry to see them go.  Meanwhile, I can't see why the one woman is obsessed with winning at least one leg.  The only leg that really matters is the last one.  Why so insistent?

Once Upon a Time - That was an interesting twist with Cinderella, having her dealing with Rumplestilkins.  And I wonder how that fit the time line since Snow was obviously there at Ella's wedding.  I like how that played out in Storybrook as well with Mr. Gold having bought the baby.  I wonder what favor he's going to want from Emma now.  And do we know who the sheriff is yet?  Because I'm thinking the Huntsman, although I could be wrong there.  We definitely know why he is so willing to do the Mayor's bidding.

Terra Nova - I'm so glad Josh confessed.  That took a lot of guts.  Meanwhile, the investigation into the scientist was fascinating.  I like the twist and how they played that murder out.  Much better than last week's murder.

The Sing-Off - Well, there goes the group I was rooting for the most.  I'm sure the winners will be the Urban group, although I think I might be rooting for Penatonix now.  I must admit I've lost some interest somewhere along the way.  I think they had too many groups and it was too spread out.  I much liked it when it was on for a few weeks in December.  I think this also means I would never last with American Idol, not that I was planning to start watching it.

Covert Affairs - It must be the accent, but I spend the entire time that Ohed is on screen trying to understand what he is saying.  He really needs to stop mumbling.  And why is it I can never really remember any of these guest stars they bring back.  It's like I can't remember what is happening on this show unless it involves the main characters.  Ranting aside, I did enjoy this episode and Ohed's character.  Jai surprised me at the end, taking the credit/blame for the bad guy being shot.  I wonder what that was all about.

Ringer - Gemma isn't dead??!!  The ending got me.  I so wanted her to be found.  So who is John and why is he working with Shabon.  And it looks like the affair is going to come out.  What will that do to Bridget since she's the one who isn't guilty?  Since the episode in two weeks is the fall finale, I'm expecting some pretty big shocks to the system.  I'll just be curious how it all plays out.

Psych - Another very funny episode.  I figured out the real killer part way through, but it was so funny with so many great lines.  It's a classic.

Survivor - This episode was completely predictable.  Ozzy won at Redemption.  Shocking.  The other two people from his tribe got sent to join him.  Again, shocking.  Next week will be much more interesting as they have to turn on each other.  I'm afraid that Coach is going to win.  I hope that's not the case, but it sure is looking that way.

Big Bang Theory - So, Sheldon and Amy have made it official.  Sure looks to me like things haven't changed between them at all.  It will be interesting to see if things changed between them at all.  Meanwhile, the bits with that expansion pack the guys were playing looked way too familiar, especially Leonard having to get the special edition even though he already had the regular one.

Burn Notice - Wow was that an intense episode.  I knew they'd get the guys out of the factory, but I was still very much on the edge of my seat to see how.  And more Madeline.  I love it when they really get her involved, but I felt so sorry for her this time around.  I loved Michael trying to save Bernie at the end.  That last scene was just so intense.  The scientist they were trying to rescue looked so much like Morgan from Chuck, I spent most of the episode trying to figure out if it was him or not.  Turned out to be his older brother.

Nikita - Another intense episode, but I wasn't that happy with this one.  Burkoff being tortured sure wasn't any fun.  I'm interested to see how this all goes down with Alex in Russia.  And will Nikita get her hands on another black box?

Chuck - I promise, you only have 9 more episodes to listen to this whine.  I can't believe this show is ending.  I laughed so hard at this one tonight.  Jeff as a responsible adult has actually brought some life to the Buy More gang and made that part of the show fun.  Casey playing with Morgan over the things he liked was great.  That last scene would have made me very happy (until they arrested Casey, of course) as a series finale shot.  A perfect episode.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Word Association for November 17th

Here we go again.  This week's word association.

  1. Help :: Danger
  2. Close :: Open
  3. Start over :: Do it Right
  4. Dirt :: Mud!
  5. Kilometer :: 5K or 10K
  6. Speedy :: Fast
  7. Shop :: Spend
  8. Trumpet :: of Jesus
  9. Dog :: Cat
  10. Canoe :: Fun, River, Water.  Take your pick

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FIR Question #8

It's Wednesday, which means that Catrina over at Callapidder Days is asking another Fall into Reading Question.

Where do you love to read? Do you have a favorite chair, a favorite room, a favorite place…somewhere that inspires you to put everything else aside and pick up a book?

Honestly, the answer to that question is yes.  I will read anywhere and everywhere.  It comes from a childhood spent using books to get me through boring shopping trips.  (Let's face it, every shopping trip outside a toy store is boring when you're a kid, even if it's for you.)

Based on where I read the most now, I would say my favorite places to read are:
1) My car.  Don't panic.  I don't read while driving (although I have been tempted upon occasion).  But I will go out to my car and read on my lunch hour.  Yes, I often take a nap as well, but that's a favorite spot, and when it is too hot or cold to do that, I'm disappointed.
2) My bed.  I always snuggle in at night and read before turning out the light.  Unlike some people, I find reading relaxes me enough to put me to sleep.  Whenever I have a chance to read at home, this is my default location since my roommates are usually out and about other places in the condo.

Given a choice, I will also read in the easy chair in the living room, although that's less common.

As I said, I will read anywhere and everywhere I can.  As long as I can support at least some of my weight, I will get lost in a book.  Yes, I have read standing up before.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

It must be time for a weekend wrap up post.

I'm going to start with Friday, when I finished watching all my TV shows for the week.  That's right, I didn't have anything I had to watch over the weekend!  That was a first in a long time, although it looks like things will be getting easier as it goes along now since some shows are dropping out for the Fall.  Of course, come February, everything will be back, so I'll have to juggle it all then.

Saturday morning, I did not play ultimate Frisbee.  Instead, I met up with Angelique to see Puss in Boots.  It was fun, but it wasn't a rush out to see type of movie.

I came home and had a couple hours to myself, but then Daniel came over for a round of The Stock Market Game.  I managed to pull off a win, although I didn't think that was going to happen this time around.

Sunday, the choir sang in church.  This was interesting since I've been fighting off the last of a cold.  I had hardly any voice on Saturday until afternoon.  I was able to fake my way through most of the songs all three services, although I was certainly ready to be done by the time we finished.

Then my new friend Chris came over and I introduced him to ultimate Frisbee.  Now, the field we normally play on is often muddy in spots, but I have never seen the field that muddy.  It was more like a swamp.  Now, you know I'm always up for a good mud run, but this went a bit far, even for me.  Anyway, we had a good time.

After he left, I headed over to my nightly TV/movie night with friends.  We're starting to watch Alias, which is new to everyone but me.  I'd forgotten just how good the first season was.

And this was my quiet, stay at home weekend of the month.  Man, it was busy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for November 12th

Yes, I finished everything on Friday night.  Feels good not to have a bunch of TV to go on a weekend.  And yes, I've taken a couple shows off the list.  I think I'm going to tough it out two more weeks and then things will cut back.  Since some shows won't be back in the Spring, that will help and I don't have to figure things out again until Fall.

See, still the most indecisive person.

The Amazing Race - The brother and sister duo have never been one of my favorites, so I wasn't sorry to see them go.  I didn't feel that great with how they lost, however.  I always feel badly when one member really struggles with something and that is what costs them.  I find it funny that the only team who got U-Turned had already passed the check point.  I can understand the confusion, but it's still funny.  Looks like my team is going to get U-Turned next week.  Hope they can work through it.  And can I just say how stupid it is to use an express pass to win first instead of using it to stay in the race.  Unless it was the last leg I could use the pass, I'd be saving that for some time when I thought I was going home instead of some time when I hoped to get first.

Once Upon a Time - I am so under this show's spell.  I'm wondering who Prince Charming's ex/wife is in the fairytale universe if anyone we've heard before.  Emma's scenes with the mayor are absolutely amazing.  And I'm wondering just how Snow White ruined the Evil Queen's life.

Terra Nova - So, the son is still alive, and somehow the sixers are working with him.  That's an interesting development.  The characters got some development, and I think that was the biggest point of the episode.

The Sing-Off - I wouldn't have called myself a country fan, but I enjoyed those performances more this week than the rock performances that started the show.  I'm quickly losing groups to root for since they seem to be keeping the more urban groups, and I'm not as big a fan of that style.  Yes, even though they'd done it before, I was sorry to see Delilah go this week.

Castle - Considering the build up of Castle and the guys in Atlantic City as an early bachelor party, this episode focused much more on the mystery than I thought it would.  I enjoyed it, although it didn't have the clever twists of last week.

Covert Affairs - Seeing Peter out of the office was fun, although he and Annie sure met up lots if she was trying to keep her covert status hidden.  Interesting show, although not that many twists or turns.  I knew about his past relationship with the asset from the beginning - it was that obvious.  I like how they seem to have repaired Peter and Joan's relationship, however.  It feels like they are working on giving them a good marriage, which I always like to see.

Ringer - The story moved forward, although I think the most interesting development was Bridgette meeting Shoban's new boy toy.  I wonder if she suspects what this means or if she thinks it was all in the past.  I didn't realize he worked for Mr. Martin (blanking on first name), however.  I'm not sure how much more complicated things can get, but it looks like they are about to have some secrets come to light.

Psych - The opening scene was hilarious.  Decent mystery although it seemed a bit all over the place, even for this show.  Still, Shawn and his dad fighting over the call made the entire episode for me.

Survivor - For now, Cochran is okay with the other team.  It'll be interesting to see how that works out for him when the rest of his team is gone.  Ozzy is back on redemption.  In fact, they had two tribal counsels.  I'm ready to see how things go at the challenge next week.  Oh, and I'm so ready for Coach to go now.  I'd love to see someone who hasn't played before win this season.

Burn Notice - So, we're a step closer to taking down the second half's big bad.  The question is, will Michael be unable to undo the damage once they do.  Or will that be the plot line for season six?  The story about taking down the friend's killer was fine, but it wasn't one of their better episodes.

Charlie's Angels - And I think that's all she wrote.  Once again, I enjoyed the episode.  It wasn't great television, but it was entertaining and had a couple of twists to it I enjoyed.  RIP, Angels.  I'll miss you.

The Big Bang Theory - Hilarious.  Neither story line was unexpected, but the way they played out was very funny.  Penny and Leonard going at it, getting all their annoyances off the table, Sheldon suddenly loving that bird.  Played absolutely wonderfully by all concerned.

Nikita - I'm glad they are doing more with Michael and his son.  Never expected that she was really British intelligence.  And Nikita breaking up with him was so hard to watch.  A great thing I really respect, but so hard to watch.  So, now that the one guardian has been brought up for his secondary mission, what is he going to do?

Chuck - I am so going to miss these characters when the show is over.  They'd better give them a happy ending.  Anything else would not be in the spirit of the show.  Casey trying to date Gertrude is absolutely hilarious.  Their fight scene was brilliant.  And then Morgan dodging those darts Matrix style was perfect.  I'm glad they got him back to normal.  And Jeff acting normal, too?  I'm normally not a Buy More fan, but this has real potential.  But I think my favorite thing tonight was Sarah working hardest to get Morgan back because she knew what that friendship means to Chuck.  That's a sign of how far she's grown as a character.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wednesday's Bowling

I believe I've mentioned that one of my roommates has started organizing a bowling night on his day off.  One of the local bowling alleys has a deal where for $10 you get three hours of bowling and your shoe rental - minimum three people per lane.  It's a fun way to hang out with friends and rather cheap, too.

This last week, for the first time that I've gone, we only had three of us - my roommate Spencer, my former roommate Daniel, and myself.  All three of us are around the same level of play, and we try to get as many games in as we can.

We managed to get 8 games in, although I think they let us go a couple minutes past closing.  They sure shut it down the instant our 8th game was over.

To show how evenly matched we are, Daniel and I won three games each, and Spencer won the other two.

And Daniel and I broke 1000 points by the end of the last game.  Not by much.  I was the point leader for the night, and I hit 1045.

I realize that the 130.6 average isn't that big a deal to those who bowl regularly, but we were all happy with it.  Now, we just need to increase our scores so we can crack 1000 on normal nights when we play 5 or 6 games.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

FIR Question #7

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for another Fall Into Reading Question.  Actually, we get two this week.

Is there a book that has had a tremendous impact on your life? One that made you look at life in a whole new way, or caused you to completely change something in your life?

As a Christian, the easy answer is the Bible.  And it has made me reexamine my life at various times when I have run across a passage that convicted me of something I was doing wrong or encouraged me that I was right about something.

However, that seems to easy for me.  Then again, I'm not sure about any book I've read that really changed my life that much.  That is one downside of reading mostly fiction, I guess.

And now, for the bonus question.

How is your Fall Into Reading coming along? Are you on track? Ahead of schedule? Falling behind?

It's funny this came up today (we're about half way through the season, although it feels like winter out there).  I had 20 books on my original list, and I've made it through 9 of them, so I'm not too far off track.  However, I've read a couple of books that weren't on my list originally, so I've read 11 so far.  Granted, both of those books were very short, but I'm still counting them.  I have some longer books on my list still, so we'll see how I did in the second half of fall.  I'm hoping to at least get the books from Spring read.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Word Association for November 8th

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Distress :: Upset
  2. White lie :: Still a Lie
  3. Costume :: Actor
  4. Stampede :: Cowboy
  5. Unappealing :: Ugly
  6. Idtiot :: Stupid
  7. Correction :: Fact
  8. Resignation :: Job
  9. Insipid :: Bad
  10. Celebration :: Happy

Monday, November 07, 2011

Running the ROC Race

This weekend was the ROC race.  That's Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge.  I ran it with Sanjay, whom I hadn't seen since May.  And we had a blast.

This techincally wasn't a mud run.  Having said that, there were some definitely muddy spots, and a couple of them were designed that way.  But they were never more than a few inches deep and we didn't have to crawl through any of them.

We did, however, have to navigate some water.  I completely failed the monkey bars, and that meant some water.  There was a slip and slide at one point.  They were using hoses to wet us down at another.  And there were water pits under a rope bridge and a rope swing, the final two obstacles.

I was ridiculously pleased with how well I did climbing up a few things that were rather steep and had a rope to help us climb over.  I'm wondering if I gave up too soon on the wall at the Gladiator Rock n Run.

One of my favorite obstacles was the giant inflatable slide.  Yeah, this was run with some obstacles like that.

Then again, they took advantage of the cold snap we had over the weekend to put some ice/snow on the tire mountain and in the tubes we had to crawl through.  That was very cold.  Ironically enough, the polar plunge was warmer than I expected.

Fortunately, we caught a break in the weather and it was sunny and warm enough for the wetness.

As I said, it was lots of fun.  There were about 20 obstacles over the 5K, so it wasn't a road race with a few obstacles.  There were definitely lots of obstacles.  Plus it was at the LA County fairgrounds.  I've never been to the fair, and I enjoyed watching all of that.

And since it wasn't a mud run, just rinsed off my shoes and hands after the race and we were good to go.  It had been warm while we were running, but I think trying to clean off at the end would have been too cold!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for November 6th

So, you'll notice that I'm a day late with this post.  That's because I just finished watching TV for the week.  I've got to figure out a way to cut out some shows.  If I have the nerve to do anything other than watch TV, I fall this far behind.  It's not good.

Anyway, here's what I did watch this week.

The Amazing Race - I'm so glad it was a non-elimination leg, although to be honest, there's really only one or two teams I want to see go.  I want the snowboarders to win, but I still like most of the teams and hate to see anyone go.  I'm just glad the grandparents didn't wind up having to leave because they didn't pay their driver.  I would hate to have anyone go out that way.

Once Upon a Time - It's official, I love this show.  And this is coming from the guy who didn't want to get caught up in another serialized show.  I just hope that these guys are show runners do a better job than their bosses did on Lost of telling a complete story.  The scenes between the Mayor and Emma were electric.  I hope Emma has indeed come around, although that's probably too early.  And I'm wondering who remembers what from their old lives.  I think that Mr. Gold knows, but I'm still wondering about the Mayor.

The Sing-Off - The team saved from the bottom two last week is gone this week.  I hope that Urban whatever the rest of their name is goes next.  I'm really not a fan of their style of music.  It was fun to see Committed again.  But I really got a kick out of the group that did Queen's music tonight, especially since they did "Somebody to Love."  One of the lead singers in downhere, a band I love, has done a YouTube cover of that song that has gone viral, so it was fun for me to hear someone else cover it.

Terra Nova - Yes, a mystery.  You know I have to critic that.  It was actually okay.  Not the best mystery I've ever seen, but still pretty decent.  I was glad the married couple wound up being innocent and living happily ever after.

Castle - Sooner or later, every cop show seems to think they need to do the main character held hostage in a bank episode.  And this one had some of the same predictable plot points, although I fell for it just like I do every time.  The actors made those moments so real that I believe them.  The ultimate reason behind the bank robbery was wonderfully put together.  I never would have guessed that.  It redeemed a cliched plot and made it feel wonderfully creative.  And it was fun seeing the robbers using TV doctors as their code names, too.

Dancing with the Stars - I've hardly given this show much time this season, but I think I'll be giving it less.  David was the only reason I was "watching."  I'm not saying it wasn't his time to go, but I'm not that attached to anyone else at this point.

Covert Affairs - Jai suddenly seems to be a man of manipulation.  His whole sub-plot getting the new assignment is going to be very interesting.  Using his friend and then his dad, however, doesn't win him points with me.  I felt sorry for Annie innocently making a friend and then having to use him to get more information.  That whole thing was pretty hard to watch.

Ringer - So Gemma is indeed dead.  Yet the new sponsor is actually the killer?  Yikes!  And since when did Shabaan go from Bridget is ruining everything to wanting Bridget's secret safe.  Meanwhile, with the old sponsor in New York, will the truth come out?  And now everyone is going to know that Bridget isn't pregnant, especially after that scene about how much the baby means to the husband.  This just gets more complicated every week.

Psych - The scene with Mantis fighting in the warehouse with all the Batman words was hysterical.  As were both Shawn and Gus' superheroes.  Also didn't see the final twist coming.  All in all, it was another fun episode.

Survivor - So, Ozzy gets back in the game only to have Cochran turn his back on everyone and switch sides.  I am interested to see how he is going to try to spin this.  But the real question is, will everyone now be gunning for him, or will the other side take him on their team, at least until they get down to seven.  I think he's just cut his own throat, but we'll see.

The Big Bang Theory - Amy has some weird ideas on things, but this was a pretty funny episode.  I'm just wondering what they are saying about Leonard behind his back.

Burn Notice - If I didn't trust the writers in this show to come up with a way for Michael to defeat this latest big bad, I might actually be worried.  Until then, I'm going to enjoy watching him squirm as the stakes have never been hirer for him.  I am wondering how this will lead into next year.  And so many great lines in the episode.  I just love this show.

Charlie's Angels - I think my biggest disappointment with the fact that this show has been canceled is the fact that we will never know what secret they were hinting at with Charlie.  That certainly intrigues me along with the fun of the individual episodes.

Chuck - I was very confused when Morgan didn't recognize the Indy reference since I was thinking it myself.  But then they made it a plot point.  Wow, Morgan is definitely changing, and not for the better.  Again, I trust the writers and I think they will fix things by the end.  (At least I hope they will.  Some of those interviews make it sound like they want to end things at least somewhat badly.  But that's never been the show.  It's always been about fun.)

Nikita - I knew it!  I knew that Ryan couldn't really be dead.  How his working with Amanda to take down Oversight is going to work out, however, I have no clue.  Meanwhile, the writers, who I assume are here in So Cal, need to learn that Camp Pendleton is a Marine base, not a Navy base (although I'm sure there could be overlap).  And Alex basically a prisoner of Division even if they are "protecting" her?  This season has officially gotten very good.

Grimm - This is an easy cut for me to make from my watch list.  After two episodes, I'm not really that engage either with the characters or the story they are trying to tell.  I'm curious how they will continue to build on fairytales for each episode, but not enough to watch week after week.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Concentration - That Is Key

Tuesday, I said I hadn't been able to concentrate much.  Then, I was blaming a sugar hangover from the candy I ate Monday night.  Tonight, I have no excuse, yet here I am unable to concentrate on much of anything.  It's been that bad almost all week, and I'm not sure what is causing it.

It might be my lack of sleep that is making me jittery.  I've been going to bed late, even for me, almost all week.  Tuesday and Thursday, I got up and went for a run before work in spite of all that, too.

I definitely think it is partically adrenelin from waiting to hear if a new friend will sign up for Tough Mudder with me.  I so want to do that race with someone else.  And we're even thinking of trying to talk some members of a band we both like to join us.  That prospect is really making me jittery.  I am finding myself checking every few minutes to see if he's responded, even though his responses are pretty consistent and come in like clockwork once a day.  Yeah, a guy can hope, can't he?

And I've got the ROC race this weekend.  That's Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge.  The weather's supposed to barely hit 60, so it will be a little cooler than I want, but it looks like so much fun. I can't wait.

Plus I'm trying to decide what to cut from my TV list while still trying to watch everything I am recording.  I can't keep it up much longer.  I know that I've got a few weeks until some of my shows end for the season (they're only fall shows), but I don't know if I can wait that long to cut back.

This will be interesting tonight since I have choir.  Will I be able to concentrate for two hours.  Plus, to add to the nervousness, I think I am going to audition for one of the solos.  I've been praciting hard for the last couple of days for it.

Here's hoping I actually go to bed and feel more like myself tomorrow.  I have too much work I need to do to go on like this.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fall Into Reading Question Six

It's time for this week's Fall Into Reading Question

When it comes to fiction, are you more of a “plot person” or a “character person”? If you had to choose, which concept would win out when it comes to picking and loving a book: plot or character?

I am finding that I truly do enjoy great characters.  In fact, spending time with interesting characters has helped some slow plots be more palitable to me.  However, eventually, you'd better have an interesting plot or I will zone out and struggle to finish the book.

So ultimately I am a plot person, but I can be distracted by fun, well drawn characters through the slow parts.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Word Association for November 1st

Since I have the attention span of...What's that?...tonight, let's do this week's word association.

  1. Class :: School
  2. Shopping :: Bag
  3. Bitchy :: Unplesant
  4. Consulting :: Job
  5. Texts :: Phone
  6. Sigh :: Long
  7. Office :: Work
  8. Develop :: Pictures
  9. Boardwalk :: Monopoly
  10. Prime :: Rib