Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Word Association for September 28th

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Brace :: Walking
  2. Upgrade :: Computer
  3. Run :: Walk
  4. Construction :: Zone
  5. Lazy :: Nap
  6. Email :: Write
  7. Hide :: Seek
  8. Hornet :: Sting
  9. Wonder :: Amaze
  10. Hesitate :: is Lost

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rest of the Weekend

No, just doing the mud run wasn't enough for my weekend.  I was actually pretty busy last weekend.

For one thing, I didn't come back home after my mud run on Saturday.  Instead I headed to the Burbank/Glendale area and met up my my parents, who were in town for the weekend, and some family friends.  We hung out and visited, had dinner, and then went to Glendale Centre Theatre where another friend joined us to see Anything Goes.  I'd never seen the play before, but I really enjoyed it.  Pretty funny and some very fun song and dance numbers.  I was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn't get too tired to enjoy the day.

Sunday, I spent the day with my parents.  No ultimate, but we did go to church and then back to their trailer to play games.  It was a very fun day.

They swung through town on their way back from a longer trip.  They knew about the mud run before they decided to come, after all, I had signed up for it back in February.  The play and everything there came together after they decided to come, however, which worked out well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Word Association for September 21st

It's time for some word association, don't you think?

  1. Flat :: Apartment
  2. Machine :: Made
  3. Arthritis :: Painful
  4. Forks :: Dinner
  5. Task force :: Work
  6. Beads :: Decorative
  7. Striped :: Bed
  8. Dumpster :: Garbage
  9. Piggy :: Bank
  10. Badge :: Ranger

Monday, September 19, 2016

Survivor Mud Run 2016

Time for a little catch up.

Not much happened the first couple of weeks of the month.  My weekends were quiet, which was nice.  I’ve started my fantasy football league for the season, and I’ve won the first two weeks, which is shocking.  We’ll see how things go as the season progresses.

But Saturday.  Saturday was my last mud run of the year.  I know, already?  But my October runs were either early this year or aren’t happening any more.  And it was back down to Lake Elsinore for the Survivor Mud Run.

I’ve been doing this one for several years, and I’ve slowly been watching the lake level drop.  It had dropped so far this year that they didn’t have us doing anything in the lake – no slide into the lake, no lake walk, and no cleaning off in the lake afterwards.  But that’s not all that was missing – they only had a couple of obstacles that weren’t mud related.  They still had a ton of obstacles, but they were all mud pits.  As in climb in, slog through, climb out.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love mud as much as the next guy doing a mud run.  And they have nice thick mud here, which is always fun.  But it got a bit boring.  I like a little more variety than that.

It was a hot day, too, so the car ride down and back was warm since I don’t have a working AC in my car.  But I finished a great book on CD, so that made it more pleasant.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Gladiator at the Rose Bowl 2016

The last weekend in August, I hit the Gladiator Rock n Run at the Rose Bowl.  I was actually surprised it was this early in the year since it is usually in October.  But I figured with it being that early, I wouldn’t have to worry about being cold at the start.  In fact, I figured I’d have to worry about the heat.

I was wrong.

We actually had a cool front move in, and it was foggy that morning.  I did warm up when I started to run, naturally, but the first time I hit the mud I cooled right off.

But that didn’t keep me from having fun.  The 10K option was back this year, and that’s the one I did.  I always enjoy the back half of the course.  After I’d signed up, a friend wanted to do it with me, and he signed up for the 5K.  I was hoping to try to meet up with him where the two courses come back together.  He started in a later wave, and it wound up working out perfectly.  I waited for about 5 minutes and there he was.

I do feel some of their obstacles are getting too big.  For example, their slant wall was almost vertical, which is very hard to climb with wet and muddy shoes.  Likewise, the ropes get slick and are almost impossible (not that I could climb them anyway, but still).  However, I just skip those obstacles and move on.

Because, the course is still fun over all.  As I said, I love the back 3 miles, so it is worth getting up early to enter the early waves and do that part of it.  I also enjoy getting to be in the Rose Bowl.  I actually did a little training on stairs this year, so my legs weren’t quite as bad as they usually are after we do the stairs there three times.  They were still bad, but not as bad.

It was a fabulous day.  I just can’t quite get over that cool weather, however.  Fall is coming much too quickly for my tastes.