Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Well, my shaved head, kid's book (Annimorphs at that), and mystery novel didn't help. I'm on a jury. Now maybe if I'd shown up with Taffy Cannon's new book Open Season on Lawyers.

And the defense has his work cut out for him after today. All he seemed to do was make the prosecutions case for him. LOL. I'm not due back until Thursday morning at 10. Maybe they will have settled by then. So that gives me some time tonight and all day tomorrow to get some work done. :) And then I can work Thursday night, Friday night, and all weekend. And maybe I'll actually work during this time to boot.

Finished Evans Above last night before ultimate. Completely enjoyed it. Can't wait to start in on others in the series.

And my team won last night! 17-11. We're now 4-2. Hopefully we can knock down White to our level next week since they're currently 5-1. Personally, I had some good news/bad news at the game. They threw the disc to me several times. But I only completed the pass secessfully once. I felt so bad about it. But, they did actually throw it to me!

Well, must go. I'm going to work, and I mean it!

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