Sunday, July 30, 2006

Word Association for July 30th

I'm posting this, then heading straight to bed.

  1. Italy :: Food
  2. Honk :: Horn
  3. Shades :: Sunglasses
  4. Tool :: Shed
  5. Modern :: Times
  6. Tension :: Neck
  7. Conservative :: Liberal
  8. Weight :: Height
  9. Insurance :: Car
  10. Political :: Party

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two for the Price of One

This week features two Thursday Threesomes. Both can be found at The Back Porch.

The first is brought to us by backyard chefs.

Onesome: Cooked to?-- Okay, the easy one: if you're having grilled meat (steak/hamburger) this weekend, how would you like it cooked?
I prefer stuff medium. Cooked, but not charred.

Twosome: Medium-- to large? ...too large? What do you think of the big ol' plasma screen HDTVs available now? I mean, would you if you could?
A part of me would if I could afford it. Of course, with the small space in my condo for a TV, it would be pretty much like sitting in the front row of a movie theater all the time. So it's probably a good thing I can't afford it.

Threesome: Rare-- Footage: one of the major news services recently announced they would make archived news coverage available for personal purchase on DVD. Is there any one piece/segment/area of old news (or new) you'd like to have on your bookshelf to view "whenever"?
Not really. Although if I were in a news segment, I might be tempted to purchase it. Depending on what the event was and how I was portrayed, of course.

And this week's is brought to us by the realities of life and The Rolling Stones.

Onesome: You can't always get what you want- Have you ever wanted something really badly and had it fall through, only to look back later and realize that things ended up better for it?
When I was a student at Master's, I really wanted to be on WOW staff, their student leadership in the dorms. I didn't get it. And the next year I was so busy I barely had time to turn around. I was so glad I didn't have anything else in my life I had to do.

Twosome: But if you try sometimes- Is there anything you you've ever wanted so badly that you were willing to give up on other things while you tried to get/save up for the one big thing?
When I was in 4th Grade, I saved my money like crazy to get an Atari 2600, not buying other stuff so I could save every penny to get one. Still have it and play it occasionally, too.

Threesome: Well you just might find you get what you need- Most of us have been at spots in our lives where what we want and what we need are not always the same thing. Money's tight and that new toy you want isn't going to happen because you need to get the brakes on the car repaired or you need textbooks for school. What have you really, really wanted, but you had to give up because of practicality? And did you ever figure out how to have both the want and the need?
There are no examples springing to mind right now. Which I guess means I've lead a very blessed life.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Public Service Announcement

Tomorrow, we get the opportunity to celebrate two more great days. Not only is it Walk on Stilts Day, but it is also Take Your House Plant for a Walk Day.

Note: Management takes no responsibility for anything that happens if you try to combine the two.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Seems like that title summarizes my life right now.

This being the first weekend without game night, I don't have anything exciting to report. I spent all day home doing nothing both days.

Played poker at Yahoo for several hours. Made and lost about 500 pretend dollars over that time. Such is life.

Sunday I did go down and get the stuff changed in my wound. Probably should have done it Saturday, too, but I didn't.

Did see the wound care specialist yesterday. She decided to switch me to Calic something. Supposed to be more absorbant then the Aquasilver. And they gave me some, so I can change it myself every other day. I'd much rather do that then go down there every other day. Especially with gas prices. Plus, on days I change it myself, I get to shower. I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

So explain this to me.

Last night, I sat down to watch a little TV while eating dinner. Friends was on, so I figured that would be good. However, that channel (a local one), was broadcasting in Spanish. All the other channels were in English, and I could watch the show in English through my VCR, but if I tried to watch that channel only through the TV, it was in Spanish. This morning, it was fixed.

We had a movie night for the jr. high last night. We watched National Treasure, which is still lots of fun.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

That's Appropriate

Today is "Hot Enough for You?" Day.

Considering it has been over 110 degrees here for the last three or four days with humidity (although not like on the East Coast, I'll admit) it certainly has been hot enough for me.

I've stayed indoors almost all weekend. I'm not completely stupid.

(No comment on that, please.)

Friday, July 21, 2006


I was going to do the Thursday Threesome yesterday, but never got around to it. I could do it today, but I think you probably want an update on yesterday instead, right?


Look, just because you can't comment until I post this is no excuse for the silence. :)

Frankly, I didn't learn much at the Infusion Center yesterday. I saw a nurse who seemed to basically just know enough to do what she is told. She but in something or other that covers the wound and kills an infection that has grown in the area. It can't get wet, so I can't shower until I go back Monday. (Just don't tell my co-workers). Of course, I also don't have to change the dressing three times a day right now.

Monday, when I go back, I'm supposed to see the wound care specialist herself.

I was given a second piece of this stuff to use if the first one got too messy with gunk from the wound. I had to replace it this morning. Fortunately, the infusion center is open over the weekend. I have a feeling I'll be in there getting it replaced again. With as much as it has put out in the last few days, I don't think it will stop now, but we'll have to see.

This no getting wet stuff killed me last night. We did a relay race that Kurt has been putting together for weeks. It ended with a giant Slip N Slide. Everyone looked like they were having such fun going down it. I wanted to join in the fun. But that would have defeated the purpose of seeing the doctor yesterday, so I didn't.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Warning: This post considered by some to have way too much information. Read at your own risk.

Now that I have everyone's attention and they are committed to read from start to finish, I shall continue. :)

When I got home from work Monday, I discovered that that part of my wound that had been puffy earlier was starting to open up again. It started as a hole, but has now connected to the unhealed part, making for a wound that's about twice as big as it was Sunday.

Naturally, I was glad I had the appointment yesterday. After a quick look, the doctor said, "You should see a wound care specialist." Well, duh! I hope Dr. San learns something from all this so future patients don't have to go through five months of waiting before they get referred. Anyone, one was willing to come down and see me, but I had to wait until she was available. I was told it would be by 4, so at 4:30, I but a bandage on myself and went to ask. She'd been delayed but would be down. Sure enough, a few minutes later she came in. Frankly, didn't have too much to say other then not to worry about it opening up again. But I have an appointment to be seen in the infusion center (wound care clinic) tomorrow afternoon.

All told, I was there for oever two hours yesterday, most of it waiting to be seen. But I was finally seen by the right person. Hopefully this translates to treatment that actually works.

Plus I finished my book while I was waiting.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sometimes, You Just Can't Come Up With a Title

Especially when you just ramble about whatever happens to be on your mind at the time.

The rest of last week was fairly quiet. Which can be good and bad. It gave me time to realize what my non-healing probably means - more surgery. And considering I'm supposed to be camping with my parents in a month, that really concerns me. I need to go camping. I need the break. And if I wait until afterward, then I'm getting dangerously close to Trixie Camp with recovery time. This isn't making me happy.

Adding to the pain was not getting the recognition I thought I was going to get at epinions. I really did think I'd earned a Top Review badge in movies. Oh well. With 255 reviews over there, I can't stop now.

Meanwhile, game night is most likely winding down. Debbie has a new opportunity she wants to persue and needs to free up other time from her schedule. With Konrad and Carol leaving, it drops the regulars to three with others who come semi-regularly. Unfortunately, it seems like the natural time.

All of this combined to make me pretty unhappy Friday night. Fortunately, I had career group Bible Study that night. Being around people and focusing on God was exactly what I needed.

Saturday, I left the house around noon for a book signing. Lee Goldberg was there selling his new Monk novel. Additionally, the couple who just finished the Monk Episode Guide were also there. Naturally, I had to buy that, too.

Unfortunately, the bookstore ran out of Lee's novel. That really was upsetting because it's the next book I plan to read. Fortunately, they were doing another signing later that day, so I headed from Thousand Oaks to Westwood. And they had the book! Crisis adverted.

Of course, that meant I didn't have time to go home before game night like I had originally planned. So I showed up empty handed. But, being the nice people they are, they let me stay anyway. We played Lord of the Rings Monopoly and Kristine won.

As of Friday, I still hadn't found out when my refer appointment was going to be, so I decided to call first thing this morning to set one up. That resolve was hightened when I woke up this morning to find a swollen area at the top of where the wound had once been. I poked at a little, and all kinds of stuff came out of it.

Fortunately, when I called, they got me in to see someone tomorrow afternoon.

Unfortunately, this makes the theory that I have a track in there somewhere that needs to be opened and drained not seem as crazy as it did a week ago. But there's nothing I can do by worrying about it. I'll just have to see what they come up with tomorrow.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Word Association for July 16th

Time for today's word association.

  1. Video :: Tape (So last century, I know.)
  2. Fantasy :: Story
  3. Homework :: So Glad I Don' Have Any
  4. Crush :: Dude (thanks to that turtle from Finding Nemo)
  5. Late :: Night
  6. Husband :: Wife
  7. Soccer :: Ball
  8. Wine :: Grapes
  9. Before :: After
  10. Romantic :: Date

Friday, July 14, 2006

Upcoming Days to Celebrate

Just a heads up that this weekend has two very important days.

Saturday, July 15th, is Gummi Worm Day

Sunday, July 16th, is Ice Cream Day

Despite their poor service (waited an hour for ice cream last night), I can think of now better way to celebrate then to go down to Cold Stone Creamery and get ice cream with gummi worms in it.

Except for the fact that I don't like gummi worms or bears or anything else like that. So I'll skip Saturday's celebration and head down for some ice cream Sunday. Seems like the least I can do.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Threesome for July 13th

Gotta get this in before I go. Brought to us this week by Entertainment Tonight and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Entertainment- What's your chosen form of entertainment in your free time? Do you go to the movies, a concert or just sit and read or indulge in your hobbies?
I think yes would be the fastest answer to this question. While I did go to a concert this weekend, I usually only make one or two a year. The big ones are expensive! I watch TV, read, go to movies or watch a DVD, and hang out with friends during my free time. Yes, I'm including game night in that. So I guess you could say I play games for entertainment, too. Especially since it is true.

Twosome: Music- What's your choice for mucical entertainment? Classical, rock, pop, hip hop, a little bit of everything or something completely different? Do you have a favorite band/singer? If you could see anyone, alive or dead, perform live, who would it be?
Recently, I've pulled out a few of my soundtracks. I do enjoy certain musicals. For the most part, I like Christian music and range from adult contemporary to pop with a little folk and rock mixed in.

Threesome: and Movies- What's on your "must see" list right now? Do you actually go out to the movies or prefer to wait for the DVD?
If I don't see a movie in the theater, I generally don't wind up seeing it. I think I rent a movie once a year or something. Part of the reason is I buy lots of movies, so if I'm home and want to watch a movie, I don't get beyond my bookcase.

As to my "must see" list right now...since I saw Pirates this weekend, I can't think of anything. Heck, I'm not even sure what's coming out in the next few months. Next year, Pirates 3 and Spiderman 3 will most certainly be on my must see list.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I really haven't meant to wait a week.

Really, I hadn't meant to go this long. I even tried to blog yesterday, but Blogger was upgrading when I did. See, it's all their fault.

I had a great weekend, too. Saturday, the game night crew went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I enjoyed it, although I felt the last half hour could have been much better. Still, you'll find me in line for the third one come Memorial Day Weekend next year.

Afterward, we went to Soup Plantation for dinner then Java N Jazz to hang out and try to come up with some activities for the next few months. With Konrad and Carol gone, we're hoping to spread the load around a little more so Debbie and I don't get tired of hosting. Of course, we'd have another couple host homes if I weren't alergic to cats.

Sunday night, I went to a Kristen Chenoweth concert. I just found out about it Friday, so I wound up going alone, but I had a great time. She is quite the character, mocking herself when she forgot a lyric or something.

And I've finished my second book of the contest. I just need to get busy and review them both.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if we call the contest off. Paul hasn't had a good week and I don't think his heart is in it. But I'll let him make the call.

Yesterday, I had yet another doctor's appointment. My doctor has finally decided that he doesn't know how to get me completely healed. So I'll be seeing someone else within the next two weeks. Hope it's sooner rather then later. And hope he gives up his idea that there's a track going up to my belly button. From the sounds of things, I don't have any of the other symptoms. Plus, I really don't want yet more surgery. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Threesome for July 6th

You know the best part of a short week? On your second day of work, you get to do the Thursday Threesome.

Onesome: Counting-- Do you ever have to do any form of inventory work? ...and you think what sorts of thoughts about it? Students, you aren't out of this one: what about book returns and such?
Despite the fact that I'm an accountant, I have never had to do an inventory work. I've recorded the results of other's inventory work however. Frankly, I'm glad. It sounds to me like boring detious work.

Twosome: Pots-- Do you/have you ever done any outdoor or camping cookery? How did it go? ...any tips for the gang?
If I went camping more on my own, I'd have more stories. I have done the hot dogs over a fire thing, but obvious not enough to have any tips to share.

Threesome: and Pans-- What one pan could you simply not do without in the kitchen. Mark can maybe slide on this one, but I'm betting his deadpan humor will come up with something...
A challenge. I am tempted to loaf around and not come up with anything, but maybe with a little thought, I can rise to the occasion. If I don't, it might be like going from the frying pan into the fire. And if that hurts a quarter of what I think it will, I don't want to do that.

Of course, Dan, I actually do have a favorite pan. I couldn't live without my springform pan because I need it to make Joanne Fluke's wonderful Cherry Cheesecake. And the mixer I got for Christmas does a great job of mixing up the batter, too.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This weekend was fairly quiet and relaxed. I did nothing unless I wanted to do it. Means I didn't get nearly as much done as I planned to, but I enjoyed it.

Friday night, I actually cleaned the condo for game night Saturday. So Saturday I could just goof off until everyone showed up. Kristine made some delicious enchaladas and we played Racko until Konrad and Carol came, then we played Wise and Otherwise. Oh yeah, and Carol brought cheesecake. I still have some of that to finish off.

Unfortunately, Konrad and Carol left for Colorado on Sunday. As in permanently. :( I thought my friends understood they couldn't move any more. I got to have lunch with them and Debbie before they left, however, which was nice.

Monday, I came in for a couple hours and put together a deposit and processed first of the month donations. I just knew that it would be too crazy if I tried to do it today. And Paul moved some furniture into the condo. In fact, the only thing in his room now that is mine is the fan.

Tuesday, Debbie and I went to see Superman Returns. We both really enjoyed it, although it sure is long. I did something I never do and left as soon as the credits started. And there was a line in the restroom when I left.

Then we went back to Debbie's and had a yummy dinner of spagehtti followed by cheesecake and rootbeer floats for dessert. She had rented Failure to Launch, so we watched that and then played two games of Backgammon. We each won one, so we ended with a tie.

I did my normal beginning of July head shave over the weekend, too. (Yes, Faith, I put that in just for you.)

Didn't make it to fireworks this year. Saw a few going off as I was driving home, but not the official show. Of course, considering that I got us no where near the show last year, it was better not to try. I don't regret not going for a minute, but next year, however, I will plan well ahead, camp out, and completely enjoy.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Should July 4th Have All the Fun?

Today is the start of the dog days of summer.

Coincidentally, today is also the start of air conditioner appreciation days. And have I been appreciating mine in the 100 degree heat.

Both events run through August.

Finally, today is also compliment your mirror day.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Word Association for July 2nd

Yep, I'm doing one of these again.

  1. That :: This and
  2. Fishbowl :: Living in a
  3. Church :: and State
  4. All about :: Me
  5. Fist :: of Death
  6. Tagline :: Written by
  7. Agree :: Disagree
  8. Leak :: Evil
  9. Jessica :: Simpson
  10. Superman :: Fly