Monday, July 08, 2002

I got to see Minority Report yesterday. Great mystery, but some scenes I wish hadn't been there. Any one who's seen it probably knows what they are. A couple that were a little more graphic then I wanted. But an interesting story and plot. That part I definately loved. Will I see it again? Probably not. Was it worth seeing once? Definately.

Then we had a time for the youth staff at the Duron's. Very nice just hanging out. I led a time of worship for about 45 minutes, then we prayed for our church and all the changes going on with the senior high pastor leaving. We have a canidate coming in next weekend, so we'll have to see where God leads.

This afternoon, I was putting the finishing touches on the bank rec for June, when I suddenly found myself out of balance by $10.53. And I thought I had everything taken care of. I've narrowed it down to the deposits, but tomorrow I've got to go back through them all to see if I can figure out what happened. :( It's definately been a Monday.

This afternoon, a fire started here in Placerita Canyon, where Master's College is located. Apparently, it started here on our side of Sierra Highway, but not too long after starting jumped over to the other side. It's still probably 10-15 miles away is all. And it's near the Disney studio that's in the canyon. All afternoon, we've been treated to the sounds of helicopters flying overhead to fight the fire. Have I mentioned I'm sick of these fires? I think I mentioned the other one in this canyon last month. And we've had more in the valley then I can remember.

BTW, thanks Susan for the link to weather pixies. I like this better then the old one I had. It used to bug me that it was on east coast time and showed me the moon when the sun hadn't set yet. There probably was some way to change that, but I never figured it out.

Busy night tonight. I've got to do two loads of laundry plus go over to Seth and Keirsten's. We need to go over two weeks worth of music since they're going on vacation next week. And I'm supposed to be putting one of them together. Can it only be Monday? I just had a four day weekend, and I need another one stat.

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