Thursday, July 11, 2002

And now it's time for the Thursday Threesome, brought to you this week by the current weather in Santa Clarita and The Back Porch.

Onesome Long--Long tall drink. What's your favorite beverage, alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic?
Well, seems like I drink water by the gallon. But if I'm not drinking water, I'll take some fruit juice. As far as soda goes, my absolute favorite is A&W Rootbeer. I steer clear of alcohol. Don't want to open that potentional dangerous door.

Twosome Hot--Do you like it hot? Spicy hot food, that is!
NO!!!! I hate spicy foods. I like a little spice, but nothing that is spicy hot.

Threesome Summer--Summer makes you think of what food? What's your favorite summer recipe?
Watermellon, backed beans, corn on the cob, and BBQ's. Can't think of a special recipe I associate with summer, however.

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