Thursday, October 04, 2018

Gladiator Rock N Run 2018

I realized a couple weeks ago that I never posted about the Gladiator Rock N Run this year.  It was the last weekend of August, so it's been several weeks already.

This is the run I do every year at the Rose Bowl, so there isn't much mud.  In fact, they are pretty much just doing one small area of mud these days.  They do have ice water at another point, but that's about it.  Yet the mud is still enough for me to use the shower.

I did the 10K again this year, which is always fun.  I love running up to the dam and under the 210.  There is just something fun about all of that.

It starts out running up and down the stairs in the Rose Bowl.  Since I've been working in office buildings with several levels and I've been taking the stairs, my legs were in better shape for this part then normal.

On the other hand, they had us doing push ups or planks in weeds with thorns.  I skip that part.

Even with that, which was disappointing, I still had fun.  Sadly, this is my last mud run of the year.  Already signed up for Camp Pendleton and Irvine Lake next year, so I’m looking forward to them.