Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Well, if I can't publish this, at least it will post. And then I can publish it first thing tomorrow.

I didn't play ultimate last night. You see, there was another fire here in town, this one near the 5/14 interchange. And I didn't want to get caught in bad traffic. Plus, 100 degree heat? I've heard we lost 17-11. No one was playing well.

So instead, I went over to Mountaisa with Jeff. First time I'd been in there since they started building the restrauant he's working in. Man, is it different in there! Ate dinner at Farrell's, which was good. Then we hung out a little. We got free wrist bands, so played unlimited video games for awhile. And I've got the sore right arm to prove it. But may I just humbly say I rock at Ms. Pac-Man and Galaxya? Then we rode the go-carts and bumper boats. All in all, a fun evening.

Actually went for a bike ride this morning. I know, miracles never cease. :) My bike should work for the triathlon this weekend. But I'm going to need to take it somewhere to get it worked on. Sitting outside for 8 months wasn't good for it. Wound up going for a longer ride then I intended, so I was pressed for time getting ready for work. Had to cut out the shave. Seems like inspite of my best efforts, I'm still shaving every other day. O well. There are more important things to worry about.

The Dow has really plunged. But everyone repeat after me, this isn't all there is to the economy. This isn't all there is to the economy....

Found this quiz today. You know me, I had to take it.

I am Sally

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Funny, I figured I'd be Charlie Brown. Of course, I always say I'm related to Charlie Brown, so I guess this proves my theory. Of course, changing just one answer, I did get

I am Charlie Brown

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

But enough about me. Hope you had a good evening. This probably appeared at the same time as the Thursday Threesome. At least I hope so.

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