Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Angel reruns started Monday on TNT, and I'm already behind! Of course it's because I decided to join Jeff and Jenn down at the pool instead of watching it during the time between 7th Heaven and CSI: Miami. Was fun, but now I need to get two watched tonight.

Which means unpacking just isn't happening. And I'm ready to get stuff on my shelves.

Ok, I feel like ranting again, so here goes.

First of all, you might remember when, almost two months ago, I announced (here only) that I wasn't going to post on the Amazon customer review board any more. As soon as that had hit the blog, I got an e-mail from the friend who was banned saying he'd be reinstated. And yes, I wound up being sucked right back in.

The last couple of days have been horrid. First, a thread got out of hand and wound up with two regulars threatening each other. One of them went back and deleted his posts on the matter, which makes him look like an innocent victim, and people seem to be siding with him over the other guy, who's just vanished from the board. This guy who deleted his posts thinks he knows it all because he was a college professor and served in Vietnam. His posts to those of us who disagree with him are always condesending, so I'll be very happy if he actually leaves.

Meanwhile, we have our own little troll over there. Everytime he shows up, he posts a political message. Several of us have tried nicely to tell him to take his vile Bush hatred elsewhere, but he refuses to go. The only time he posted something at all review related was to talk about how inferier we who review for Amazon are over "real" reviewers. Naturally, that went over well.

In his latest thread, started Monday, one of the regulars has jumped to his defense, calling the rest of us hypocrits because we don't agree with him and because we don't want to get involved in flame wars over politics. Several of us called him on that, but he's just ignored us. Meanwhile, one of the people who was in the shouting match over the weekend has announced he's leaving, and spent all day yesterday on the board. Including a couple closing pot shots in that thread that were uncalled for and mean-spirited. Someone keeps posting in that thread, and the comments are deleted. Sure wish I knew who it was.

Needless to say, things have been interesting over there the last couple of days. Looks like, as always, things will quite down and everyone will think they won/were right until it all blows up again in a couple of weeks. I try to avoid most of the threads that look like problems, or I'd be ranting like this every day, I'm sure.

But, looking at the time, it's dinner time. Then comes grocery shopping and home to relax and watch TV.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Yesterday was fun, but long.

After the morning service, we loaded the kids up in the bus and took the jr. high and sr. high to the Northridge mall for a mall scavenger hunt. The day before, Becky had gone down and made up a whole lot of questions reguarding signs in store windows, number of things in the mall, etc. Then on Sunday, we broke up into teams and had to find the right answers. It was lots of fun, even if my team didn't finish near the top. And I thought we'd done so well, too.

Anyway, we got back just in time for the evening service. Afterwards, the worship team was supposed to practice, but we all decided we were too tired. So we'll be practicing during the game time of Bible study.

Of course, it'll just be high school that night. The jr. high will be at a spiritual life retreat. Yet, I'm still going since the jr. high Bible study isn't officially canceled. Why Dave won't cancel it, I have no clue, but there you are.

Meantime, a co-worker is waiting for me to take her to pick up her car. So I guess I'd better go. If I feel like it tomorrow, I'll rant about the latest on the Amazon customer review board. You know, that board I was going to stop going to a while back. I have no self-control!

BTW, still making no progress on that account I can't reconcil! Frustrates me to no end, too!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Man, I've hardly been here all week. What have I been up to?

Not much, actually. Work, going home and watching TV. Exciting stuff like that.

Went and played ultimate at the college today. First time I've had a chance since I learned "he" is in IBEX this semester. Small group, but I had fun.

Discovered last night I misset the VCR for recording Survivor Thursday night. :( I'm so used to my digital cable (not that I mind giving it up) that I set the VCR to channel three. So I got an hour of the scroll of the programs that are on. Really riviting watching. Read about the episode on the CBS site, but it wasn't the same.

In case you missed it, the recall election here in CA is back on for the 7th. But watch for the ACLU to sue over the results on the 8th. If Davis looses, and especially if Bustamonte looses as well, it will happen. Trust me.

Meanwhile, I've already spent longer here then I intended to, so I think I'm going to go home and spend some time by the pool, followed by some time working on unpacking. I guess I should get started on moving my books and DVD's from the garage to the condo at some point. :)

Don't forget, Alias season 3 starts tomorrow night! BTW, Sue, have you watched the season 1 DVD set yet? What do you think?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Morning, and welcome to this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us by the Greed and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Green- Are you ready to go from all things green to the vibrant colors of autumn? Or for those of you down under, from winter to spring green? What do you like best about the change of seasons?
Actually, fall is my least favorite season. We get high winds, and I hate wind. And the trees just kinda turn brown if they change color at all before the leaves fall off. The weather actually seems colder then winter (probably the wind again.) Just not something I look forward to.

Twosome: Eyed- Have you eyed anything lately that you absolutely had to have? Or have you had your eye on something for a while now that you want to splurge on?
Well, there’s the entertainment center I’ve been looking at. Or the I Love Lucy season 1 DVD set. But I’m trying to be good and not buy them so I can pay such things as car and condo insurance and my utility bills.

Threesome: Monster- Are you a monster movie/ thriller fan? If not, what kind of movies do you like?
I have a fascination with movies like that, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. Hardly ever watch them. I prefer comedy. Lighthearted stuff. Of a good mystery that’s not a thriller.

Monday, September 22, 2003

You can actually get around my condo with great ease. Of course, all the bookcases are bare, but that's ok, right? Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be changing that as I unload boxes. But I don't see a need to rush on that. After all, there's no deadline.

BTW, did I mention we're having 100 degree heat here right now? Yep, made things hot on Saturday. But it got done, and was still better then the time I moved in the rain.

So I'm at the SNYF last night, wearing the summer league shirt from 2000. Yes, three years ago. The last time a team of mine won the ultimate frisbee tourney (you know, the year I couldn't make it.) When one of the jr. highers points out something I've never noticed before. As part of the drawing on the back, there's a picture of someone with their hand out of a limo window giving the finger. Now why did they have to put that on the shirt? And why has no one pointed it out to me in the last three years? Since this was the only shirt I had with me, I had to keep wearing it, but it was embarrassing to find that out in a church group where I'm supposed to be setting an example.

Tonight, I must go to bed early. At the same time, it's the season premier of CSI: Miami. What to do, what to do?

And, the results of the new Bob-White quiz. I honestly thought I'd get Brian, but I didn't.

You're Trixie Belden. You're the hero. You're
impulsive and spunky, and everyone likes you,
except Mr. Lytell

Which BWG are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Not sure if this is me or not. But there you have it.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

It's done! Just popping in for a quick minute on my way from my old apartment to my new condo. This is the last trip, just went over to grab a couple last minute things and vacumm. Everything is somewhere in my new apartment. Now, the trick is finding it.

Right now, however, I need to grocery shop and eat dinner and relax. More work on stuff tomorrow. Tonight, I'm just too tired from all the work this week.

Friday, September 19, 2003

My boss just left early for the weekend, and he said we could go, too. I'm out of here to get a couple extra hours of work in on my move.

Things are going well in that front. I keep alternating between thinking I have everything under control and thinking I don't have nearly as much done. But I'm to the point where it would be as much work to move back into my old place as to keep moving into the new one, so I must be doing something right.

Looks like there will be six of us helping tomorrow, with the possibility of more. And since it'll mainly be adults this time around, things should go well. Not that I wasn't greatful for the help of the jr. highers last time, but more adults can handle more.

I really do think this will be a couple hour activity unlike last time where it took all day to move my boxes and furniture from one place to another. I know I won't be fully moved in when next I blog, but I hope to have everything in one convenient location, MY NEW CONDO!

Done with that ramble.

Kyle did fine joining the worship team last night. (Guess I forgot to blog that he did make it to practice Sunday.) The feedback I got when I asked was that he was a possitive addition to the group, which was great. And I must remember to tell him that people thought he blended in well with the guitars, which was my biggest concern.

Ok, if I'm going to take advantage of this time, I'd better get going. Have a great weekend, and relax extra for me. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Morning all! This week's Thursday Threesome is brought to us by a scientific theory and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Darwin's- Hmm... Ever run across someone who could be a Darwin awards candidate? Can you share your story? If not, what's your favorite story (true or not)?
You know the problem with these quizzes? I can always think of the perfect answer three weeks later. :) The only story I can think of right now is the guy who put the rockets on his truck to make it go faster then they was killed because he couldn’t control his truck. At least he tried this in the dessert so he didn’t hurt anyone else.

Twosome: Survival of- What kicks you into survival mode during the week? Kids? School? Driving? Spouse (nope, better leave that one alone!) The News? What makes you yearn for your next break?
Work! Is it the weekend yet? Of course, this weekend, I’ll be moving, so that’s not exactly a break. Seriously, I like my job and my co-workers. I just prefer to be doing what I want to do. But that applies to everyone, I supposed.

Threesome: the Fittest- Hey, how are you doing in the fitness wars? Are you the drill sergeant leading the troops on the five mile hikes or are you the person waiting back at camp with the chips and dip ready for when they come to their senses?
I was doing well for a while, working out at lunch time anyway. But I’m become lazy again. Right now, I’m working on stuff for the move every spare second, so I have a good excuse. Starting next week, I can’t run home at lunch like I’m used to doing, so I’ll have to start working out. No other option.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

My mind is going a million different directions at the moment.

I thought I'd found an entertainment center I liked at Wal-Mart quite by accident a few weeks ago. Went back to look at it last night, and I notice one that only $30 more that I like better. Except for one thing. It's fake cherry finish. Two problems with that. 1) I don't especially like cherry wood. 2) Every thing else I have is fake oak, except for the coffee tables, which are real oak. I was hoping to decide something by tomorrow and buy it and work on assembling it Thursday while waiting for the cable guy to come. I think I'll just move my cart over and wait a while longer.

Meanwhile, I found a place that sells the surround sound mounts like I want for $40 less then everywhere else I've looked. That's the good news. The bad news? It's the Good Guys. So I guess I'll be breaking my self-impossed boycott. Maybe in the three years I haven't bought anything from them, they've learned to treat customers better. I'm sure they've noticed that money I haven't spent there. :)

Other then that, I packed up my Trixie's last night. Must really be moving!

Really need to go home tonight and focus on getting things packed up and moved over so I can feel like I've made a little more progress. Although I did get a ton of boxes moved over last night. Scratched my new watch on the concrete wall in the process, so after only two months it's got so nice scruff marks on it. But I guess I'll live.

Monday, September 15, 2003

In my pocket right now are the keys to my new condo! And in my car are about a million copies (that I don't have to make!) Yes, I'm excited, although how I'm going to get all the furniture in there and still have room for roommates is beginning to concern me.

Actually started packing Saturday. Well, I wouldn't want to rush into anything. :) And I moved my bike and guitar over last night. The carpets should be professionally cleaned by now and dry, so I can do whatever over there tonight, although I'm just planning to put most of my boxes in the garage until the furniture is in there Saturday. 5 days!

Saturday morning, I headed down to Thousand Oaks for a book signing. One of the former writer/producers of Diagnosis Murder has started writing books based on the series, and he was signing the first one. Again, I got there late, but it was lots of fun. He and his writing partner were there and telling stories about what it's like to work in Hollywood. You guys think your characters talk back to you? Try dealing with actors and studio execs. :) Anyway, it's going to be the next book I read. Can't wait to get to it.

Jeff is moving back sometime this week. At least as of last night. But with the carpets cleaned, that won't be a problem now.

And now to the issue I've been steamed over all day. In case you haven't heard, the Ninth Circuit Court has delayed the recall election here in CA until March so that the final 6 counties can get rid of the punch card ballots. This is after sample ballots AND absentee ballots have been mailed out. Yet one of the reasons to oppose this election is because of what it's costing us tax payers.

Ok, now I will admit that punch ballots have problems. But I've been voting with them for the last six years. It's what I used to vote for Bush in 2000 and against Davis in 1998 and 2002. So, why is it they are suddenly so bad we have to postpone an election that has been announced and ballots mailed for? Somewhere on-line today, I saw that punch ballots only cause 1.63% more problems then other forms of balloting. That's right, no one has found the perfect system yet. And the problem with computer voting is much worse.

Yet, if the Supreme Court overturns this, they'll suddenly be the activist judges and not the ones who gave us this stupid ruling to begin with.

Innitially, I didn't think this election was nearly the circus that some in the media make it out to be. Now it is.

And, as long as I'm ranting about politics, I missed something in my Monday rant last week. Again, in case you missed it, Governor Davis signed a law making it legal for illegal immigrants to get driver's liscenses here in CA. Come on! Driving is a priveledge. One we shouldn't be giving to those who are breaking laws. His rational? This way they can get to work. Um, jobs they aren't supposed to have? And, since this is a legal form of identification, and there will be no note on the card that they are illegal, it will make it harder then ever to tell who is here legally and who got into our country by breaking the law.

I actually saw someone commenting that they and their friends needed illegal immigrants. If they had to pay real wages to someone, their arguement went, then they couldn't afford the lifestyle they currently had. Poor baby. They have to have a maid or gardner that they can take advantage of and under pay then do the work themselves? I certainly am not springing for a maid. You can live by doing that kind of work yourself.

Ok, it's dinner time. I think my tirade is over. :)

Friday, September 12, 2003

Basically, I think things went well, but we'll have to see.

You may or may not remember a few months back when I talked about Kyle N. suddenly showed up with his congo drum one night for Bible study expecting to play. We worked with him so he could.

Well, after months of not bringing it, he showed up with it again last night. This was after it had been explained to him that he couldn't play if he hadn't come to practice, which he never has. I got to be the heavy who told him that again and wouldn't let him play. (And believe me, we didn't need the added distraction of trying to work with him.) I guess I wasn't straight forward enough, because he asked me again a minute later when I returned from getting the music stands. At that point, I will admit I was blunt with him and told him point blank he wouldn't be playing with us. I was trying to figure out if we had words to all the songs for the group and making sure we had what we needed for the team up front since no one else seems able to figure that out for themselves.

Anyway, I was home at lunch time today, just about ready to go back when his dad calls. He was trying to figure out what happened last night. So I explained what had happened and why. He talked for quite a while. The good part is that he seemed to understand where I was coming from and wasn't angry with me. He just wanted my side of the story since Kyle come home quite upset last night. He asked me if I thought Kyle was ready to play with us. I told him I didn't see why not, but passed him off to Pastor Jon.

See, we've discussed several times just having the worship team be staff and high schoolers. So, as soon as I hung up, I called Jon to give him the heads up. We talked, and I think we aren't going to worry about what age the youth is until we have so many kids we can't work them all in. Especially since we're talking about a drum and not another guitar. :)

Obviously, we're still feeling our way through this. I need to talk to Kyle more when I'm not trying to do 20 things at once and not feeling generally well and apologize for being short with him.

Yep, yesterday, my stomach was killing me all day. Not sure why, but I'm feeling much better today. Not that I got alot of sleep last night. Woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep. About 6 I finally got up and got ready for work. Got here about 7, and I'm one of the last to leave. Ironic, isn't it? But I guess this makes up for my long lunch hour yesterday when I dozed off.

The things I do for a free meal.

In other news, escrow officially closed today. I don't think I've ever been this excited about being so far in debt I don't see how it will ever get paid off. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Welcom to this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us this week by childhood sayings and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Sticks and stones- Are you an outdoorsy sort? Would you prefer to spend all your spare time hiking, biking, swimming, etc? What's your favorite outdoor activity?
I enjoy being outdoors, and I enjoy being indoors, just depends on my mood. Favorite outdoor activities? Swimming and ultimate Frisbee of course.

Twosome: May break my bones,- Have you ever broken a bone? Or needed stitches? Or been hurt badly enough you should have gone to the hospital but didn't?
Never broken a bone or needed stitches. Yet. The only time I’ve had a serious enough problem that I needed to go to the hospital was when I had something irritating my eye. Had to drive myself, too, which wasn’t fun, trust me.

Threesome: But words will never harm me- The pen is mightier than the sword and words do truly have the power to hurt. But sometimes we slip and just can't help but vent our anger toward that slow moving driver or the jerk who cut in front of us and took the last of what we needed. What's your favorite insult to hurl? Do you try to censor yourself when the kiddos are around?
I actually try to censor myself at all times. (You’d be shocked if you knew some of the stuff that flew across my mind on the rare occasion.) Usually it’s something shocking like, “O, come on!” “What are you thinking??” Really bad stuff like that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Forgot to include my results from the President selector poll. No real surprise to me here.

1. Bush, George W. - US President (100%)
2. Libertarian Candidate (76%)
3. Buchanan, Patrick J. – Reform/Republican (71%)
4. Bayh, Senator Evan, IN - Democrat (63%)
5. McCain, Senator John, AZ- Republican (61%)
6. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (52%)
7. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (48%)
8. Phillips, Howard - Constitution (46%)
9. Lieberman Senator Joe CT - Democrat (46%)
10. Dodd, Senator Chris, CT - Democrat (44%)
11. Kucinich, Cong. Dennis, OH - Democrat (43%)
12. Gephardt, Cong. Dick, MO - Democrat (42%)
13. Feinstein, Senator Dianne, CA - Democrat (42%)
14. Biden, Senator Joe, DE - Democrat (41%)
15. Daschle, Senate Minority Leader Tom, SD - Democrat (40%)
16. Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham, NY - Democrat (40%)
17. Leahy, Patrick Senator, Vermont - Democrat (38%)
18. Graham, Senator Bob, FL - Democrat (36%)
19. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (33%)
20. Kaptur, Cong. Marcy, OH - Democrat (32%)
21. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol IL - Democrat (31%)
22. Feingold, Senator Russ, WI - Democrat (26%)
23. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (25%)
24. Bradley, Former Senator Bill NJ - Democrat (21%)
25. Hagelin, John - Natural Law (21%)
26. Jackson, Cong. Jesse Jr., IL - Democrat (19%)
27. Gore, Former Vice-President Al - Democrat (19%)
28. Clark, Retired Army General Wesley K "Wes" Arkansas - Democrat (16%)
29. Green Party Candidate (10%)
30. Vilsack, Governor. Tom IA - Democrat (10%)
31. Socialist Candidate (8%)
32. Hart, Former Senator Gary, CO - Democrat (3%)
33. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. - Democrat (0%)

Thanks to Misty and Aleta for the link.

Then there's this one for CA governor.

1. Bill Simon (dropped out) (36%)
2. Tom McClintock (73%)
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger (39%)
4. Gray Davis (26%)
5. Peter Ueberroth (dropped out) (18%)
6. Gary Coleman (5%)
7. Cruz Bustamante (4%)
8. Audie Bock (3%)
9. Peter Camejo (0%)
10. Angelyne (0%)
11. Arianna Huffington (0%)
12. Larry Flynt (0%)
13. Mary Carey (0%

Anyone want to tell me why Bill Simon is top on my list? But this does confirm who I was already planning on voting for.
I feel like I'm running in a million different directions right now.

Called utility companies and set up the switch over in utilities. In spite of every one's best efforts, I'm going with standard cable. Aparently, there's a satelite dish at the condo, but I'm too addicted to TV to use that. I need to be able to record something and watch something else. Especially with multiple roommates. The only people I forgot to call is my current cable company to stop my service with them.

Meanwhile, I'm really hooked on Six Strokes Under. It's a weird mix of sports book and mystery that I'm actually enjoying. And I'm getting drawn into the sports scenes, too. I so wished I could have kept reading when lunch time was over. And tonight, I'm planning to call home before the convention comes over to watch the Enterprise season premier.

Advise from someone? I'm trying to decide if I should have my carpets professionally done, or if I can just rent a Rug Doctor and save $100. The previous owners of my condo had two cats, so I need to make sure all the cat dander is gone. But I don't want to spend any money I don't have to. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Fortunately, comments are back, so I can actually read them if you offer them to me! :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Got a call this morning saying the loan docks were at the escrow office for me to sign. So, instead of going home at lunch time, I headed out there. Unfortunately, I also found out that to have my property taxes impounded every month (like I've already agreed to have happen), they were going to take 9 months worth. I had things calculated down to the penny, but that was much more then I expected them to be. So, I came back and asked for a payroll advance to cover the added months. Then I went to the bank and got a cashier's check for the rest of my downpayment and the closing costs. And you know what? I'm not even scared about how big the check is. Guess I've been getting used to it over the last month, because otherwise it would have killed me.

The worst part is that I had to get the advance. I was seriously hoping I wouldn't have to. With payday being Friday, it would have been nice. But I'll be paying that off for the next 5 months. O well.

Anyway, I'll be dropping the check off tonight on my way to the final walkthrough. By signing the papers today, escrow will hopefully close on Friday. That's still the target. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Yet at the same time dreading the work of packing, even though half my stuff is still in boxes. Really wish I could just wave my arms and everything would suddenly be moved. But since this isn't Bewitched, I'll plan on working like crazy after work all next week.

I think the excitement of my countdown (11 days), is because that's when the move will actually be over. Then comes the funner work of unpacking. But it's still work. Hopefully, by the end of the month, things will be organized and I can relax and enjoy my new place completely.

Monday, September 08, 2003

My weekend felt like a three day weekend, which was nice.

Of course, it was a two and a half day weekend.

Friday afternoon with OtherSeth at Magic Mountain was fun. I'd forgotten just how much you can do in that park when no one's there. We didn't get there until after 2PM, yet we rode all the major rides, including the new one, and were out of the park by 5:30PM. The only downside was that it was HOT in the sun. Probably up around 100.

Then Friday night, Mom and Dad came into town on their way back to Northern CA from Colorado. Via Phoenix and me. Spent the night with them, then we went out and looked at my new condo Saturday morning. They were very impressed. That afternoon, we hung around the trailer and did laundry. Not the most thrilling visit, but it was great to see them.

Then Saturday night I went home AND DID MY LAST TWO LOADS OF LAUNDRY HAVING TO PAY WITH QUARTERS!!!!!!!!!!! And why would that be again? Because escrow closes Friday and I move in 12 days! Frankly, it couldn't come any sooner. Friday, I did a load of towels and had to dry them twice. That's just way too annoying.

Sunday we had our first worship team practice before evening service. Went fine, but having to be at church at 5 sure does break up my afternoon. Of course, in a couple weeks, I won't have to leave until 4:50, which will be nice.

And, you knew this day would come, but I must once again talk a little politics. Something I have to get off my chest reguarding the governor's race here in CA.

First, Arnold is all but accused of being anti-immigrant, and therefore, a hypocrit. And why? Because he voted for proposition 187. Now, for those of you outside CA, here's what they proposition made the law of the state. Illegal immigrants were treated only for emergency procedures in state hospitals. Other then that, they didn't qualify for welfare of anything else the state of CA gives to the poor. And why is that? BECAUSE THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!!!! Yes, it makes life harder for legal immigrants. It would be nice if it didn't. But there's no other way to treat people who come here by breaking the law. See, there's a big difference between what Arnold did and what these people are doing. Any body who actually uses their brain would see that.

Not that it made any difference. The courts, in all their wisdom, overturned the law.

Now, Governor Davis is attacking Arnold, saying anyone who can't pronounce California shouldn't be it's governor. Now, Arnold as governor does scare me, but not for that reason. I don't think he really knows what he's doing to lead our state, and there are other people better qualified. But the fact that he has an accent isn't one of the issues I'm concerned with. And, the majority of the media isn't even bothering to report on this.

Meanwhile, we've got the only Democrat who broke ranks not wanting to break his ties to MEChA. I had some dealings with them and other clubs when I was going to the junior college. Frankly, they would scare me if they were anything but talk. But they are a racist group. (Wait, they are racists against European Americans. Can I call them that?) And the fact that he won't call them on it really bothers me. Unfortunately, I see him as being our next governor because I think Davis is toast. Hope so, anyway.

And, to end on a lighter note:

Hello! Someone call the hair police. It's called a
brush my friend. Use it.

What kind of hair do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Um, a brush would require me to have some hair before I could use it! :) (Told you it was a lighter note.)

Friday, September 05, 2003

My gas theory sorta worked. When I bought gas Wednesday night (and my 3 gallon light was starting to come on), it had dropped! To all of $2.05 a gallon. Last night when I drove by on my way home from Bible Study, it had gone down again. To $2.03. With prices falling this fast, I'll be able to afford everything here pretty quick.

Yep, there's a reason I'm blogging this early. I'm leaving the office for the day in 8 minutes. Heading over to Magic Mountain this afternoon with Seth. Hopefully the park will be empty, so we can make ourselves sick on the rollercoasters. Actually, I haven't been since they openned the newest coaster, so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I've only been on the last coaster they built once.

And Mom called about an hour ago to say they're leaving Phoenix just now. They'll be here before I'm ready for them, but this is the way my schedule worked out. They're leaving an hour before I thought they would. :) Looking forward to seeing them and showing off my new condo.

Haven't heard from Jeff. But I don't expect to before this weekend sometime. Really didn't expect him to show up this weekend like he mentioned. But we'll see. Not that I'll be home again until late Saturday.

And that's my life at noon on a Friday. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Quiz day here at RR. Starting off with Mary's Tuesday Two.

1. Name a moment/incident/storyline in a book that you’ve never been able to forget
I’ve been trying, and I really can’t remember any life changing storylines in books. I’ve enjoyed the stories in the last few Thoene books. But a scene I’ve never forgotten is Honey trying to act like a gangster in the barn loft in book number 2.

2. What is your favorite first line of a novel?
“Nothing. Nothing but nothing. She stood in the middle of nothing and turned in a small circle. Everywhere she looked, everywhere, she saw nothing.” Sandy Dengler – Taste of Victory.

And now, for this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us by traffic lights and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Red- Stop! Take a moment from your busy day and let us know what it's like now that the kids are back in school. Hey, even if you don't have kids, I'm betting the traffic pattern has changed on your commute! ...and not for the better, -eh?
Actually, my commute doesn’t change that much between summer and school. Probably because of how close I am to work. Don’t know what effect it will have in 16 days when I move.

Meanwhile, there is life on campus again for the first time in months. It really does start to feel dead when the students are gone. Even though I don’t talk to that many on a daily basis, just seeing them outside the windows changes something.

Twosome: Yellow- The leaves will be yellow and gold soon in New England! Who's your team this year? Oh, college of course! (Okay, you can go NFL if you'd like ...)
Master’s, duh! Never mind the facts that I don’t even follow them and we don’t have a football team.

Threesome: Green- Go ahead, tell us what is happening in your neck of the woods as Autumn approaches. I've heard tales of the ash trees turning golden in Pennsylvania while central California is still in triple digits. What are you seeing when you're out on your porch?
Autumn? I think I’ve heard about that season somewhere. Things do cool off, but not until mid to late October. Still around 95 every day here and likely to be that way for quite some time. We get lots of wind during October and November. Some trees do loose their leaves, but nothing like in other parts of the country.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

ACK! It's already 5!! Really need to get going since tonight is worship team practice. Last one on a Wednesday, however. We're switching to Sunday on Sunday.

Went and looked at a couch last night. Not convienced that it was that much better then what I already had. But they mentioned a place that seems to have great deals on their furniture. Maybe I can snag something there.

And I need to look at mattresses for bunk beds, too, so if roommates need them, I've got them.

For example Jeff. He called today because he's thinking of moving back to the area. Initially, he just wanted to move in for a couple weeks until he could figure something else out. But I think he's going to move into the new place. It'll be fun having him as a roommate again. If he does indeed move back here. We'll just have to see.

Still don't have my Alias set yet. I'm expecting it in tomorrow's mail.

Meanwhile, it's dinner time. Gotta run.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I was a good little boy the rest of the weekend. Didn't spend a dime I didn't have to. In fact, didn't spend a dime I should have, like gas. I'm gambling that gas prices will go down tomorrow since Labor day is over with. Here's hoping. They're at $2.09/gallon at the cheapest station here in town at the moment.

Got a new neighbor in my apartment this weekend. My last neighbors moved out over the fourth of July weekend. And they are certainly making me look forward more to my move. (Only 18 days.) Saturday, at 10 PM, they stick in a movie. And the walls start rattling. I went over and asked them to turn it down, which they did no problem, but we were back to it being that load Sunday and Monday. Just hope I don't walk into a situation like that at my new place.

Anyway, I went through Beauty and the Beast this weekend. Only 11 months after the DVD came out. I love that movie! And I watched part of my Rocky and Bullwinkle season 1 set. Meanwhile, remember that Alias season 1 came out today!

Monday, however, I took a different tack and read as much as possible. Finished Murder Pans Out that way, reading over 3/4 of it.

In between reading, I had the guys over and we watched 3 episodes of Babylon 5. Mikey, their new driver (so I don't have to drive after I've moved), seemed to like the show. And doesn't seem too lost, which is good considering we're about to finish season 2.

Then Seth and I went out to dinner and he came over and we watched Spider-Man. So basically, I had a nice relaxing weekend.

Now I come back to reality and work. What a bummer. :(