Sunday, October 31, 2004

Word Association for Oct 31st

Happy Halloween! And now that that's out of the way, time for this week's word association.

  1. Right now:: Current
  2. Halloween:: Today
  3. Provider:: Worker
  4. Rescue me:: From Evil
  5. Confidence:: I Can Do It
  6. Fungus:: Mushroom
  7. Candy corn:: Not as good as others claim
  8. Reunion:: Class
  9. Winner:: Loser
  10. Tradition:: Fiddler on the Roof

Friday, October 29, 2004

Hopefully This One Takes

I really did try to post Wednesday. I had a great post all typed up, hit submit, and Blogger decided to go down and loose it for me. :( So I blame them for my lack of a post on Wednesday.

I went to the doctor Tuesday about my cough. Gave me some medicine that seems to be helping, although it's been a little worse today. Maybe because I went to bed last and got up early for class. I'll have to try to go to bed earlier tonight.

Of course, I couldn't start my medicine until Wednesday, so my cough decided to give me one last night to remember it by. Tuesday night I was up half the night trying to cough up a lung. I was beat Wednesday morning, so I skipped class and came into work late. Got some great notes from a student today, which I really appreciate. Basically, this has not been a good week sleep wise. Which is unfortunate since tomorrow is Disney day. Some friends and I are meeting up with Angelique at 8 AM tomorrow. It's always a long day, but tons of fun.

In other news, we had an explosion here on campus Tuesday. No, it wasn't like that. A fire inspector came through Monday and found some chemicals in our science lab that were old. He told us to dispose of them properly. Well, early the next morning, someone else saw the report and paniced. Sent fire trucks and the bomb squad out to take care of those chemicals for us. My understanding is this was an overreaction, but they dug a safe hole and blew them up. Rattled the windows, but that was about all, except for the bad publicity this will give us with our neighbors.

Speaking of bad publicity, I forgot a story from this last weekend. A group of us that were in the same van were having lunch at McDonalds. Many had Bush/Cheney shirts and/or stickers on. I was cleaning up my table when the rest went outside and I heard this one woman comment really loudly, "What is wrong with those people? Are they all brainwashed or something?" I didn't say anything, although I felt like it. Nice tolerance there, lady.

Let's see, what else is going on.

Didn't play guitar last night since I had missed practice Sunday night. But I did put the powerpoint slides together in 20 minutes once the others finally showed up and I found out I needed to. Fortunately, I had brought my disc with that info on it with me. And I had the songbooks in my car as back up if I needed them.

Think that's about it. Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will. You can't go wrong with Disneyland!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Thursday Threesome for October 28th

Hopefully this will work, unlike last night's post.

Anyway, this week's Thursday Threesome is brought to us by furniture makers and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Roll-- On a roll lately? What have you been up to where things just keep falling into place (maybe you're a Red Sox fan)? Yeah, what's working (even if it's just the TV)?
Getting the Frisbee golf together for the jr. highers went well. But still haven't gotten ahold of the guy to return his discs to him. Last weekend came together, and this weekend's trip to Disneyland seems to be coming together as well.

Twosome: Top-- Top of the world? What's the highest point you've ever been? No, the airliner doesn't count, I'm talking about standing somewhere . Have you made it to the roof? ...the Eiffel Tower? Mt. McKinley? How high is high for you?
I've been to the Dead Sea. O wait, the question is the highest point I've ever been. I've been in the Canadian Rockies (not the US Rockies, however). Getting to my parents, I regularly cross a 4000 foot peak. I'm really not sure where the highest place I've ever been is. Hope that's not too pathetic.

Threesome: Desk-- Hey, what type of setup do you have for your computer work? Are you working from a laptop while sitting on the couch? ...or maybe you have a high tech workstation/hutch combo with mood lighting and soothing music? No? How about the kitchen table? Where do you post and work from?
My computer at home is a desk top and it sits on a cheap computer cart with wheels we got so I could roll it around my dorm room years ago. The printer sits on my old desk next to it. Nothing fancy. Just a step up from the kitchen table.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Catching up on Memes

We'll start with the word association I missed because I was out of state Sunday.

  1. Blackout:: Power Outage
  2. Platinum:: Plated
  3. Leather and lace:: Odd Combination
  4. Court:: Reporter
  5. Mind your own business:: Leave Me Alone
  6. Gambling:: Vegas
  7. Lily:: of the Valley
  8. Evasive:: Action
  9. Turn-on:: the TV
  10. Suspect:: Murder

Evasive Action? Must still have Star Trek on the brain.

Now today's TV Tuesday. The topic is animal shows.

1. What's your favorite or least favorite "wildlife" show? Why?
I used to watch Wild, Wild World of Animals or whatever it was called on PBS when I was under 10. Don't remember much other then I really enjoyed it. Can't stand Crocodile Hunter. That kind of danger really raises my adreline.

2. Who's your favorite animal TV star?
Don't have one.

3. What animal (pet or wildlife) shows do you watch?

~Bonus~ For pet lovers, if your pets had their own TV show what would it be called? Why?
I don't have a pet, but any animal show I was on would be called "Get That Thing Away from Me" because of my allergies. I'll wait by the phone waiting for Animal Planet to call. :)

Monday, October 25, 2004

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Until I come home and post about it on my blog. (It's sorta like that Trixie camp rule).

Yes, that's right, I spent the weekend in Vegas. And boy are my legs tired.

See, I went with STOMP, Strategic Taskforce to Organize and Mobilize People. (Yes, Matt, I really did look it up. This is that it stands for.) Went with Matt and a bunch of other people from town. We went to campaign for President Bush, and Congressman Porter. Basically, we walked neighborhoods leaving campaign literature on front doors. So yes, it involved lots and lots and lots of walking. And did I mention that we walked?

We left Friday night after work. Right after work. Which is why my being late to dinner mattered. Of course, they had sandwiches for us, so we didn't have to rush to dinner. Anyway, we got a late start waiting for a few people to show up, so we didn't get to Vegas until after midnight. Naturally, I went right to bed (really!) and slept. Even so, it was after 1 before I was asleep.

Saturday started early. We left the hotel by 9 AM and by van went to Henderson, right next to Vegas. And we started walking. We started with each person being assigned a neighborhood. We broke for lunch and most everyone finished their neighborhood in the early afternoon. So they picked us up and gave us new neighborhoods in groups. My groups of three finished our new neighborhood as well before we were picked up and taken to dinner. It was at a sports bar with the World Series game going full force. But not that many people stayed very long. Still, Matt and I had a hard time getting a rid back to the hotel, which was kind of a necessity. We had already bought tickets for Star Trek: The Experience.

And let me tell you, if you're a ST fan and ever in Vegas, it's worth the money. They now have two attractions. The original one is Klingon Encounter, which is a simulator ride. They incorporate several actors from Next Gen in it. We're about to board a simulator when suddenly we find ourselves on the deck of the Enterprise. Which is truly amazing since they really transformed the room while we were in the dark. I couldn't believe my eyes. They take us to several sets including the bridge and a transport tube before we get in a shuttle (the actual simulator: think Star Tours at Disneyland). After that, it's a standard simulator ride getting us back to our time.

New (and Matt had never been on it), is Borg Encounter 4-D. After the set-up, this one turns out to be a 3-D ride with things happening to us (things poking you, wind blowing, etc.). We're on board a space station when the borg attack. They try to get us to shuttle and get us out of harms way, but the Borg are following us. Frankly, even though I knew they wouldn't harm us, this was very creapy. Of course, the Borg always creap me out. Anyway, once we get in the theater, our shuttle needs to get away. The Doctor and Janeyway from Voyager make appearances in this one.

In addition to the two rides, which are very well done, they have exhibits of props and a timeline. Naturally, there's a giftshop, which sells all kinds of Star Trek stuff. I didn't buy anything, but Matt did buy a book. There's also a restaurant based on one from Deep Space Nine, but it was closed for a private party that night. I was really bummed.

We had talked about walking the strip and at least looking at the outsides of some of the famous hotels. We didn't for two reasons. First, I barely made it back to our hotel. Second, we spent lots of time in the museum part of the attraction. Matt blames it on me looking at stuff, but since this is my blog, we'll post the truth. Matt was reading much of it. Which was fine in the long run. But don't tell him I said that.

The stupid part about this was that we were on our feet all night after having been walking all day. I was beat by the time we got back, but Matt and I got to talking and didn't go to sleep until Midnight.

Sunday was up early again and more walking delivering literature. This time, they sent us out in pairs. Matt and I borrowed a cel phone and tackled several neighborhoods together, which was much more fun then doing it myself the day before. Plus the fact that I could leave extra stuff in his backpack. (What's the point of having friends if you can't take advantage of them?) I was stiff in the morning, but once I started walking, I stopped hurting. We finished up about 2 and headed back to the hotel. There was a delay with the bus, so I was able to ride the rollercoaster in our hotel before we left. Called Speed, it was short but memorable. And expensive. Still, money well spent.

All told, we got back very late last night. But I didn't let that stop me from finishing my book. Hey, I only had 30 pages to go. And I really did enjoy A Penny for Your Thoughts. The others in the series will be on my Christmas list for sure.

Frankly, I often thought about backing out. I kept hearing stories about the robberies and vandalism going on at Republican headquarters all over the country and wondered if we'd be safe. Personally, everyone I did talk to (people out in their yard) were friendly. Some people did have problems with angry Democrats yelling at them and following them around removing their literature. Fortunately, I didn't have any of that happen to me because I don't know what I would have done. Nevada has had early voting for a week already, and I was surprised at the number of people who told me they'd already voted. I guess about half of their voting takes place before the election. Personally, I dont' feel right unless I'm voting on election day, so I'll wait another week and a day, thank you very much. :) Anyway, I'm glad I didn't back out because it was a fun and tiring trip and I feel we did some good. Heck, we ran out of literature to pass out both days from at least one of our three pieces. And they were surprised at how much more we were able to do then they had planned for us to do. Apparently, this stuff really does make a difference. There were Democrats out doing the same on Sunday, lots of us saw them. So we'll just have to see which grassroots campaign is more effective.

I'm paying for the weekend today, however. When I sit too long, I find myself walking around like an old man. And my cough, which was getting so much better, is so bad it literally hurts. More sleep seems like a good idea. I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

I was glad I got up for class this morning, however. We got our midterms from last week back! And I got a 92. I think he misgraded one of my answers, but I'll let it go. It's only a point and I'm in A- territory. I'm very happy about the result.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Little News

Really don't have that much to report tonight. Wednesday night went off as planned. I feel even more strongly this time around then I did before. Murder with Peacocks is a funny book but a very poor mystery. Donna Andrews seemed to better balance the humor with a good mystery plot in her later books in the series.

I blew it for the first song at worship last night. The others went fine. I don't know what it is that makes it so I can't play with Jared on some songs, but I wish it would quit. I don't know about him, but it frustrates me. Especially since we'd done just fine a few minutes before we started.

This is alumni weekend here at the college. Had a chance to catch up with Brian, a good friend from the first time I was a student here. Heck, my junior year, we were inseperable. Then he went to IBEX and we didn't hang out as much when he got back. Anyway, it was nice to catch up with him for a few minutes. And I found out he reads my blog. So I guess I'd better watch what I say about him. :) Hi Brian!

Speaking of which, looks like Matt's nephew may be stopping by tonight, too, so I guess I'd better say hi to him as well. Hi Chris!

And on that note, I'd better take off for dinner. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thursday Threesome for October 21st

Welcome to this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us this week by directors and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Lights!- What do you think of the trend to light up houses for *every* holiday? It used to be just Christmas and maybe Halloween, but lately the stores have been full of Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day lights. Oh, and Thanksgiving/Autumn and...
I've only seen Christmas and Halloween lights around here. Personally, I think it should stick to Christmas. And I can't wait to get my Christmas lights up this year. After all, I finally bought some after years of talking about it.

Twosome: Camera!- What's your preference? Digital or film, black and white or color, portraits, candids, or just whatever catches your eye?
35mm film color prints. I'd finally have a way to print out digital myself, but prefer to get them on film and then get a photo CD in addition. Of course, if I had digital, I'd already have my pictures that I took from my brother's wedding instead of them being in my camera.

Threesome: Action!- Do you have a favorite sport? Do you follow the local high school or college team, trek to the kids' games each weekend or are you all about the pros?
I don't have a sport I like to watch, and I don't have kids, so I don't have to go to any. But if we're talking about playing, I love ultimate Frisbee, in spite of the fact that I've hardly played it recently.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Ok, so it was a small group.

Monday night I went to that book club meeting that Joanne Fluke was at to promote/sign Sugar Cookie Murder. When she was discussing what was coming next, she started by saying that she's finished Peach Cobbler Murder, which is coming in March, and that she's working on the next book, Cherry Cheesecake Murder. At that point, I let out an enthusiastic "YES!!!!" and raised my hand in the air. I've been campaigning for that title for two and a half years. I'm very excited. No word on if she'll actually have poison be the murder weapon, which I've also been campaigning for, but I rather doubt she will. This is enough of a victory for me since it's the only one I ever expected to win.

Amazing what I can get excited about, isn't it? And, yes, I did overreact. It just kinda happened and I realized what I'd done two seconds later. :)

Other then that, I've been studying for my mid-term this morning. It went surprising well. I think I did fine. Would have done better if it was multiple choice instead of short answer. But I feel very confident with what I did answer. Should have at least a B easily if not an A.

And has it been raining the last couple of days. Mostly a light rain off and on, but it really decided to come down last night. Led to flooding here in the canyon like it always does. But a trailer park entrance got blocked by water and debre last night. No one hurt, in danger, no damage, so that's a good thing. And one of the birch trees on campus blew down in some wind last night. The sun's been trying to come back today, so I think this storm is over. Frankly, it's been nice. I could use a lot more rain this winter.

Matt has too much homework to do tonight, so it looks like the Matts won't be coming over. So plans are to watch 7th Heaven, Lost, and finish Murder with Peacocks. Sounds like a great evening to me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Meme Time

So, guess it's time to catch up on Meme's again. Starting with Sunday's word association.

  1. Dimension:: Another
  2. Roger:: That
  3. CSI:: Great Shows
  4. Passenger:: Plane
  5. Thankful:: Thanksgiving
  6. Has-been:: Hasn't done anything in a long time
  7. Bambino:: Should know what this is
  8. Wrinkles:: Face
  9. Cable TV:: Great!!!!
  10. Voicemail:: Phone Tag

And now, today's TV Tuesday. I think it's going to be easy for me this week. :)

1. Do you watch home shows regularly? If so, which ones?
No, although I did watch This Old House and another couple on PBS for a while when I was in high school. My parents really liked them.

2. Have you ever followed a tip that you learned from a home show or TV?
No, although my parents used info from some of those shows to cut back a wall in their house.

3. What is the best (worst,stupidest,coolest...) thing you've ever seen on a home show?
Been so long, I don't really remember.

~Bonus~ If your home had it's own show what would it be called? Why?
Too Much Stuff in Such a Small Space. I think it's rather self-explanatory. :)

Monday, October 18, 2004

It's Raining Today!

And rain is wonderful. In the proper season of fall and winter of course. :)

Actually, it started Saturday night. I'd opened my window to let some cool air in and a few minutes later couldn't figure out what that strange noise coming from outside was. Turns out, it was rain. It's been raining on and off, mostly off, ever since. Not too hard, but enough to count as rain, that's for sure.

Saturday, we had a video scavenger hunt with the youth. Thought we might cancel because very few people seemed to think they were coming Thursday night, but 15 kids showed up, so we went for it. Broke up into three teams of 5. Even brought my team to my condo for a couple of the items. (Everyone in a bathtube and Trick or Treating.) Basically, the idea is to get everyone to do random things on tape. Like a female trying on a formal. Or someone proposing to a stranger. I had fun. Hope the kids did, too. They seemed to.

Earlier in the day, I headed down to Mysteries to Die For to a signing with Diana Killian. Bought both High Rhymes and Verse of the Vampyre for my aunt for Christmas. It was nice to meet her after two books.

Of course, this met I got no studying done Saturday.

Yesterday, I came to the caf for lunch since a friend was supposed to be in town. She didn't wind up making it, but I had a nice lunch with the Matts and Casey. Got home in time to talk to my family, then I headed over to church. And we had a SNYF last night. So I got no studying done yesterday, either.

Did study at lunch time today.

Won't get too much done tonight since tonight's the night that Joanne Fluke will be at my local library signing her new book. And I'd told her I'm going so she'd bring my new poster.

Good thing my grade doesn't really matter, right?

Friday, I got my latest ebay purchase. Both of Evie's Christmas records. She was an early Christian artist that my parents and I love. Her Christmas albums are must listen tos every year. They're long out of print, so I got a copy on CD with them. They sound incredible! Better then I had hoped for. And I didn't even scratch one of them up when my CD player in the car tried to eat it and not spit it out again. I wonder if it's going to go bad soon. Maybe I should stick to easily replaced CD's for a while to make sure. If I loose a CD, I'd prefer it be one I can get a new copy of easily.

But I should head to dinner so that I can get to the signing on time. With getting off work late like this, it's hard to get back on that side of town by 6:30.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thursday Threesome for October 14th

Maybe I should get this done. Brought to us this week by Lechtures (anyone else remember that chain?) and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Kitchen- What's your favorite room in your place? Do you migrate towards the kitchen, or prefer to cozy up in the living room?
Well, if it's by how much time I spend there, my bedroom because that's where I hang out and watch my stuff to not annoy my roommates. :) I love being in the living room since it's so rare. And I really enjoy being out on the patio, too.

Twosome: Gadget- What's your favorite gadget type item and why?
My pocketknife? I really don't have that many gadgets I use, unless you are going to include a VCR in that. I use mine so much it's unbelieveable.

Threesome: Store- What's your favorite store, even if you never actually buy anything there?
I still miss Crime Time Books. And still love bookstores. I know that's not specific, but it certainly works. I've lost my love of the Disney Store since they seem to focus so much more on kid's clothes then they used to.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How is it some weeks escape me?

It's Wednesday night already. That's mostly a good thing, but I have so much to do still. Maybe I should stop procrastinating.

Still need to select songs for tomorrow night and create powerpoint slides.

Still have 4.5 chapters to finish for my mid-term next week.

And I have a youth group activity this weekend.

So what have I been doing? Not too much.

Donald and Heather were down for a visit this weekend. I spent much of the weekend hanging out with them, which was lots of fun. Saturday night Donald's sister and brother-in-law hosted a party for them, and we played a game called "Hear Me Out." Lots of fun even if I didn't win. :( Sunday I took them to lunch (I think I probably still owe them a meal) and Donald tried to change my shower head. Then we went to Borders were I talked him into buying You've Got Murder.

And speaking of Donna Andrews, I'm rereading Murder with Peacocks even though I should be focusing on my class right now. Bad, Mark! Bad!

Didn't have worship team practice because Scott will be out of town tomorrow night and Jared was sick. Which is why tonight before the Matts show up I'll be figuring out what songs we're doing tomorrow night.

Because I stayed up way too late over the weekend, my cough was worse on Monday, but it seems to be getting better again. Maybe I should try getting a decent amount of sleep until all this is over.

Saturday night we had a very full house. Tom had a friend visiting for a week (left last night) plus a friend of Benjamin and Drew's spent the night. I was glad Donald and Heather came over Sunday so I could prove that I had friends. :)

Think that's the big news around here. And if I post this right now, I can leave for dinner!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

TV Tuesday for October 12th

There are weeks I think if I didn't do Meme's on a regular basis, I wouldn't wind up posting anything.

Today's entry is the TV Tuesday for the week.

1. Is there a new show that's caught your attention? Good or bad?
Two of them. Veronica Mars, a mystery show staring a high schooler on UPN. This show has some intriguing characters with a great on-going story about the murder of her best friend. I can't wait for the third episode tonight. Also, Lost, JJ Abram's new show. Somehow, he's managed to take the premise of survivors stranded on an island and made it really intriguing. I can't wait to see what happens next.

2. Were there any season premieres you were just dying to see? Did they live up to the wait?
The ones I'm waiting for most are Alias and 24, both of which don't premier until January. So I'll let you know then. :)

3. What's your all time favorite season or show premiere?
Mary Tyler Moore. I very seldom truly like a show premiere. There is too much back story type stuff and too many characters coming too fast for it to work. But I think that episode is one of the best ever done. Introduces everyone and everything in a logical way while still being truly funny.

~Bonus~ Did you ever end up liking a show that you disliked the premiere of? Which show? Why?
As I just said, most series premiers aren't my favorites because everything is being introduced. I don't judge a series until I'm at least two or three episodes in at the earliest. Alias I was only marginally impressed with, but now I love it. Now I love the pilot, too. That's just one example. A pilot I love is rarer then one I don't like.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Word Association for October 10th

Still got three hours my time to get this finished. So let's get started. As always, found here.

  1. Spacious:: Apartment
  2. Crash:: Boom Bang
  3. Autobiography:: Famous Person
  4. Sparkly:: Fire
  5. Wild Thing:: "You Make My Heart Sing"
  6. Haagen-Das:: Ice Cream
  7. Sci-fi:: Fantasy
  8. Voice:: Over
  9. Boy Scouts:: Merrit Badges
  10. Grief:: Sad

Friday, October 08, 2004

Do You Have Anything to Stop This Coughing?

So Monday night I wasn't feeling well. Tuesday, I accidentally overslept and got to work late. But I also started to feel better. By Wednesday, I was feeling fine. Except for this cough.

It's gotten so much worse this week, and I have no idea why. Seems sometimes I can't even talk without trying to hack up a lung. And forget about singing or laughing. Wednesday it was so bad I actually had sore neck and sholder muscles Thursday. But it's better today. Wish it would just go completely away.

Let's see. I got Aladdin Tuesday and watched it right away. Still a great movie. In fact, I'd forgotten how much I liked it. And watched about half the bonus features, too. Hopefully get through those this weekend.

Worship was interesting Thursday. We all seemed a little off. My turn came on "Only the Blood." Sometimes I can start that song just fine, and others it's really bad. And it was really bad last night. Needed to take a deep breath. Don't know why I was so nervous.

And today I had them come to fix the holes in my ceiling from the leak a couple weeks back. They were supposed to come between 8 and 8:30. They showed up at 9:30. Then they took 3 hours to fix it. The good news is it's completely fixed. But honestly, why should it take that long? The guy would disappear to his car for 30 minutes for no good reason. That kind of thing. I'm happy to have it fixed, but I really didn't want to take half a day of vacation time to do it. I'm thinking about calling the company and complaining, but I should probably sleep on it.

Meanwhile, i see by the big hand on the clock that it's time to head to dinner. Blog at ya later!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thursday Threesome for October 7, 2004

These late Thursday Threesomes are becoming a habit with me, aren't they? Anyway, here's this week's, brought to us by the sky and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Wild-- Whoa! ...wild times lately! Florida and neighboring states have been blown away; the Northeast has been deluged; California is shakin' again; and the Pacific Northwest is getting ready to erupt. Okay, what's too wild for you? What will you live with and what do you want to stay far, far away from?
I'm ok with earthquakes, but keep me away from tornados and hurricanes. Which is why it's a good think I live in CA, I guess. :) Part of it is the devil you know being better then the one you don't know, I'm sure. And part of it is I HATE wind, and being in wind that strong scares me.

Twosome: Blue-- Blue Delft? Off the wall: What color are your day to day dishes. ...and does anyone in this crowd have some really nice stuff you like to break out for the upcoming holiday dinners?
I've got some really old dishes that are a hodgebodge, blue, burgandy, and yellow. The ones I've bought are clear. I have no good dishes, and never host holiday dinners.

Threesome: Yonder-- Oh, man, science fiction is reality: the private sector has reached space and is getting set to visit on a regular basis. Would you like to go out yonder? I mean, if the group with the five-seater offered you a suborbital flight, would you be up for that?
I've always wanted to visit space. I'd probably be scared to death, but I'd have to go just because I've always wanted to and would kick myself for the rest of my life if I didn't.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

TV Tuesday for October 5th

Time againg for the TV Tuesday.

1. Do you watch sports on TV? If so, which?
I don't watch more then about 5 minutes of sports on TV. It's just too boring to me. Now one of my roommates on the other hand, watches sports on TV all the time. Football and Basketball, especially. The exception to that is the Olympics, which I watched as much of as I could and my roommate hardly watched at all.

2. Is there a sport you'd like to see more (or less) of on TV?
Well, they could always show some ultimate Frisbee!

3. What's the most memorable sports moment you've seen on TV?
Paul Hamm winning the all around gold. And he'd better be allowed to keep it! Another possibility is Greg Luganis's comeback win in platform diving in 1988 or Laura Wilkenson's win four years ago. (Told ya I didn't watch too much else.)

~Bonus~ If you could be a star of any sport, what sport would you pick? And why?
Ultimate Frisbee. I just love that sport. Either that or diving, my other love.

Monday, October 04, 2004

A Class Free Week

This is Outreach Week for the college. Classes are canceled Wednesday through Friday for the students to be able to go on short missions trips to the churches in Southern CA. They do things like hold kid's clubs and work projects around the church.

On top of this, my professor is out of the country for the board meeting of an organization. So between the two, I don't have class at all this week.

And it might be a good thing. I think I'm getting sick again. Or I should say am sick again. I think I've been running a fever all day, but I've been pretending that's not the case. We'll see when I take my tempurature once I get home. Either way, I'm not playing ultimate tonight. :( Woke up feeling losy and it hasn't gotten better yet. What I need the most is rest.

Even if I am sick, I will be leaving my condo long enough to pick up Aladdin! I am so excited about getting this on DVD! Almost as excited as I was to get it on VHS 11 years ago. I've been wanting to watch it recently, but been waiting for the DVD, which probably helps.

Backing up, things went well leading worship Thursday night. Micah played the songs very well. Trevor struggled, but I really couldn't tell, and I was sitting next to him. It was great to have Jared and Scott back at practice last night, and I'm sure they'll go fine on Thursday.

Saturday morning was the Walk for Life. And thanks to my three wonderful sponsors. It's just a two mile course, but it was fun. Talked to Pastor Jon most of the time, which was nice. We had 4 kids and 5 staff, so it could have been better attended, but our rather last minute planning and the senior high retreat probably didn't help.

Other then that, I did very little this week outside of watch movies and read. I got almost half of Verse of the Vampyre read. Slower start then the first book of the series had, but it builds quickly and I stayed up way too late last night (okay, midnight), trying to read just a little bit more. Read again at lunch, and I can't wait to get home and read the last 50 pages. There's going to be a lot that happens to resolve everything, I can tell.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Word Association for October 3, 2004

Afternoon, and welcome to this week's word association game.

  1. Courage:: Men (As in, "Courage, men.")
  2. Stamina:: Endourance
  3. Leader:: "Following the"
  4. Idea:: Light Bulb
  5. Rockstar:: Guitar
  6. Dew:: Wet
  7. Guards:: Soldiers
  8. Lenny:: Squiggy
  9. Alliance:: Babylon 5
  10. Cigarettes:: Smoke

So this week, we learn that I've recently watched Snow White (last night) and Peter Pan (this afternoon), used to watch Laverne and Shirley, and am currently watching Season 5 of Babylon 5 with the Matts.

And you say you don't learn anything about me from these things. :) (Actually, no ones ever said that, but now we have proof they'd be wrong.)