Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Strangely Productive

I was strangely productive for me this last week.  You have to understand, when I get home from work, the computer, TV, and book are calling to me.  And I have plans that involve doing twice as much on any of them as I can actually get done.  So things tend to not get done that I should be doing when I am home.  Like cleaning.  Or picking up after myself.  And running twice a week after work doesn’t help since that seems to take quite a bit of my evening.

Which is one reason my Christmas decorations didn’t get put away until last week.  On Super Bowl Sunday, I got serious about taking ornaments off my tree.  I had some off, but I took more off.  Monday, I got the rest of the ornaments off and the lights off one tree.  Wednesday, the lights were off and the trees were boxed up.  Thursday, everything related to Christmas was put away and the living room was put back in order.

Then, this weekend, I did my taxes.  I usually have one or two weekends where I intend to do them before I actually do, but this weekend, I sat down and got them done.  I even got stuff done for my blog on Saturday, which meant I could spend a lazy weekend reading.

The result?  I came into work this week feeling like I’d had a relaxing and productive weekend.

I wish I thought this would last, but I figured I should celebrate it while I could.