Saturday, July 13, 2002

I was on a quest to blog every day for a week. If the only reason I didn’t yesterday was because blogger was down, it still counts, right?

Whew, I’m brain tired. Definitely ready for a weekend. Which of course, I will be spending parts of here working since I most likely will miss at least one day of work next week due to jury duty. I can’t afford to be on jury duty next week. But I’ve found out I don’t have to report on Monday. I’m just hoping that I only have to report on Tuesday. Gets it out of the way early in the week, but I only miss one day.

Wednesday night went ok. Seth had picked a couple songs we weren’t over familiar with, so it could have been smoother. And I was nervous, so I was rushing stuff.

I’ve watched two episodes of Alias in the last 24 hours with Jeff. I can’t believe all the sub-texts in that show. You really need to watch it twice to fully appreciate it. Or at least I do. I was also struck by the resemblance between Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber. It’s subtle, but definitely there.

Read this article today. I hadn’t thought of things in these terms at all. Very interesting and a perspective you probably haven’t heard before.

Tonight I’m going back to the career Bible study I went to two weeks ago. And tomorrow is the triathlon already. Then it’s back to the grindstone so I can get the credit card bills that have been sitting on my desk for a month processed. See, this is all my fault. If I can just make it through the month. If I can just make it through the month….

(I'll be back later with today’s blog.)

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