Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Wow!  It's been almost two months since I updated my blog.  Yes, that's pretty much an indication of how much exciting stuff has been going on in my life.

Until this weekend, that is.  I got to head up to Northern California to see my family.  I did my usual Thanksgiving trip, leaving here on Wednesday and coming back on Monday.  That was four full days up there, and I had a wonderful time.  Thanksgiving day, we were at my brother's rental home, and we hung out the other days as well.  Games were played.  Turkey was eaten.  And I even got to play some ultimate Frisbee one of the days.

The fires were a couple hundred miles away, but the air had been bad in town.  Fortunately, it rained on Wednesday as I was driving up, so the hair quality was much, much better.

And I got to stop and see my best friend and his family in Fresno on the way up Wednesday.  It's harder to connect then it used to be, and I haven't spent much time with his wife and kids recently, so it was great to see them.  I tried again on Monday, but it didn't work out.