Thursday, July 31, 2014

Come From Behind

Monday night was a little different for my ultimate Frisbee team.  We were actually down at half.

We were replaying the team we beat the first week, and they were out for revenge.  They started out strong and got several more points than we did early on, leaving us with a 7-9 deficit at half.  Normally, we have the lead by this point, so it was a bit different for us.

But we settled in early in the second half and took the first 5 points of half, making it 12-9.  They got several points in, but we traded at best.  I think the final score was 17-14.  Either way, we definitely won.

I didn't play much that game.  I don't like to go out there unless I have to during close games, and we always have enough subs that I don't have to go out there.  I did play some.  I never got scored on, although the guy I was defending did get a disc a few times.  And I never got the disc myself, but I still felt good about my performance given the amount of play time I actually had.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Word Association for July 30th

Here we go, one last word association for July.

  1. Fish :: River
  2. Dreaming :: Sleep
  3. Living :: Life
  4. Expectations :: Met
  5. Mug :: Coffee
  6. Jacket :: Cold
  7. Bowl :: Ice Cream
  8. Confession :: Priest
  9. Socks :: Shoes
  10. Tank :: Aquarium

Monday, July 28, 2014

Party Friday Win!

You know, I'm having trouble coming up with new post titles for all the wins this season in summer league.


Summer league has started doing what they call Party Fridays.  A couple of Fridays during the summer, more than two teams play at the same time.  They then get some pizza after the game, and everyone hangs out and talks more than normal.  It started last year, and it's kind of fun.

Friday night was the first, and my team was playing.  We were playing the team from the one game I've missed when I was on vacation with my family.  That game was a decisive victory for us, so I was looking forward to playing this team.

We had our normal number of players show up (a full line of seven and six subs).  They  Of course, I've seen close games with rosters like that, so I never take anything for granted.

This time, it was not to be.

I think the final score was 17-6.  Yep, not even close.

Not that I did my part to help.  I managed to get open and get the disc several times, but a couple of times I threw it away or the other team got it.  When I did complete a pass, I always made my team work for it more than I wanted.  Yep, nerves.  I really need to calm down and throw.  I know how to do it, but the nerves always come since I want to prove myself.

And we're playing again tonight.  Can't wait to get back out on the field!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Two More Wins

My ultimate Frisbee team has had two more wins!  One was Thursday night two weeks ago and then one a week ago on Friday night.  Neither was a close game at the end, although the one last week started out with us trading points until we started to pull away.

Unfortunately, that was also the game where I made the most contribution, and it wasn’t that good.  I had several discs thrown to me that I just couldn’t catch because they were badly thrown.  And one I could have caught, but I thought someone else was going to collide with me if I did.  In truth, he wasn’t close enough to be an issue.  Then I got scored on a couple of times.

But we won, and that’s all that matters.

So we are now 6-1 and in second place, but only because we lost to the team in first.  We play again tonight, and this is the one team we played while I was on vacation with my family.  That was an easy game, but it sounds like they were missing a key player.  I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes tonight.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Word Association for July 23rd

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Strong :: Weak
  2. Bathing :: Suit
  3. Title :: Book
  4. Tick Tock :: Crocodile after Hook
  5. Dispute :: Argument
  6. Magazine :: Subscription
  7. Stupid! :: Mistake
  8. Safely :: Home
  9. Reposition :: Army
  10. So wrong :: So good

Monday, July 21, 2014


So, blogging obviously didn’t happen this last week.  Let’s get up to date on some things this week.

Like starting with the auto accident I had a week ago Saturday.  I was heading to ornament premier at Hallmark. (Yes, they have released some of their Christmas ornaments already, why do you ask?)  I was at a light, and it changed very quickly.  As in two cars went through, the second on yellow.  The car in front of me stopped.  I stopped.  But the car behind me ran into me.  Fortunately, it was just the two cars and two drivers involved.  At first, I thought my spare tire cover was all that was damaged, but then I started hearing a scrapping sound.  Turns out my exhaust pipe is hitting some support bar, so I took it in to a body shop.  They found damage on the door and are checking out my spare for me in addition to everything else.  I should have the car back at some point this week.

I also have a rental, which has been fun.  Plus I’ve been enjoying the AC in it (mine in my car went out in June).  Ironically, we’ve had an usually cool spell for July with temps in the mid 80’s.  By the time I get my car back, it’s supposed to be over 100 again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Word Association for July 15th

I really need to get some updates going, but for today, let's do the word association for the week.

  1. Joke :: Laugh
  2. Away :: Home
  3. Reaction :: Shock
  4. High :: Low
  5. Movie :: Fun
  6. Decide :: Vote
  7. Afternoon :: Evening
  8. Contrarian :: No!
  9. Understand :: is a three edge sword
  10. Zone :: Defense

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Word Association for July 9th

Time for a little word association, don't you think?

  1. Onion :: Cry
  2. Greek :: Food
  3. Construct :: Building
  4. Crunch :: Sit up
  5. Bottom :: Out
  6. Cream :: Ice Cream!
  7. Slamming :: Door
  8. Jerk :: Inconsiderate
  9. Closed :: Open
  10. Texture :: Smooth

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mostly Quiet Fourth

Last weekend was a three day weekend.  And how did I celebrate?  Wild and crazy person that I am, I didn’t do a whole lot.

Friday, some friends invited me over for a BBQ, so I spent most of the afternoon and evening with them.  We watched a couple of movies with their kids and played with them some, and meanwhile we chatted and caught up on life.  It was a great time to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.  We didn't try to go see any fireworks, although we did hear some illegal ones the neighbors were setting off.

Saturday?  I didn’t leave the condo all day.  Do I know how to party or what?

Sunday was the usual – church and my ultimate Frisbee pick up game.  Actually, I should point out that I started the long weekend with my other usual pick up game on Thursday night.  Lots of ultimate going on these days, just like I like it.

Now it’s back to work for a full week.  At least today I feel like I’m making progress with my assignment.  When I left work yesterday, I wasn’t sure I had it, but it all clicked into place today and the help I’ve gotten from co-workers has made that even more obvious.  It feels great.  Hopefully, I’ll still feel that way when I get into work tomorrow.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Decisive Win

I was late to my ultimate game on Tuesday night.  After picking up my car from my mechanic, I had some things to do at home, some of it involved just vegging.  Anyway, I got to the field about 45 minutes after the hour.

And we were already up 7-2.

Yeah, it was almost pointless for me to have gone.  But I did jump in the field once for the first half and several more times in the second half.  I was our sixth sub, almost an entire team in subs.  They had one sub, who showed up about the same time I did.

After I got there, we let  them score a few more points than before, although I was only scored on once.  Final score was 17-11 or 10, depending on who you ask.  I heard both.

Unfortunately, I didn’t real feel like I contributed anything other than run around on the field.  I was never really open, so I never got the disc.  Heck, most of the scores were real quick hucks to the end zone (on both sides), so there wasn’t time for me to contribute much.

Still, after our close loss last week, getting a big win like that was definitely wonderful.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Word Association for July 2nd

Here's this week's word association.

  1. Delicious :: Dessert
  2. Element :: of Surprise
  3. Cohesion :: Working Together
  4. Course :: Meal
  5. Blister :: Foot
  6. Incomplete :: Sentence
  7. Socks :: Shoes
  8. Instruction :: Teacher
  9. Pill :: Swallow
  10. Impressive :: Work

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

New Job

This is my second week on a new job!

I’m working for a company just a tad further north than I was working in Burbank.  It makes taking an alternative way to work in the morning very attractive, although it still won’t help me in the fall when schools start back up again.  Half of my horrible commute to work will still be trying to get out of town.

This is a temp to hire job, so it could still only be a temporary thing, but I do have money coming in again.  Unfortunately, the pay as a temp isn’t that great.  Hopefully, it will go up if I am hired.

So far, I’m doing basic accounting type stuff.  It seems like it could be more challenging, but hopefully that will come as I prove myself.

Of course, I’m having to adjust my reading and hobby time again.  I really was enjoying all that free time.  But considering what my bank accounts were saying about not being fed, this is a very, very good thing.