Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Wednesday, June 30 the 4th, 2002

I'm assuming that, as per usual, this will be the last day I have to correct the date of blogger. I just asked Phil if he was planning to work Friday, and he said, "Possibly." Translation, I can hit the beach with Jeff for a little while and not be worried at all. Four day weekend, here I come.

I burned my head a little swimming yesterday. It was painful shaving this morning, but it's not that bad. Should be fine by tomorrow, and should look better then the white head look I had going on.

Still haven't heard from Danny about going to the Reagan tomorrow. I'll call him in the morning once I'm up and about. But I don't plan on that being any time early. Three days of sleeping in. A guy can get used to that.

Last night, after getting home from Seth and Keirsten's, I started the new Accidental Detectives book. And I finished it before going to sleep last night. While watching The Mole and Friends. Of course, it's a kid's book, so it's not that long or hard reading. I'm reserving complete judgement until I read the rewrite. And I know it's a partial rewrite, because they've added a baby sister to the family. At one, she doesn't seem to be doing much, so I'm a little curious as to why. And, Ricky is back to being 12, so I guess they'll be editting some of that stuff.

Comments on The Mole. Surprise, Katie wasn't The Mole. I never really considered her at all. I felt so sorry for Dorothy not getting to see her Mom at all. I figured they offer something from the pot in exchange for a visit. Again, they're being brutal this season. Down to 7, and I still don't know who it is.

I didn't realize they needed up to upgrade our comments sections. But I found that out today, and upgraded. Plus I get to change it to whatever I want it to say now. I've got to come up with something more original then that.

And I got my new Peanuts Monopoly today. Now, I've got two new versions to play this weekend.

Got a busy night lined up, so I'll post this and hit the road.

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