Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Saturday was the annual day at Disneyland for my alma mater.  As an alumnus, I can still get discounted tickets, although they aren’t as good as they are for students.  Still, a discount is a discount, right?

It had been a stressful few days, so I really needed the time off to play and relax, and that’s what I got.  I spent the day with good friends and had a blast.

The park was more crowded than I would have liked, but that’s no surprise.  After all, the weather was beautiful with highs in the mid-70’s.  You’d be crazy not to enjoy a day like that.  Adding to the crowds, two big attractions are closed (although opening up again soon).

Even so, we got in everything we wanted to do.  It took the usual opening to closing (well, almost opening), but we did it.

And did I mention we had fun?  I just hung out with friends the entire time.  We teased each other and caught up on life.

Yes, I was tired the next day.  When you stay until the park closes at midnight, it takes a lot out of you, especially by the time you drive home.  But I would do it again in a heart beat.

After all, I hadn’t been since my pass expired 10 months ago.  I was definitely ready to revisit the Happiest Place on Earth.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter League Game 5

After being rained out two weeks ago and having a bye last week, my winter league team was finally able to get back on the field.  Of course, I was not in my best shape since I’d met my brother and his family for dinner right before.  And we went to Souplantation where I can’t just eat a little bit.  I love their food.  And they had their Tangy Lemon muffins which are wonderful.  I had four.  (Man, now I’m hungry.)

I had a really good visit with them.  My niece was thrilled to see me and my nephew, who just turned 1, smiled at me quite a bit.  We played at a playground for a few minutes before dinner, too.  It was a nice part of the evening.

I did make it to the field before the game started, but I was full, so I know I wasn’t running my best.  Fortunately, it didn’t matter.  We scored the first goal with a quick D conversion, and that was the last time we were ahead.  The final score was 7-15, and the points were fairly short.  They were a pleasant team to play, although it would have been more fun to win.  Still, they are the second highest ranked team in our league, so it’s not a surprise at all.

Personally, I wasn’t involved in the game.  Yes, I played, but my job seemed to be to run around and keep my guy occupied.  I never really could get open and so I never got the disc.  On the plus side, I also never dropped the disc.  On defense, my guy got the disc a few times, but I was never scored on, which I consider a victory.

Really, nothing to Earth shattering.  It was nice to be back on the field, however.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Word Association for February 19th

It's time for this week's word association.

  1. Wine :: and Roses
  2. Cooperate :: Get along
  3. Dropped :: Pen
  4. Painter :: Art
  5. Binge :: Watching
  6. Knot :: Tie
  7. Collar :: White
  8. Barefoot :: in the Park
  9. Town :: City
  10. House :: Home

Monday, February 17, 2014

Work Update

So, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about work….

Yep, I’m still working.

A couple months back, my old boss got promoted and I got a new boss.  The transitions been interesting as I’m having to get used to a very different personality.  But either he’s mellowing or I’m getting used to it since last week wasn’t as bad.

Meanwhile, I’m still just a temp.  Been working there 17 months on Thursday, but who’s counting?  Anyway, I thought it might be wrapping up at the end of the month, but now they are talking about extending it again.

Part of me thinks I’m not going anywhere as long as I have this temp job.  But the other part of me remembers that a year ago, I felt strongly that I shouldn’t leave but instead ride this job out as long as possible.  Yes, I’m ready to be getting benefits and vacation/sick time.

Then I was also reminded this weekend of the line “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Yes, I’d love to be working at a “permanent” job where I can budget and save and plan for the future.  But God has given me a job that is meeting my daily needs.  I should be thankful and content with that instead of grumbling and complaining.

No, all this doesn’t mean I am not looking for something else, but it’s just a new perspective on how God has provided and what my attitude toward it needs to be.  So I will keep being thankful and giving it my best until God provides something else either through a great new job or the end of this one.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Word Association for February 13th

Time for this week's word association.

  1. Person :: of Interest
  2. Children :: of Good
  3. Tweet :: Twitter
  4. Points :: Taken
  5. Grill :: Burger
  6. Traces :: Faint
  7. Unsolved :: Murder
  8. Lines :: Long
  9. Fourteen :: Fifteen
  10. Coincidence :: Not in Mysteries

Monday, February 10, 2014


I got a taste of no TV and limited internet for a couple of days last week.

My roommate was actually the first to notice, and sure enough when I got home, I couldn’t connect to the internet.  Our router was down, and it meant we had no internet or TV.

Of course, I do have my iPhone these days, so I was still able to jump on a little bit, although it sure seemed to move slowly at home, so I didn’t want to do much surfing.  And thanks to On Demand and shows on the internet, I was able to catch the TV I missed as well.

But we were down for two days while a new router got shipped to us.  Ironically, Thursday night was my ultimate Frisbee game this week, but it got rained out.  Not that I tried to go since I was coming down with a 48 hour cold.  Seriously, I felt lousy Thursday and Friday but great on Saturday and yesterday.

So what did I do Thursday night?  I read.  I got an entire book read on Thursday.  It was kind of nice, and I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Of course, it meant I didn’t wind up posting anything here last week.  But it gave me a great topic to talk about today.