Friday, July 26, 2002

I think the crisis has passed. I've gotten all but one account reconciled now. True, it's still a biggie. But, I'm down to one. Believe me, this isn't happening next year. For one, I can't handle the stress. For another, Phil is going to set up a schedule and keep a closer eye on me. Unfortunately, I think I've proved this year that this is what I need.

I was only here until 8 PM last night. Got two accounts reconciled during that time, too. Of course, when the balance is $4.86 on one, you don't need to spend that long at it.

Not much else major going on. Got laundry done last night, but that took much longer then I thought it would since Matt called. Hadn't talked to him really for a month. But that meant I was 30 minutes later getting my laundry drying.

Tonight's Bible study again, so I'll be off to that. Still trying to decide how to best schedule my day tomorrow. I'd like to go to Crime Time, but I also have some stuff I need to get done here, still. Like that final account. Or the form 5500's. Or the quarter sales tax return. Probably should plan on spending the day here. :( But after this week, I may sneak off for a couple hours. We'll just have to see.

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