Saturday, November 20, 2021


I made it back to Disneyland last month.  I've got a couple of days on tickets I bought last year that I need to use, and I used one of them with my friend Angelique.  We did our usual full day in the park trying to hit everything.  It was a bit harder without Fastpass (I'll be mourning the loss of that for a long time), but we still did it.

A definite highlight was getting to go on the newly redesigned Snow White ride.  I've had issues with how the old version ended, and I was happy to see this one finally tell the entire story.

Also, we made it on Rise of the Resistance.  That was a fabulous ride!  So creative, well done, and surprising.  I can't wait to go on it again.

We are going back in a couple of week to use my last day.  Hopefully, it will be just as great a day.