Sunday, July 14, 2002

Today, we're going to start with Chris' Sunday Op-Ed.

1) Television
Where is the only place you can watch Alias? And, have I mentioned that it's on tonight on ABC at 9, 8 central? (Do you really think I'd pass up such an easy opportunity for a plug?)
Seriously now, What is something I watch too much of? If you've read my blog at all you know this is true. Yet here I am going though withdrawls with nothing new to watch on TV because of summer. And I haven't been reading like I normally do during the summer. Of course part of that is because I'm doing things with my roommate during the summer. Josh always just wanted to sit at his computer. There were days that was frustrating, but it also did allow me to persue my own interests like reading. After all, it's only a group activity if someone is reading aloud.

(I got from TV to books. Can I ramble or what?)

2) Radio
What do I wish I could listen to more? Being in a different valley, we get pretty poor recepting here in Santa Clarita. And I miss my Christian Music Radio in the car. So I listen to tapes but mostly CD's in stead.

3) Newspaper
What am I getting for some unknown reason? Donald canceled his subscription when he moved out. We didn't get a paper for a couple of weeks, but we've started getting it again. Don't know why. I wouldn't subscribe on my own because the only part worth reading is the comics anyway.

Had a great time with the youth pastor canidate last night and again this morning. I hope he gets and accepts the job.

Jeff and I went out to Cold Stone Creamery again last night. Got banana and caramel in french vanilla this time. Yummy! Then we watched another episode of Alias. (Twice in one post. Am I good or what?)

My book (Evans Above) took an unexpected twist today. Now that we're focusing on my chief suspect, I doubt it's him anymore. And with this latest body, I'm very confused as to what is going on.

Still got a little while before work. I think I'll try to organize credit card stuff so I can start on it first thing tomorrow.

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