Thursday, June 22, 2017

And Then He Got Sick

I’d mentioned in my post about the mud run I did in May being sick right before it.  Apparently, I wasn’t quite over it because I got sick again on the 21st.  This time, the fever was accompanied by a cough.  I took another couple days off work, trying to rest up, but that cough just kept coming even after the fever went away.

I didn’t let it interfere with my plans to go to visit my family over Memorial Day Weekend.  I had a good trip up there if a busy one.  In addition to visiting my family, I drove several hours Sunday afternoon and spent Sunday night with my uncle and aunt.  I finally got to see their new place.  It’s wonderful, and I must admit to being jealous.  I do wish it were closer.

But I spent most of my nights up there coughing through the night and sleeping fitfully.  Fortunately, I wasn’t keeping anyone up with my coughing.  I’d gone to see my doctor, and he thought it was a virus, but he did give me a prescription for an anti-biotic, which I eventually started taking.  I’m not sure if it is that, or if it had finally run its course, but I think I’m finally beating it.  I still cough occasionally, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was.  Unfortunately, running seems to make it worse, which has been fun with my mud runs the last two weeks and playing ultimate Frisbee.  Still, I’m pleased to finally be on the getting better side of things.

The worst part of the whole thing?  The 21st was the day I was going to use the last day of a 3 day Disneyland pass I'd bought back in February.  It expired that week, so I can't just use it now, too.  Majorly bummed about that.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Saying Goodbye

No, I’m not saying goodbye to this blog.  I like having it to look back on if nothing else.  Unfortunately, in May I had to say goodbye to some dear friends who decided to move to Idaho.  The nerve of them.

I actually got to hang out with Joe and Erica and their kids the middle of May before they left, and it was a wonderful time to catching up.  We don’t hang out that much, but it is wonderful when we get to.  These are those kind of friends.

And then a little later, I got to hang out with Joe again.  He and I met up with our friend Josh to see a movie together one last time.  We hung out for a while talking afterward.  None of us wanted to leave and break the spell even though we knew we needed to go home and go to bed.

As sad as I am to see them go, I am happy for them.  Their families are up there, and they are really excited about it.  I’ll miss them here in town, but hopefully they will be very happy up there.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rugged Maniacs 2017

I’ve been neglecting this place again, haven’t I?  Time to start catching up.

A month ago (as I said, time to start catching up), I finally got to do Rugged Maniacs.  This is one of the national mud run companies, and I hadn’t done one yet.  This one was perfectly timed for me since it was the weekend after beach league ended and it was just up the road in Castaic.  I was even able to get two friends to do it with me.

Sadly, I’d been sick the couple of days before, but I was feeling better that day, so I went.

And I had a blast.  They had some different obstacles, like lily pad jumping, that I haven’t seen before.  Even though I’ve done another mud run at the same location, this one was laid out differently.  And they ended with a warped wall.  It was about the same height at the one on America Ninja Warrior.  Both of my friends got up it on their own.  I had to have some serious help, but I still felt accomplished getting up it at all.

This is definitely one I’ll be looking to do again.  Hopefully, they’ll be back in Southern California some time other than the Saturday before Thanksgiving, which is the date they’ve had in the past.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crazy Busy but Fun Weekend

I was super busy the first weekend of May, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

It started with the ultimate Frisbee beach tournament Saturday morning and early afternoon.  Fortunately, the friends I carpool with and I all had first round byes.  Even with only six teams (and the three of us only one two of them), what are the odds of that?  And my team won!  We only lost one game all season, and we won all the games during the tournament to win the entire thing.  I can’t remember the last time I was on a team with a winning record, much less a team that won the tournament.  The wind was blowing pretty strongly during the finals game, so it wasn’t as fun as it could have been.  But we won!!!

Then that night, I went down to Glendale to see The Importance of Being Ernest at Glendale Centre Theatre.  I love that play.  I’d seen them do it before, and I was delighted they were doing it again.  The cast was wonderful and the laughs were plentiful.  I went with my friends Ann and Angelique.  One of the actresses in it was on a cast recording for the musical Snoopy that I’d bought years ago (before I was even going to GCT).  I finally remembered to bring it with me when she was in the cast, so I was finally able to get it signed!

Sunday started with church as usual, but instead of playing ultimate Frisbee, I headed to the book launch party for Nadine Nettmann’s new book.  I’d actually read it on my way back from Malice, but it was fun to go and hear her talk briefly about it and chat with her.  I had thought that a couple of mutual friends might show up, and I was right.  I spent most of the time talking to RosaLinda and Ellen, which was fun.

RosaLinda was heading over to our friend Christy’s house to watch Once Upon a Time, so I crashed the party afterward and joined them.  That was an unexpected but fun way to end a wild, crazy, busy, and fun weekend.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Malice Domestic 2017

The last weekend of April, I was at Malice Domestic for the second year in a row.  This is the annual convention for writers and readers of the traditional mystery.  The most popular form of the traditional mystery these days is the cozy, you know the type of mystery I read 95% of the time.

The convention is always in Maryland right outside of Washington DC.  I didn’t try to add any days for sightseeing this year, but flew out on Thursday and back on Sunday.  I was also staying at the convention hotel this year, which was so wonderful.  I was leaving my books to get signed in my roommate and popping in there whenever I needed anything.  Yes, I was very spoiled.

Thursday, I did get together with some friends from the Trixie Belden boards who live in the area.  And another Trixie friend was actually coming to the convention, so I had breakfast with her one day and talked to her the next afternoon.

I said I was going to cut down on panels this year, but I didn’t.  There were too many I wanted to go to.  But I still managed to talk to the authors I had hoped to catch.  Some of them were only for a few minutes, however.  I really would have liked to chat with some of them longer.  There just isn’t enough time period.

One highlight was hanging out with a group of mostly authors after the banquet the final night.  We were hanging out chatting until midnight, when security asked us to move since where we were was right outside some rooms.  We weren’t being loud, but it was polite.  I went to bed at that point, which was good since I was trying to make the new author breakfast at 7 the next morning.

I even had three authors and two other attendees on my flight out and back.  We weren’t sitting near each other, but we did hang out chatting in the airport before our flights took off.

I had so much fun it felt like I was only there for one day at most.  It is a lot of money by the time you factor in airfare and hotel, but I really would like to go again.  We’ll just have to see if it works out next year.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LA Times Festival of Books 2017

This last weekend was the annual LA Times Festival of Books.  Naturally, that meant Angelique and I were there.

It was hot this year (unlike last year where it threatened to rain).  We only went on Saturday, and it was close to 90.  That didn’t keep us from having a fantastic time, however.  We did our usual wander all over the festival, but we mainly haunted the mystery booths so we could talk to authors.

It seemed like more authors were doing only one day or the other this year, so I missed some I would have enjoyed chatting with.  But I’ll see a few of those this weekend at Malice Domestic.  (Flight leaves in the morning!)  Of course, I had fun chatting with those who were there.

Nothing really out of the ordinary happened.  We had fun hanging out and looking at books.  It was a nice, relaxing day.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Word Association for April 25

I'm going to slip in this week's word association before I head to bed tonight.

  1. Improve :: Technique
  2. Brothers :: and Sisters
  3. Crystal :: Ball
  4. Zoo :: Animal
  5. Second :: Place
  6. Sell :: Buy
  7. Death :: Murder
  8. Current :: President
  9. Pain :: Gain
  10. Value :: Money

Monday, April 24, 2017

Bowling for One Week

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I am a sub for bowling this time around instead of being on a team.  That’s actually worked out well with how crazy things have been at work.  I’ve worked late one Thursday and thought I would the next Thursday.  Yes, that’s how crazy things have been.

But this last Thursday, I did get make it to the bowling alley, and I had a blast.  I definitely needed it.  I did my usual start slow and build.  I started with 116, moved to 136, and finished with 138.  I got a lot of spares, but not many strikes.  I seem to not be able to strike much anymore.  Still, I’m not really complaining.

I don’t know when I’ll be back at the bowling alley, since I will be out of town on Thursday and then we hit crazy month end time again at work.  Hopefully, I can make it back sooner rather than later, but we will have to wait and see, I guess.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Two More Wins

Attendance was low at beach league on Saturday.  Some teams only had one sub, and one team was savage (no subs).  We played that team our second game, and they fought hard.  In fact, both teams we played fought hard.  Not that it changed the results.  We won 11-7 in both games.  How’s that for consistency?

I was disappointed, however, since both of the teams we played had people I can match up against, and neither of them showed up.  I was really looking forward to playing some points against them, too.

Still, I was responsible to two of our points in the second game, and both in the first half.  Early on in the game, I threw the disc to a teammate for the score.  Fortunately, he was able to reach behind him and grab it since I threw it a little behind him.  A few points later, he returned the favor, throwing me the disc in the end zone.  This was a perfect throw, however, landing right in my hands.

The weather was absolutely perfect for running around.  It was officially upper 60’s, but it felt warmer than that out on the sand under the sun.  There was a breeze, but it wasn’t enough to be annoying when throwing a Frisbee.  In fact, it was so nice that I stuck around after the games were over.  My carpool buddies weren’t able to make it, so I was on my own.  I’d brought my book, so I sat on the beach and read for a while before coming home.  Bliss!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Two Weeks of Beach League

And now it’s my ultimate Frisbee beach league that I’m not blogging about in a timely manner.  Let’s catch up, shall we?

Our first game on the 1st was against the other undefeated team.  We beat them, and actually by a larger margin than we were expecting.  Ironically, they lost their second game of the day as well, so they went from undefeated to having two losses.

We, on the other hand, won the second game that week as well.  It was against a team that was low on numbers, so they were tired.

Last week, we suffered our first loss.  We were missing our best player, and it showed.  We played well, and the score was close, but we just couldn’t pull it off in the end.  The team that beat us is the team that the two friends I carpool with are on, so that was the silver lining for me.

We did win our second game, however.  It was close at half time, but we pulled away in the second half to win rather easily.  The hardest part of this game was the win.  It had really gotten strong, so one way was much easier to score than the other.  But we did it a couple of times to win by four points.  (In a game to 11, that is a nice margin.)

No real hero moments, but also no real negative moments from these games.  But I’m having fun and enjoying being on a team with a winning record.  And I’m certainly okay with one loss.  It’s good for a team to not be too confident going into a tournament or they get slaughtered.  I’ve seen it happen plenty of times before.