Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Whew, but I'm getting tired. It's been a long day. But let me start before that.

Last night, I did some shopping, and decided to get Dad a CD I'd been considering getting him. Didn't to the Target/Disney Store leg of my trip. (A different part of town.) Got home and started laundry. But I wasn't the only one who thought last night was the perfect time to do laundry, so I had to do my two loads in shifts. Went to Tim's for a haircut, but his roommate told me he wasn't home. Seems Tim snuck in unawares because about 5 minutes later he was at my door (we're in the same complex at the moment). So I got my hair cut. Which is a good thing because it went well over 90 today. We're finally getting some nice weather!! I'm so happy. Anyway, hung out over there for a little while. We were talking about trips we have coming up, and I wound up telling him about Trixie convention coming up next week. (Should I mention that it's only 8 days away right now? Nah, I'll let Susan keep the countdown going.) Wonder what he thinks of this weirdo now. :)

Anyway, about 10 last night, Jeff suggests playing a game. He brings out my dot com edition of monopoly. We play, and he skunks me in about an hour. I just kept landing on things other then property. So he finally got to jump in the pool last night. :) He was happy about it, although he talked at first like he assumed I'd win and didn't want to jump in.

Got up this morning and headed over to the chapel service. Everything went well, but I got into work about 9:20. Hence, the lateness of my post. Anyway, I hit the rec's hard. Not sure I'm getting anywhere other then knowing what the problem is. Found out Phil wants to close May by Friday since I'll be gone Thursday and Friday next week. (Have I mentioned Trixie convention in this post yet?) Got our bank statements for our new bank, and I had no problem reconciling the main and payroll accounts, even though I hadn't touched them in a week. Very happy about that!

Pete and I went swimming at lunch time in the pool here on campus. First real workout I've had toward the triathelon in weeks. With how hot the weather was today, it felt great, too.

And tonight, with youth group canceled, I'm planning on hitting Target and the Disney Store, then Jeff and I are planning to finally get to see the new Star Wars. Should be a fun evening.

Boy, I can really ramble when I want to, can't I? If you stayed with this, I'm very impressed. And flattered. But I think it helps explain why I'm a little tired. But it's a good kind of tired.

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