Monday, June 10, 2002

Man, you'd think I hadn't played ultimate in weeks or something. I got there late yesterday, but they were just starting to play. Played two games to 10, my team lost both times. But I feel very sore today. Keep this in mind everyone attending convention. I will be sore Thursday and or Friday!

And I've discovered something I bet most of my readers know. Shaving in the shower is completely different then shaving at the sink. I bought a fogless mirror Wednesday last week, and I've been shaving my face at the end of my shower every day instead of using my electric. I'm getting a closer shave with much less irritation (especially on the throat) then I ever had in my life. A guy could really get used to this.

Talk about your addict. I stopped everything I was doing to watch the Alais rerun at 9. Totally worth it, of course. :) I've got to start on rewatching my tapes. I think I'll get so much more out of it this time around.

And I think I'll end by letting all of you know what color M&M I am. I know you're all curious.

Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain

BTW, have I mentioned that it's only two and a half days until convention? No? Well, guess what! It's only two and a half days until convention. Not that I"m at all excited or anything.

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