Sunday, June 09, 2002

Going to start off with today's Sunday Op-Ed. Thanks, Chris.

1. Religion
What is a big part of my life? Although I hesitate to say that, because Christianity is more than a religion in the rote, dry sense of the word that always comes to my mind. But I am a Christian, as I'm sure you've figured out if you spend any time reading my blog. :)

2. Politics
What is something I hate being involved in a conversation about? It always seems to bring out the worst in people. I've been involved in too many conversations where the other person obviously wasn't listening to me at all. That just gets too frustrating too fast. And the name calling. Yes, I'm a conservative. And some of the names we get called just about kill me sometimes.

3. Money
What is something I never seem to have enough of? Even with the cheaper place and lower rent, I still haven't saved like I should have. :)

Now that we've tackled the three topics never discussed in polite conversation, let's get on with my post.

I'm done with graduations for the year!!!! Thursday's 8th grade wasn't too bad, but Friday's 12th grade just went on and on. And it was so packed, I stood up for half of it (an hour) in the back, and I was only three minutes late. But the speeches were some of the best I've heard at a graduation from a student in a long time.

We finished closing May on Friday. I was working like crazy. Now we'll see if I can get my rec's finished without getting into too much more trouble.

Finally got my schedule for Summer League this year. And wouldn't you know it? My first game is on Wednesday night. When I really should be home packing. Guess I know what I'll be doing during my lunch hour Wednesday. And the majority of my games seem to be on Tuesday and Wednesday. I only have two Monday games, the night I'd prefer. O well, everyone else seems to be willing to work around my schedule, so I guess I should, too. :)

Think I'm going to finally head down to Encino and play some pick up today. After I talk to the fam, of course. It's beautiful day, not too hot and perfect for being outside playing a sport.

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