Saturday, June 01, 2002

I am so dead! All I got done today was the credit card receipts for the month. Of course, I'd be deader if I hadn't gotten them done. But I'm looking at the Payroll Advance account. There's some pretty old stuff that hasn't cleared yet in here. Fortunately, I was just able to write off the difference in the returned check account. I have got to come back tomorrow and try to get some more stuff done.

Of course, I was also playing around some, too. And I didn't get here til almost four. And then there was my surprise.

Josh (ex-roommate from before I started blogging) and his wife knocked on my window. They were here to meet Pete, so I got to talk to them for a little while. They're off to see Sum of All Fears tonight. Wish I could go, but since I went to bed about 2:30 this morning, I shouldn't stay out as late as they'll be out.

Speaking of which, Jeff and I got a shock last night. I beat him in two player Risk in about an hour last night. But by then Mike Lovell had shown up and the three of us played. It took him quite a while, but Jeff finally annihilated us. And that is the right word for it, too. Of course, neither one of us has wound up in the pool over this yet....

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