Thursday, June 06, 2002

And there went my work ethic. Got very little done today. But I could have gotten more done. We got the credit card bills in, so I've started up on those. Don't know how we'll get done by tomorrow.

Didn't see SW last night. I was just too tired. Still stayed up 'til about 11:30. But just couldn't function enough to watch and enjoy a movie.

And I think I got a mild sunburn on my shoulders from my 45 minutes in the sun yesterday. I can't believe it. And I didn't wake up in time to run again this morning. This is not looking good for taking 10 minutes off my time this year. :O

BTW, don't think I've forgotten the Mole. I just haven't rewatched this week's episodes (I believe they're both reruns. I know the first one is.) Probably won't get to it until this weekend.

BTW, did I mention enjoying the nicer weather yesterday? I take it back. It's gotten downright hot here. And we've been having problems with the AC at work. And we've already got our third wildfire of the year going right now. THESE THINGS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO START UNTIL AUGUST. But that's how little rain we got this year. It might be a long summer from that reguard.

Right now I'm off to my fourth graduation this year. My 8th graders take the stage tonight at SCCS (Santa Clarita Christian School.) Wish I were more excited about it. I just don't think I can sit through two more graduations this year.

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