Monday, June 17, 2002

Well, I've been back in town since 1 AM this morning. Yes, it does make for a tired me, especially when I was getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep since Wednesday. But it was more then worth it!

"Trixie Camp" as we were calling it was a blast. I don't really know where to even start. The caves we explored were fun, we got to relax at Buffalo National River and at a lake I can't remember the name of for the life of me, and tried local food. All the while, we were spending way too much time laughing over the smallest things, like playing follow the leader U-turn, a kid's picture book (but what would you expect from us?), me being framed for stealing my own towels (notice I said framed. I am innocent!!!), etc. The weather was wonderful as well. We had some humidity on Thursday and Sunday, but not enough to kill anyone. And Friday and Saturday were sunny, low 80's, and no humidity. I'm ready to go back again.

Sorry if you tried to look at Misty's for an update. We had no phones in our cabins, so no one had internet access all weekend. Not that any of us were complaining.

In other news, my ultimate frisbee team won our first game last week. 17-14. But it was closer then it should have been. Our game is tomorrow this week.

Tonight I'm off to take the four rolls of pictures to be developed. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to work on posting them on my new home page that Misty agreed to host for me this weekend.

But first, a very late special edition of the Thursday Threesome:

Special Edition: CLUE

The Answer: Miss Scarlett in the Library with the Lead Pipe.

Onesome. Miss Scarlett, what makes your face turn red?
Being the sudden center of attention. Talk I don't feel confortable listening to. I don't tend to embarrass over things I'm reading, unless someone else starts reading them, too.

Twosome. The Library. What books are a must in your opinion for a personal library?
The Bible. Books that are enjoyed. I know people who feel they must have a certain collection of books to have a certain standing. Forget that! If it's something you will read or have read and enjoyed, then it belongs in your library. That answer will very for each person. For me personally, it includes Sandy Dengler, Bodie Thoene, Trixie Belden, Mrs. Pollifax, Jerrilynn Farmer, Calvin and Hobbes, Sigmund Brouwer, and many others. And yes, I did list fictious characters and authors side by side in this list. :)

Threesome. The Lead Pipe. Ever have a plumbing related woe? Tell us all about it...
I've had several since moving into apartments. Probably the worst was the one from March that I blogged about then. Finding standing water on your kitchen floor every morning isn't fun. Fortunately, that seems to be behind me at the moment.

And, I'm going to go ahead and do the Sunday Op-Ed, too.

1. DAD
Who did I call yesterday from Springfield, MO? I'm just glad I got him. Love him super lots.

Think that's it from me today. Have a great evening, everyone. I have got to go to bed early.

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