Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I really need to start jotting down what I want to say. I find I get here and I completely forget what I want to blog about.

I forgot to mention Monday that I got my convention pictures back. But I don't know when I'll get an e-mail from Misty so she can help me set up my page. Unless someone else wants to help me out....

Had another ultimate frisbee game last night. When I got there, we were 1-3. Then we came back and were tied. Finally, we pulled ahead to 16-13. But we couldn't let me loose that badly, so we let them come back so the final score was 17-15. People were telling me I did better running and stuff last night, which I felt I did. But I'm still frustrated because I don't feel like I'm doing nearly well enough on offense, and I'm not completely sure what I should be doing differently. I know I can get opened and catch and throw that disk. I just need to figure out how to do it.

Went out to a pub after the game. Was fun hanging out with the team. Don't worry, though. I had water on the rocks with a slice of lemon.

I'm reading the last Jerrilynn Farmer book (until March, that is). It's so nice to being reading something I enjoy again. Glad I saved it until now. If you haven't read this series, you need to drop everything and read all four this summer. They start with Sympathy for the Devil and continue with Immaculate Reception, Killer Wedding, and then Dim Sum Dead. Totally worth it.

Bible study tonight. Meeting Seth and Keirsten early so we can go over the songs for tonight. They just got back into town last night after camping with friends all weekend. Hope they had fun. But I hope to get a chance to tell them about the job already being filled. They were two of the five people in town I let know about that. It's nice having people you know you can trust.

After the last three days I've had, I'll be staying in town over the 4th. Hardly getting anything done again. Told you that was a moot problem.

Ok, any idea where the rest of my achieves went? I touched nothing, I swear. But I am proud of my self for figuring out how to edit the links for the 1% Bloggers ring I just joined. Now it fits in with the others. :)

And lastly, I have to comment on the recent ruling from that stupid court in San Francisco. However, I've seen this coming for a long time. I hope it really does get over turned.

Ready for my thoughts? First and foremost, "SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE" DOESN'T EVEN APPEAR IN THE CONSTITUTION. Anywhere. The first amendment says the government won't establish a state religion. The problem with this ruling is, it establishes a religion. By taking God out of our lives, we are establishing Atheisms as the state religion. And it has been defined by law on several occasions as a religion. (As a side note, one of its biggest tenants is evolution, which is taught in every public school in this country, but that's another discussion.)

We are faced with things in every day life that we don't like, enjoy, or approve of. You might say we face things every day that offend us. Take me. Last night, the language, a little of the talk, and the drinking of my ultimate friends bothered me. But part of maturing is learning how to deal with things that offend you.

Ok, so you think this is different because it's a kid in school. Well, there are times when conservatives are treated horribly for standing up for what they believe in. In Ohio, the ACLU sued the school system for considering teaching scientific flaws with the evolution theory along side scientific evidence for evolution. They were not going to teach creation, but just try to teach a balance. Sex-ed classes don't take into account how Christians feel about the topics discussed. I read a couple books in my English class that really offended me. Yet, if I objected, I was labeled a censor, even though I said nothing about the rest of the class reading the book. But, when you've got as many diverse opinions represented in our country as we do, you have to expect things like that. But why should one parent's opinion be more important then another's?

I like what the dissenting judge pointed out. "God Bless America" has been discussed as a replacement to our national anthem. That won't cut it now. Even "The Star Spangled Banner" isn't going to cut it if anyone reads the last two verses (which are outstanding, I might add.)

I'll step off my soapbox now. And I did pretty well for someone complaining about not being able to remember what he wants to blog about, didn’t I? :) Now I'd better post this and leave so I can get to church early enough to practice with S&K.

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