Wednesday, June 19, 2002

My week is 3/4 over since I'm taking Friday off again this week. And I still have stacks of paper on my desk. Not the most encouraging as far as looking at what I've accomplished.

Seth and Kiersten's early last night. We were trying to get through two week's worth of material, but didn't quite get through it all. I figured that would be pushing it. Then off to ultimate. We won again, 17-15 this week, so we're now 2-0. Pretty good record if I do say so myself. We're playing well as a team and playing smart. And it shows in our wins. If we can just be a tad stronger, we'd finish even better.

But I bet you're reading to see what I'm going to do about my last post. Maybe I should discuss the weather here. Or what I'm wearing. J/K After Bible study tonight, I'm going to call Donald and tell him to start the process for applying for the job (referral from a friend gets him a bonus if I take the job.) I'm nervous and excited and worried and scared all at the same time. Thanks for all the comments. It really was a big help in getting me to take the first step, and, naturally, I'll keep you guys informed as things progress.

Right now, I need to head out since we've got a parent's meeting at 5:30 that I told Dave I'd be at before Bible study. And I need to swing by the apartment to get my guitar and Bible.

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