Thursday, June 27, 2002

Believe it or not, I forgot to blog about something yesterday. :) The Mole 2. My favorite suspect for the Mole left last night. And it wasn't that Elavia wasn't the mole, it was that she took the money and ran. Of course, I might have done the same in her possition. $50K now or possibly nothing in a few minutes. I'd love to know who would have been exicuted otherwise. And wouldn't it be great if she still was the mole? Not that that would work on the show. Still looking at Dorothy or Bill, but someone's pointed out recently that Bribs is flying too low under the radar. Interesting to think about. And I'm certainly missing the hidden clues. Can't wait to see what they were at the end.

I got an e-mail from Misty today. Now the balls in my court about getting my web page set up. (BTW, don't worry, Misty. I understand about you being busy. This is why I probably won't do much of anything with the page before the 4th.)

I feel like Calvin today. "I just found out about a bunch of products I didn't know existed but I just have to have." For me, it's been Monopoly editions. Last night I saw the commercial for the new America edition. After laughing myself silly at the ad, I checked it out on Amazon today. Turns out they've also recently released a Peanuts version that's so cute. I went all over town checking out various places I've seen Monopoly to see if they had it. Found the America edition and bought it. Guess what I'm playing on the 4th?

Other news? Bible study went well, and we looked like we knew what we were doing leading worship. They finally got the new billing system figured out, so student statements are being printed as we speak. And I do believe that's about it. Have a great night, all.

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