Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Boy, what a couple of days. The good news is that I still have a job. The bad news is that my mind is spinning. I have been working like a mad man to try to get stuff reconciled. I've got most of the easy accounts figured out. Of course, that means I've saved the hard ones for me to spend the rest of the week working on. Hopefully I get them done.

Got a rude awakening this morning. About 3:30 the phone started ringing. It took a couple rings for it to even register. But when I picked it up, it was just beeping. Like someone thought we were a modemn line. Happened a couple weeks back in the early evening. Not my idea of a good time.

I was supposed to get up and go running this morning, but I didn't really register that my alarm was going off. Got up in plenty of time for work, but not to run first. I came over to use the fitness center Monday morning, and found out they aren't going to be openned early enough for me to use it before work anymore. Yet, I've got 6 weeks until the triathelon, and Dave has made it our July jr. high event. It's going to be embarrising when all the jr. highers beat me. But then, that's kinda what I'd expect even if I had been training for months. I'm just not the athletic type.

Tomorrow I've got to be sure I'm up and out early. I'm playing my guitar for Keirstein Duron during the praise chapel first thing in the morning at SCCS. She really wanted me to, and I definately owe the Duron's for everything they've done for me in the last year. I'll be a little late into work, but frankly, no one probably would have noticed. I figure I'll be here by 9, which is the time I come in some mornings anyway.

Tonight, I have to try to find a father's day present and card, go grocery shopping, drop off some film from last week, stop by the Disney Store again looking for DVD's, decide if I'm returning the Inside the Outside Cd I got Saturday (not sure if it's scratched or not), do laundry, and be available for Tim to cut my hair at 8. Of course, since we don't have Bible study tomorrow night (6th grade graduation), I could push some of those things off one night. But then Thursday brings my last two graduations of the year, so I won't have time in the evenings.

Boy, I'm tired just looking at that list. Maybe I should go and start planning my attack.

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