Sunday, June 02, 2002

Today's Sunday Op-Ed thanks to Chris.

1) Muppets
Who are the actors who have truly mastered the secret of not showing their age? I mean, seriously, they look as young as they did in the 70's. Wish I knew their secret. (And, BTW, I love Muppet's Christmas Carol.)

2) Pajamas
What have I not worn in years? Probably since early elementary school. But it might have been before that. These days, I only wear boxers at night. (Please notice, I included the at night part.) But that's probably more then you really wanted to know.

3. Science Fiction
What have I finally been converted to? For years, I would tell you that I didn't like Sci-fi. But then I got started watching Star Treks DS9 and Voyager. And of course Babylon 5. Quite possibly my favorite show of all time. These days, I watch Enterprise and Buffy and Angel, all three of which I consider sci-fi. Even Alias has a little sci-fi element to it. I still don't seek sci-fi out, preferring mystery/adventure. But I don't shy away from it now either.

So that's my opinion for the week. Go post your own and then leave the link letting us know where they are.

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