Wednesday, April 03, 2002

I'd just like to say it's not all my fault I haven't blogged since Friday. I would have blogged yesterday if blogger had let me in. So, let's do the recap thing.

Friday night, got to have dinner with my brother as he came through town on his way to Mexico with the high schoolers from church up there on a missions trip. Then met up with my parents.

Saturday, we went to the Getty art museum. I'm still not cultured. Bored out of my mind. But Mom enjoyed it. Then we went back to my place and watched The Princess Diaries. They loved it, and I enjoyed it alot more on the second go around. Fun flick.

Sunday, we went to church. The program was awesome. I'm in the process of tracking down a CD copy as we speak. Then we went out to the trailer and played games and hung out.

Monday, I stayed home sick with a fever.

Yesterday, returned to work and tried to catch up on work (1st of month stuff) and internet stuff since I'd been off line for three days. And finally got the new Thoene book. Started it last night even though I'd already started another book. But the first chapter isn't that far along, right? But I didn't get my check for $1 million yet....

I must get back to work now. Awesome 24 last night. Next week's looks even better. And there's an all new Alias Sunday night. Life doesn't get any better then this. O wait, it does. :)

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