Tuesday, April 16, 2002

I'm baaaaack!

Ok, more thoughts.

I've added a new ring. I'm now part of the California blog ring. Seems appropriate to me somehow.

I meant to mention the weather we've been having yesterday. (I can do that since it's my blog and it's called "... Sunny...” I planned ahead.) I did mention getting sunburned on Saturday. Well, it was 93 degrees Saturday. It was a little cooler on Sunday. But yesterday... It was drizzling when I came into work. Today's been mostly cloudy. And the temps back into the 60s. So much for our early summer. :(

I finished my last Scumble River mystery at lunch today. Now I know the author is a Trixie fan, but I didn't enjoy either book. (I've read the first two, even though the third just came out.) Many of her characters are really caricatures. All of her conservative characters and any that take their religion seriously are portrayed in a bad light. And the plots left a lot to be desired. The first book we had no clue who the killer was until he or she tried to kill the main character. There was no way to get there from here. Then in this one, I had the entire thing figured out about half way through, including where we'd find the final piece of the puzzle. The bad thing is, I'm curious as to what happens to the main character in the next book. But not enough to buy and read it. O well. On to my next book now.

Brief TV recap for the week so far. (I know you're just dieing for this.)

Alias - great ep, even if I did see the ending coming a mile off. Don't these characters realize they're in a TV show? That certainly helps me jump to conclusions I wouldn't normally reach.
7th Heaven - Glad to see they aren't making the Camdens into the hate mongering family I thought they might from the preview. I'll hold further thoughts on the story line until it wraps up in a few weeks.
Angel - Where's Cordy? How will they get Conner? Will Angel ever forgive Wes? I can't wait to see how this gets resolved.
Baby Bob - Not my favorite subject matter for a show, but funny.
Becker - Man that show can be hilarious. I love it!

Got all my laundry done and got a hair cut from a friend BEFORE the shows started up for the night, too. Is that impressive, or what? Went a little shorter then I'd planned, but I'm loving it anyway. May ask for this next time, which will probably be next semester.

Can't believe the school year's almost done. And I still have no prospect for a new roommate. But I'm doing my best to get the word out.

Deb, I love your new graphics. I need to start figuring out what I want to do with this site graphics wise.

Off for the usual Tuesday activities. (Yeah, new 24. You're probably wondering what I'll talk about come summer reruns. We'll just have to wait and see.)

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