Sunday, April 07, 2002

If this is Sunday, it must be time for the Sunday Op-Ed thanks to Chris.

1) Daylight Savings
What is the stupidest thing ever invented? I mean, think about it. It's summer, so we already have light late. But we need to set our clocks ahead an hour to make it light even later. Yes, this is the post of a tired man who did not want to get up for church this morning due to that hour of lost sleep. But I've really never seen the point of doing this every year.

2) Elijah Wood
Who is the actor who will forever be known as Frodo? I've been meaning to look up, because I can't remember what else he's been in, but when I see it, I'll kick myself. He does a great job in FotR, too. But I bet that whatever else he does with his career, he'll be type-cast as Frodo. Of course, you could be type-cast in a worse roll.

3) Music
What is a big part of my life? I almost always have some kind of music going (CCM of some kind.) I still listen to stuff from favorite artists I grew up listening to in the 70's and early 80's. Yet I also listen to stuff released today. Have I mentioned I love Ginny Ownes' new CD this week? :) Also, since I lead the singing time in jr. high Sunday School Sunday mornings and help with the worship time Wednesday nights, I'm known for music to the youth of the church. My guitar and I. And of course, I just quit the handbell choir after 4 and a half years. Of course, if I didn't like music so much, it wouldn't be the big part it is.

A few other things.

Feeling better today. Did nothing really exciting yesterday since I was trying to take it easy. Hopefully, I'm on my way to getting over it.

I've got to post this and run, however. I'm trying to get to Pasadena in time for the Sisters in Crime meeting this afternoon. This is one of the reasons I quit handbells after all. So I need to go home and eat lunch and change clothes.

NEW ALIAS TONIGHT!!!! Don't forget to tune in. It sounds like a great one!

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