Saturday, April 27, 2002

I'm warn out.

Went to bed about 11:30 last night. Had 20 pages left in my book, but knew I needed to sleep. Got up at 7 this morning for the ultimate playoffs. Sorry to say, we were eleminated. So by 8 I was done playing ultimate for the day. Rush to the ATM and Albertson's to do a little grocery shopping, then rushed to get ready to meet Angelique at the LA Time's Book Festival. Had fun and got all the autographs I had on my list, but I'm tired. Something about walking all day.

At least it didn't rain. It was mostly cloudy all day. Looks like it could still rain. But at least it didn't rain. Wouldn't have wanted my books to get ruined.

Tonight I've got a party for IM Ultimate at Baskin Robbins. Think I'll try to get to bed early once that's over. But I'm definately finishing my book, too.

I figured it was only a matter of time before one of us did one of these. Thanks to Susan for the link.

You are Trixie!

You have spunk, no doubt about it. Your insatiable curiosity leads you into some interesting situations, but things work out in the end. You may jump to conclusions sometimes, but you only have the best intentions at heart. You like to analyze things. You are not a morning person. You have a tendency to put things off that you don't want to do. You do them, but later. You also manage to get your friends involved in your escapades whether they like it or not.

Take the href="">Which Bob-White
Are You?

I'm kinda surprised. I figured I'd be Jim or Brian. Of course, I think I answered questions in ways that would have applied to all 7 of them at some point. Maybe that's why I always liked the books so much. I had something in common with all of them. Or wish I had something in common with all of them. :)

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