Saturday, April 20, 2002

Yes, that is egg on my face. The mystery caller last night was Brandi, not Joey Lawrence. Oops. From the clues I saw, it could have been Joey, but as soon as I heard the voice, I knew I was wrong. So I watched the entire evening to find out who. Couldn't quite place it. But I enjoyed watching those shows. Not that any of them except Sabrina will be regular viewing habbits. I watch enough TV as it is.

I'm in major pity party mood. Second day in a row with nothing going on. And I really want to get out and do something with my friends. Last night, I played Clue with Donald and Heather until their plans for the evening came together. Then suddenly I was left home alone. And that's as far down this path I'm going.

We lost both our games today. Which puts us in a three way tie for last. Which means we have to show up at 7:30 AM (yes, you read that right.) next Saturday to determine who is and who isn't in the play-offs. Frankly, I just wish we knew either way so I could plan the rest of my Saturday since I'm going to the Book Festival.

Maybe I'll go look up a movie schedule and figure out which movie to go see this weekend. I have a free pass that expires the end of the month, not sure when else I'd go, and there are about 5 movies I'd like to go see. First, of course, I need to post this, go home, and take a shower.

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